Chang Sheng stared at the flesh and blood floating in front of him and froze himself. When did he become so fierce that he killed a congenital ten-story man with one punch! What is this? Brother Liu can’t be a parallel product!

"Parallel imports? What are parallel imports? " Ancient monty once again heard a new word from Chang Sheng’s mouth and couldn’t help but ask about it.
"Parallel imports can be understood as fakes. This guy exudes the innate ten-layer innate qi, but he actually killed me with one punch. This is not a fake!"
"That’s what the original parallel imports mean," Gu Monty whispered when he heard Chang Sheng’s explanation. "Of course he’s not a fake. He’s born with ten floors, but he’s unlucky enough to meet you. You can’t help but know that you’re crazy and have practiced to the ninth floor. What’s more, your body has been tempered by robbery and God knows how tough it is. What’s so strange about you punching him to death!"
"Yes, what you said makes sense. I’m not used to a sudden surge in strength! What a pity! If I had known earlier, I would have lost my strength. What a precious resource it is. If I don’t kill him, I can draw on his source. Even if I can’t, I can give it to small lawyers and ethereal people! "
Chang Sheng’s remorse is really a wave. A master with ten innate layers is so useless!
Chapter 157 Blood (1)
"Little beast is not congenital four layers? He became so powerful in such a short time? " Xiao Guangdao sat on the frustum of a cone and watched his teacher younger brother die with one punch. The little beast was more thrilling and interrupted the crackdown.
"This chop suey so much! Brother also asked us to stop him. Isn’t this killing us? "
Brother Wu and Brother Yue looked at each other, turned around and ran towards the road. They didn’t want to be punched like their brothers!
"You two still want to run? Ten layers of birth are dead, but you can’t wave two layers of birth! "
Chang Sheng saw the two men running away, and they jumped out as soon as they pushed their legs "sou", and then they caught up with them in an instant.
Chang Shanda drank a left hand and a right hand, grabbed one person with both hands and grabbed the other person’s head, and stopped them abruptly.
"If you still want to kill me, lend me your body!"
Chang Sheng grabbed two people’s heads and hands and suddenly sucked them out directly and forcibly!
"I depend on Chang Sheng, where are you stealing from others? This is simply a robbery. You are robbing me hard. Let’s just stop calling it the stealing fairy method and call it the robber fairy method!" Ancient monty saw Chang Sheng’s unreasonable method of stealing source, and Chang Sheng roared loudly in his mind.
"The feeling of being tough is really cool!"
Chang Sheng ignored the ancient monty and took back his hands. After looking around, he found that there were no innate masters around him and quickly ran to the True Birth School. If it wasn’t for the old devil in the jungle, he told him that the True Birth School had a very bad opinion. He wouldn’t just leave. He must steal enough Guo Feng and ethereal congenital sources before leaving.
But to be on the safe side, let’s go first. The old devil can know the treasure. It is estimated that the treasure is to deal with the old devil. I still don’t want to try the power of the treasure myself.
Xiao Guangdao on the round stone stage watched the little bastard kill his three younger brothers and run outside the sect, but no one dared to stop the sudden surge of qi and blood!
If you don’t knock on the old devil to suppress the seal, even if you don’t get well, even if you fight for being seriously injured again, you will have to keep this bastard. He stole his penis!
Changsheng set out in the middle of the night, all the way from the provincial capital to the True Birth School, etc. When he left the True Birth School, the sky was already hazy and shiny.
"Ah, I don’t know if Dimly discernible and Chloe have found me away. If not, I will just go back. But once they find me away from the petty litigator, they will definitely tell them that I was taken away by the master. If I go back now, it’s hard to say."
Chang sheng had a headache and thought about it for a while, so he decided to see them again another day.
"Well, I’ve been telling grandpa Bai Hu about things, but I haven’t appeared as an immortal of Bai Hu since I saw Guo Feng. I’ll go back as an immortal of Bai Hu in another day."
Chang Sheng wanted to think, disguised as a white Hu Xian human beings and other ethereal people followed him at a distance after departure.
At night, three people trotted into a city in the north of the provincial capital. Several people just found an inn to stay in Guo Feng’s room and simply packed up their luggage. They were just preparing to go upstairs for dinner when suddenly there was a knock at the door.
"Who is it?" Guo Feng asked a dozen doors instantly, and he froze at the door. Outsiders were dressed in white robes, and their hair was white and full of sage like type.
"Forget the immortal!" Guo Feng exclaimed, "Isn’t it the right time for this old man to take himself away when he was returning to the windy capital?"!
Guo Feng suddenly reacted and told himself that he had something to do. If he found out dimly that he didn’t do it himself, he said that he had been taken away by the immortal who forgot Dan, but the fact is that the immortal who forgot Dan didn’t come to present this …
"public?" Guo Feng’s light question one
"You Wynaut are clever enough." Chang Sheng directly entered the secret passage. "Go and call Dimly Vague and tell him that my master is here."
Guo Feng nodded and immediately went out of the room. After a while, he returned to the room with ethereal.
As soon as I entered the room, I looked curiously at the old Bai Hu man in the room, but although curious, she looked at him and immediately lowered her head to this immortal who may have become a fairy in Chang Sheng’s master’s ignorance!
It would be impolite to stare at him directly. If it makes him angry and makes the white beard immortal dislike Chang Sheng himself, it is hard to atone even if he dies.
Chang Sheng looked at the ethereal appearance humorously, and her heart was very touched. Although ethereal doesn’t want Lan Keer to be so cute, it always makes people smile unconsciously, but she always wants to consider herself when she talks about what to do, and then she thinks of herself.
Guo Feng, etc. nodded his head in satisfaction with the door. "Nice girl, but the strength is poor."
Vaguely, I am stupid. My strength is poor? I’m only 19 years old, and I’m already a congenital layer, so it’s impossible to say that my strength is poor!
I was thinking that the immortal voice of Bai Hu rang again. "And you are too weak, you little litigator … just let the old man give you a hand."
I often pretend to see those old men waving to the two people in the fairy world, and when they come over, I stretch out my hands and press them on their foreheads.
Guo Feng has long known that the opposite person is the master. When he saw the master reach out and cooperate with him, he did not move.
She doesn’t like other men touching her, even an old man, but she still stops when she thinks that the opposite person is Chang Sheng’s master.
Chang Sheng stretched out his hand and held down two people’s foreheads to absorb the true birth. Two guys with nine layers of congenital origin poured out from their hands.
"This is a congenital source!"
"This innate source has not rejected my body and can be absorbed into my body without refining!"