Whether it’s robbing the Buddha or the thunder, the daughter of the venerable is already four floors above the earth.

At the beginning, I gave the magic weapon to the venerable Lei Jie for his daughter’s sake.
Now that the venerable Lei Jie is dead, his daughter knows about it, which is likely to affect her cultivation and then affect the couple.
The Buddha who robbed the Buddha is much fatter than ordinary people. He always looks smiling, but at this moment his eyes are colder than cold.
"You two dare to come to my mountain to make trouble. I really don’t know how to live or die!"
Ancient monty smiled when he heard the words of robbing the Buddha and respecting the Lord.
"bold! You also know that this is a thousand robberies, so you don’t come to see the real gentleman! " The ancient monty sneer at one breath and release it.
Suddenly, a strong breath emanated from the ancient monty body. At this moment, the sun and the moon seemed to rotate, and the sky seemed to have emerged for several days.
But when they looked up at Tianhou, they found that there was no cloud in Tianzhonggen.
I feel that there are days of doom to land, but there is no cloud of doom, which means that there is no doom to come at all.
This illusion that there is a person in heaven will give people this feeling.
In an instant, the faces of the Buddha-robbing Lord and the Tuo-robbing Lord became extremely difficult, and it seemed that drops of sweat emerged from their foreheads.
This kind of smell is too familiar to them, and there is also a talent in the whole heaven who has this smell.
That’s the smell of their former master, the real owner, robbing the real king.
Robbed the true gentleman!
Isn’t he dead? Why are you back?
"Meet the true gentleman!"
Two people almost didn’t think, like a broken-winged bird whoosh fell from the sky to the ground and bowed their heads and worshipped.
There are six or seven people behind two people, almost two people behind, and they fall to the ground and bow down respectfully.
By this time, the few people left in the sky had to react and fell to the ground to bow down.
What happened when I saw the ordinary brothers who robbed the mountain around this scene dumbfounded? Why are all the big shots meeting these two troublemakers?
And what did they call those two people? Call them true kings!
One of these two people is a true gentleman!
Oh, my God, they met the real gentleman!
Although these brothers don’t know each other’s true gentleman, since they are true gentlemen, they will bow down.
Soon, all the younger brothers from Qianshan Mountain bowed down one by one.
"Hum, it seems that you haven’t forgotten Zhenjun!" The ancient monty looked at the people who bowed down one by one, but there was not much change.
"I will naturally not forget the Lord!"
The Buddha-robbing Lord and the Tuo-robbing Lord raised their heads and looked respectfully at the opposite person. Although this person looks different from the past, his breath has changed. They can feel that this is the true gentleman who robbed thousands of people.
It is …
It seems that the reality of robbing the real king is not the real king!
Ancient Monty and Chang Sheng stayed at the same time to rob Buddha and Tuo, but they left Qianjieshan and came to another mountain thousands of miles away in Fiona Fang.
This mountain area is much smaller than the Thousand Robbers Mountain, and the whole mountain range is very barren.
Deep in the mountains, however, there is a big burst of law hiding a manor that is like a paradise.
"What? You said that the Thousand Robbers are back? "
A ruddy-looking man dressed in an alchemist in his twenties in the manor frowned and looked at the Buddha-robbing Lord and Tuo-robbing Lord opposite.
"Yes, although his appearance has changed now, we can tell from his breath that he is the true gentleman of the Thousand Robbers. Yes, and either we or the old people can feel that he is the true gentleman of the Thousand Robbers." The Buddha Robber replied very positively
"Oh?" The man wearing an alchemist suddenly smiled with a strange smile. "In this case, I really want to congratulate you two. The true gentleman of Qianjie has returned to Qianjie Mountain, and you have a true gentleman and a backer."
