After a silence for a while, someone finally got up and said, "Xu Jia Mo Fang, that’s excellent. I already knew that there was a new Mo Fang today … Hehehe." The man rubbed his hands and glanced at the crowd’s reaction. Then he said, "Let’s look at it first." He said, and looked at the audience with consulting eyes. "Do you have any opinions?"

This man’s surname is Dong, and his family has been running the ink industry since his generation. However, because people are flexible and willing to give up their faces, they have made some achievements. Among these ink merchants, his qualifications are relatively old. Therefore, at this time, it is not good for others to speak for the time being.
At this time, the merchants showed a self-effacing expression on their faces. "Dong Lao looks at nature first and there is no problem … Hehehehehe."
"That’s good, old man. Look at it first."
Tell the old man Dong Banxian to pick up the ink side. Although it looks like a thick stack, it’s not heavy because all the parts are paper. But at this time, Dong Banxian’s hand holding the paper was slightly shaking as if those insignificant pages were getting heavier and heavier.
Eyes fell on the first page slightly smothering smothering.
Dong reads slowly and simply, and almost every word has to go. The more he looks at it for a long time, the more his brow wrinkles, and his expression becomes more and more cautious. Later, he holds the paper in his hands and looks at the face.
His cautious expression naturally aroused people’s greater curiosity. Some people leaned over and looked there, but they couldn’t see clearly whether it was a rise because of the distance.
"Bao Wu Dan …" It took him a while to read it out slightly.
Dong Banxian’s every move touched everyone’s mood until he read these words. Many people were surprised. Although everyone’s eyes were close, they also largely cooperated with the Hsu family to keep some raw materials in the processing link according to the requirements of the Hsu family. Therefore, although I knew the approximate composition of this ink, I finally saw the complete formula and my breathing became a little heavy because there was no formula.
After confirming the authenticity of the Mexican side, Dong Banxian barely held back his mood and then lifted it over and continued to look at a chapter.
Others have some irrepressible followed in the past.
"I also have a look …"
"Yes, I’m waiting for you."
With the first one, there will naturally be a second one … People are crowding over there. The original pile of paper is divided into several copies. People are constantly amazed or confused when they read each other. In addition to some familiar ink, the name sounds strange.
The field climbed from the original quiet to a sensational peak.
Everyone is an ink merchant who has the courage to stay here today and has been immersed in the ink industry for a long time. It may be difficult for those ink companies to create, but at this time, the methods of batching system have been listed, and you can judge whether it is true or not after a few thoughts.
But is the field also moving?
Xu Xuan looked over there, the man smiled at him, then came over and pulled a stool around Xu Xuan, and followed suit. His eyes looked at Xu Xuan Gherardini and seemed to turn a blind eye to some noisy scenes.
It seems that the 60-and 70-year-old man’s body is tough and his face is a bit red with a healthy old man. He should be regarded as an elder. Xu Xuan smiled at him. Then the man looked at the crowd and sighed. "Xu Gong’s move is really good."
Xu Xuanwen frowned with a slight smile and then looked at the old man. "Does this elder know the name of Gao?"
"The old man’s surname is Cheng"
"Oh?" Xu Xuan gave the old man a confused look in the face of Zheng.
"Ha-ha" The old man across the street laughed brightly. "It’s not that you think that Cheng Junfang is an old brother. I came here today just to see if Xu Gong is right."
Xu Xuanwen nodded and thought much more about seeing the old man with a fair hair and a fair face, but it was also today’s occasion. If Cheng Junfang came over, his attitude towards ink merchants must have been put out. After all, although Cheng Guyan is not as good as Xu Family, the name Cheng Junfang also represents a status and reputation of Huizhou government in the ink industry that has passed. At present, this old man named Cheng is very graceful, but the identity of Cheng Family is probably not there yet.
"Oh, so the old man is disappointed?" Xu Xuanwen evenly shook his head and smiled, then looked at what some chaos.
"It’s better to meet each other than to be famous," the old man said concisely, and then reached out and pointed to the crowd. "Those Mexican parties … I’m afraid they don’t have such courage." He turned his head and looked at Xu Xuan. "I’m afraid Xu Gong still has a cause?"
