Li Yan said, "It’s not a shame to be a satrap, but you shouldn’t come to this place if you are really smart."

"People are always greedy. Nowadays, the world is not stable. I also want to gain more self-protection power. Do you dare to think about scouring one or two magic weapons? Of course, it would be better if you can get some treasures to cross the life. I heard that in ancient times, there were some things that could help the Godsworn to cross the life. If you can find me, you will be in glad you came," Zheng Mo said.
Li Yan thinks it’s normal for him to have this idea. After all, it’s a chance. Most monks in the destiny realm want to find some other ways to break through or enhance their strength, but this is whether the trail is really important or self-cultivation, but if the destiny realm wants to break through, it will have to be doomed.
If you spend a lot of retrograde disasters, you will be unlucky. If you can’t spend it, you will die.
"Is there any way to get through this weak water?" Li Yan turned to the thief postscript. This fellow is a grave expert. Since he recognized the weak river at a glance, he must have some coping means.
"There is …" The thief said with some hesitation. He said in the middle of the speech, "Do the scholar brothers remember that I stole the tomb from Datang more than ten years ago?"
Chapter one thousand four hundred and thirty-four Smuggling
Li Yan said, "naturally, I remember that you almost killed me at that time. Why do you say this?"
The thief smiled awkwardly. "Isn’t that an accident? The scholar brothers should remember that the most important thing when I went to the imperial tomb was to steal a pair of boots?"
Li Yan thought of something, and his eyes flashed, "That’s what the father’s boots are like. Those boots on your feet can overcome weak water."
"It’s just that everything can sink under weak water, but there’s a kind of thing called the father’s animal can sink under weak water, and this pair of boots made by the father’s hoof can naturally become a success. Although there are a pair, it’s easy for us to cross the river in front of so many people, otherwise it will even attract his monk’s attention and I don’t think these people are good people … even if they have evil thoughts, they will be in trouble," said the thief.
Li Yan frowned and said, "That’s the case. Then find a secluded place to cross the river. When you find a weak river, you should talk about it earlier. Now we suddenly rush away from those godsworn monks, and we will surely notice something, but it won’t hinder us from repairing it. A few godsworn monks can also pay for it."
"What about Zheng Mo, the prefect of Qizhou?" Asked the thief postscript
"Let him get involved, or things will leak quickly," Li Yan said, and then said a few words to Zheng Moyin, the satrap of Yingzhou.
Zheng Mo eyes a bright "really? But I still have a few colleagues can also … "
Li Yan asked, "How many?"
"Not many, two, I’m a total of three people who are trustworthy. They will never leak out half a sentence and we can cope with trouble." Zheng Mo said a few words and two monks in the destiny realm came up with surprise. They estimated that they were also very curious about crossing the river.
"In that case, let’s go." Li Yan was also a highly effective person and immediately disappeared with a few people.
"hmm? Where are these people going? " Some monks noticed their change.
"I guess I’m determined to find some places to cross the river along the river."
"Looking for crossing the river mouth need seven monks to go? I guess I came up with an idea to cross the river and want to hide from others. "
I have to say that these Godsworn brothers are really ghosts. Li Yancai has just acted, and these people can guess what he wants to do. Of course, he also knows that it is impossible for him to fool these Godsworn brothers with such an obvious move. The only way is to cross the river before these Godsworn react.
And it is Li Yan who can do this, because he can directly cross Wan Li with a teleport, which is nearly ten times faster than ordinary monks in Destiny’s Land, and once the distance is enough, he can cross the river.
"This is it." He also observed the weak water river all the way. As a result, he found that the width of this river is the same everywhere, as if it had been carefully calculated, generally no more or less than nine feet.
The nine-foot-wide river may be quite wide for ordinary people, but it is similar to a ditch for monks. However, it is this ditch that blocks dozens of monks in Destiny.
After trying to step on the weak river at the moment, the thief took the friar across the river without any problems. He first took the two Godsworn brothers beside Zheng Mo, the satrap of Qizhou, to try the water with them, then Zhong Zhi and Li Yan, and finally the satrap Zheng Mo and Xiao Ru of Yingzhou.