Chapter 79 Poison
Male voice has just been robbed tuo Lord immediately very impatient with the wave "master qi Dan you and our brothers are so familiar with our two brothers mind don’t you understand? Don’t say such things. "
The robber Lord said coldly, "We two brothers don’t want to commit ourselves to others all the time, and it’s been so long since the robber really robbed the mountain. Now the robber mountain is almost built by our two brothers. Why should all this be his when he comes?"
Speaking of this robbery, the Lord looked at the man who was called Qi Dan with burning eyes. "We two brothers want to get rid of the real robber, so please ask the master to stop us!"
"what!" Master Qidan looked at the two men with a strange face and said, "Don’t be kidding. That’s the real gentleman. Are you trying to hurt someone?"
"How can we harm master you!" Rob Buddha Lord took the woman and said seriously, "If we rob the true gentleman or the true gentleman now, we naturally won’t have the idea of starting work, but he is not the true gentleman now! When he came back this time, his appearance changed or his strength changed. According to our observation, his realistic power is a fake real gentleman! "
"That’s right. I think it was the World War I in Tianyuan China that made him physically injured, and then he didn’t know how to resurrect, but his strength was also greatly damaged."
"He is also a pseudo-real king now, and we still have a chance to start work, but he may break through the real king again at any time." Lord Jietuo should also say, "There is still a chance to start work now, but we won’t have a chance to start work when he becomes a real king again, so we just invited Master Qidan to help us today."
Master Qidan still shook his head. "Since it’s a fake true gentleman, you two should be able to take him. He’s back now, but he’s alone. You two have been robbing the mountain for a long time. His original lackeys have also been cleaned up by you two. It shouldn’t be a problem to take him. You must come to me again."
"Count on those people?" Robbery Tuo Lord suddenly sneered at the smell. "Our new recruits are ok to deal with others, but if we know that we are dealing with a thousand robbers, don’t say that the real gentleman is now a pseudo-real gentleman. Even if they are like our brothers, they dare not start work. We still have to count on ourselves."
"But we are not sure that the two of us will play against the true gentleman of Qianjie, and there is a mysterious master around him. Although the man is far less than our brothers, something may happen, so we only come to the master for help."
Master Qidan still didn’t nod.
"You’d better find someone else. Even if it’s not the real gentleman now, he used to be the real gentleman. His contacts are very broad. If he invites one or two friends to make moves, we have no chance of winning. Besides, you all know that I used to follow the adult of Tiandan Zhenjun. Tiandan Zhenjun and Qiandan Zhenjun are also friends. How can I make moves on adults and friends?"
Hijacking Buddha Lord listened to Master Qidan’s words with a smile on his face, but he had already scolded him in his heart.
It’s nice to say it, but it’s all an excuse. Although Qidan refused now, he actually left a way out. He didn’t say anything to death.
If he really didn’t want to make moves, he would have driven people directly. Now he won’t allow it because he doesn’t have enough interests
I wanted to think about robbing the Buddha and said, "Master Qidan, there are a lot of friends of Tiandan Zhenjun’s adult, and most of these people want to curry favor with Tiandan Zhenjun. It is not necessarily true that Tiandan Zhenjun’s friends are robbed of those friends. We will sneak up on him and let him have no chance to invite friends. Naturally, we will not be afraid."
Speaking of this robbery, the Lord deliberately paused and then put out a finger to confuse him. "Of course, our two brothers will not let the master do it in vain. After the job is done, we are willing to give the master a treasure of our whole robbery!"
"Ten percent treasure?" Master Qidan’s face finally smiled, and he slowly nodded and said, "Deal."
Suddenly, the faces of the Buddha and Tuo also smiled, but the smile didn’t last long. Master Qidan’s words came into their ears again, making the two faces freeze instantly.
"I want 10% of the benefits, but you said that it is natural to wrap the treasure house of a thousand robbers in the benefits of a thousand robbers!"
"This ….. this is not too …" The face of the Buddha who robbed the Buddha became livid than if it were not for the existing begging party, he would have turned his face and left directly.
It’s amazing to rob the real king, but it’s a real king’s treasure house