Xu Xuanwen looked at the old man’s eyes and it became a little serious. "Oh? The old gentleman made this statement? "
"According to common sense, these actions in your eyes look like resignation. After all, it is really difficult to cope with the pressure from Yan’s adult. It will not let him get what he wants on the one hand, and it is also a sign of weakness on the other." The old man said and glanced at the crowd. "This layer of eyes is understandable by many people, which is why it is so positive …"
"Good practice" The old man nodded. "If you need to do this step, these merchants will remember that it is difficult for the Xu family to be separated from the Cao family, and the so-called gathering people to rebel. These people will not agree that although they are all businessmen, businessmen also have their own means. After all, if they are really forced, they will be very passive."
Xu Xuan smiled and nodded without saying much.
At this time, the old man’s eyes suddenly became a little serious. "But I think there is another meaning in this." Then I went on without waiting for Xu Xuan’s answer. "I have learned something about you in the past. It’s not your nature. I’m afraid something has been brewing this time. I heard that you have intervened in these things in the Huang family. I wonder if you can connect them?"
Xu Xuan there silent didn’t speak.
"Of course, these are all old-fashioned guesses … Huang Jiasan’s problem is that you will definitely get something back if you solve the other party, but if you say so, I’m afraid it’s not enough." Said the old man named Cheng and took a deep look at Xu Xuan’s bass. "Xu Gong should have something new …"
"If the advantages of the Xu family are scattered, there will be nothing according to the eye situation. If it is Xu public confidence, then Xu family management should also be the top priority, so there will be something new."
At this point, the old man’s face was puzzled. "The old man guessed that it would be some better ink, but it didn’t seem to be … so what else could it be?" Forgive the old YanZhuo "the old man said slightly sigh with emotion" don’t understand ….. "
Xu Xuan tilted his head and looked at the old man carefully for a long time before he said cautiously, "Please ask the old man’s name."
"The old Cheng Junhe is just a township, but he dare not pollute Xu Gongmu."
"What’s wrong with the old gentleman?" Xu Xuanxiao smiled. "Now I know that it’s not unreasonable for the Cheng family to monopolize Huizhou ink industry for so many years." After thinking for a while, I said, "If the old gentleman doesn’t dislike it, let’s have dinner tonight?"
"Er … OK"
Chapter 413 There are men at home
In the noisy hall, the arguing crowd obliquely crossed the top and bottom of the tree in the afternoon, leaving spots the size of copper coins. A few ants climbed over and the wind blew over a green leaf. This place has never really been quiet in the courtyard, and today it is really completely fried.
Xu Xuan looked at the old man around him and was silent for a long time.
This old man named Cheng Junhe’s previous remarks were not completely accurate, but his eyes were carried away by some immediate interests. He was able to keep calm and see something behind him, even if it was not completely accurate, but the general direction was good, which was a rare thing.
Cheng family …
In several conflicts between Xu Xuan and Tongcheng’s family, the base was in the wind, and it didn’t take much effort in this process. Therefore, it is difficult to have some similar contempt for each other. I always feel that the other ink merchants are also very powerful, but I am afraid they can do this step.
However, it was only at this time that I vaguely realized that Cheng Jiahui, the leader of the state ink industry, had not only relied on luck for so many years, but also had the necessary talents.
In my heart, I thought that he would look at the old man and talk about "having dinner together" earlier, which was just an excuse. At this time, since the old man saw something behind him and casually pointed it out, Xu Xuan was quite wary.
Cheng Junhe seems to know his mind and smiled: "Xu Gong doesn’t have to worry about being old. It’s just strange that you have a card. Please understand that anyone who has figured this out can’t help but be curious about his mind …" Cheng Junhe smiled and shook his head: "It’s never happened."
Then he glanced at Xu Xuan and said pointedly, "The Cheng family Xu Gong is credible."
Xu Xuanwen wanted to think and nodded with a smile, feeling a little lucky-fortunately, this time it was Cao Jia rather than Cheng Jia who made trouble. If not, then you must also give a lot of thoughts to deal with it.