This arrangement is to worry that those who cross the river will play some tricks.
"Only the girl and this brother are left. Offended," said the thief.
"I didn’t think that everyone’s weak river passed so easily." Zheng Mo nodded his head and his face lit up. He didn’t think that an unexpected conversation would get a chance to cross the river
At this time, Xiaoru hesitated and said, "I’d better wait for the past if men and women don’t kiss each other."
Steal colophon one leng didn’t think the scholar brother side this woman is so conservative.
Actually, Xiaoru’s scruples are reasonable. She is wearing a dress like a feather. At ordinary times, she is very careful not to let herself be touched by outsiders except her children. Although the stolen postscript didn’t mean anything to him, she subconsciously refused.
"Wait a moment, that girl. I’ll send this brother to the other side of the river and ask the scholar brother again." After that, I left with Zheng Mo in a hurry.
After coming to the other side of the river, the thief told Li Yan about it.
Li Yan heard that some nai shook his head. "This woman is in trouble at this time and still has scruples about this. Lend me your shoes and I’ll take her back."
"All right" steal postscript to nod a way
But at this time, Xiaoru didn’t suddenly come from a distance. Six or seven monks from Destiny’s Land were surprised when they saw Li Yan and others across the river.
"Sure enough, as I guessed, these people have a special way to cross the river. No wonder they suddenly left before, but they wanted to avoid waiting for our eyes and ears," said a Godsworn.
"There is also a Godsworn in this line who didn’t come in the past, so I can wait until I can get a glimpse of it." Godsworn in Destiny turned his eyes to Xiaoru.
"Dear friends across the street, since you have the method of crossing the river, it is not generous to say it. I will be grateful to you for sneaking around."
At these people, Xiaoru grunted coldly, "Why should we be generous about crossing the river? If you have something to do, don’t you go across the three dynasties yourself?" They can do it. What can’t you do? "
"You can’t say that the three dynasties are full of information. It’s natural that some crossing methods are not unusual. We waited for ordinary monks to ask for help. Besides, after you crossed the river, this method was not happy. What’s the harm?" These Godsworn in Destiny are obviously determined to cross the river at the moment.
"Shame ACTS" XiaoRuQi can’t help but scold the original destiny realm also has such a bad person.
"Why do you say so much? This woman and those people across the street are a group. If you take her, these people will naturally hand over the river crossing law."
"It makes sense to do this. A lot has passed, and then the people in the three dynasties estimate that they have got all the benefits. We even can’t drink soup." After talking about it, the seven Godsworn brothers felt that it was the fastest way to get tough, and the other side was just five Godsworn brothers. Even if they really joined hands, there was still a great advantage on their side.
Li Yan listened to these people and his face couldn’t help but change slightly. What he was most worried about really happened. These monks in the destiny realm have no regard for morality again.
"The scholar brother, what should I do now? You just crossed the river without me, and now you are blocked." The thief said.
Li Yanshen said, "What else can I do? Lend me the father’s boots quickly. I’ll go across the river and bring this servant girl back."
Chapter one thousand four hundred and thirty-five Be stared at
Xiaoru is angry and guilty now. She didn’t think that she hesitated for a moment. Such a thing could have crossed the river smoothly. Nothing happened, but she was blocked here by these six Godsworn brothers, and these people also showed great meaning. Seize herself and force her children and others to take them across the river.
She doesn’t want everyone to know that her children-in-law will definitely come back to save herself. Actually, Li Yan is doing this now.
"If children come, wouldn’t they be in danger? This bad can also help children-in-law. I didn’t expect it to bring trouble to children-in-law. "Xiaoru bit this lip and had an unspeakable taste in her heart."
"These people are not so arrogant because of the large number of people. If I kill a few people, maybe these people won’t be so arrogant."
Thought of here, a huge golden bow suddenly appeared in her hand, which was shot by Li Yan, and then the other palm shook one by one, and an arrow like a pike appeared immediately.