Of course, this is a simple idea, but the fact is that it is not necessary for Xu Xuan to really worry about anything here.
Cheng Jia’s situation is very clear to him. When Zhang Rang Huizhou House, Cheng Jia was the other camp. These things didn’t react until Zhang Rang left Cheng Jia. Although he didn’t mean to be an accomplice, he was responsible. At this time, even if the situation was worse, he wouldn’t worry if Xu Xuan held this thing in his hands.
The two men looked at each other and then smiled tacitly. They were silent and stopped talking together. Some things were tacitly said too white.
After all, the past movement has calmed down.
In less than half an hour, it was enough for everyone to judge the authenticity of those Mexican parties and then estimate their value components.
However, the Mexican side is limited after all. At this time, everyone needs to share these things, so each family will not get a lot. Since it is a good thing that represents interests, it is natural that the more the better. Therefore, it seems to be calm and there is also a lot of agitation behind the hall.
After that, if there are some ideas to the other side, the Mexicans may exchange some interests, but that’s only after that, and they can face it with a normal heart.
"Xu Gong this ink side …"
Although I have put things in my hand, I still don’t feel at ease. At this time, I feel it is necessary to make a final decision. Xu Xuanwang waved at the man casually: "You’re welcome. Boss Yu can take it if you want. Remember to buy wine when you make money … haha"
"That’s natural. That’s natural …"
"Not to invite me to Hsu family, but also to invite … this time, I will give you the ink side to see Hsu family’s face." When Xu Xuan spoke, his eyes had shifted from Yu’s ink merchant and he looked at someone in the place.
They smell speech, and Xu Xuan speaks and does things at this moment today, so that people can realize that some specific meanings are not fools after all, and all of them are just thinking about it for nothing at once.
This probably means asking yourself and others to be less grateful. In the subsequent process, the Xu family should maintain a certain tendency or remain neutral even if it is impossible to be inclined to the Xu family.
After some things come to an end, Xu Xuan is somewhat depressed.
"If all things please go back," said Xu Xuan, getting up and patting his clothes at random. "I’m going to the county government. If you have something to do, go to your own business."
They smell speech looked at each other in the heart know hsu family has to formally toward strict courtesy showdown.
"Here’s a small request, if it’s convenient … it’s not true, but if it’s possible, please ask SIRS to temporarily hide today’s things." Xu Xuan said with a slightly paused face and an apologetic expression. "Knowing that this request is too much, it’s not realistic … it’s up to you."
Many people are worried that they will be forced to make a statement by Xu Jia today. If so, it will be very tricky. But at this time, Xu Jia seems to be completely unaware of these. From Xu Xuan’s performance, he is worried about the eye situation, so the merchants not only did not make a statement, but also gained great benefits
Even though the people understand it in their hearts, they are still quite happy that Xu Xuan is just a simple request at this time. Anyway, the benefits have been concealed. It is not a problem to cooperate with Xu Jia for a day or two, so when I leave, I will keep saying "I am equal to Xu Jia" and "advance and retreat together"
These words are true or false, regardless of him, but there is such an attitude that Xu Xuan here also feels ok. Of course, some people have noticed that Cheng Jiapa people seem to have never taken any ink, but these are small things in such an environment and they are not at ease.
The crowd gradually dispersed. Cheng Junhe was the last to go. He patted Xu Xuan on the shoulder as an elder and didn’t say much.
Xu Xuan sat in the hall for another four miles. He stretched out his hand and rubbed his cheek. His casual expression had been slowly put away. At this time, he frowned slightly and his expression was serious.
I have done my best to do this. Apart from investing in attracting a group of people, it is more important for business reasons.
Since Yan Zhili wants these Mexican parties to make a short-term Xu family law, I can think of handing them in according to the requirements of the other party.
This is the way to avoid the death condition, but there is still some flexibility in the way to choose the Xu family.
If it’s handed over, it’s all up to Yan Zhili. One person has the final say. He holds these ink in his hands and can support his own people at will. Even if the crisis of the Hsu family can be solved in the end, it will be faced with an embattled situation. After all, the Hsu family has lost its greatest advantage and the merchants are not saving oil lamps.