Triangle is the most stable and sturdy shape that ordinary people can imagine, and it is naturally the first choice for Lin Yue in terms of earthquake resistance.

After the tent was placed, Lin Yue also connected the third stone wall with his two stone walls and wrapped the tent.
Lin Yue checked outside and found that three six-meter-long walls were perfectly connected together, and no gaps were found.
Then Lin Yue imitated the method of refuge and inlaid iron blocks into the stone wall as quickly as possible.
This will also make the wall more stable.
Finished these. Lin Yue took the ladder and held Xiaobai against the wall.
Cut and clamp the wall net laid in front to make a square so that he can enter the gap. After that, he covers the whole net with a large number of boards except the gap.
After confirming the stability, the triangular roof of Lin Yue will be combined with the fence a little bit.
When the last piece was left, Lin Yue entered the wall halfway from the ladder and laid the last stone wall.
Iron nets and wooden boards are pressed down by stone walls, but there are still some tiny gaps. These gaps can also serve as ventilation channels to keep Lin Yue and Xiaobai from dying of lack of oxygen.
Lighted the lighter. Lin Yue slowly came from the ladder and lit a torch and put it away from the corner of the tent.
He looked up at the three-meter-high shed roof and the solid wall tightly crowded around him and nodded with satisfaction.
This should be enough to withstand the crazy mutant creatures outside the magnitude earthquake.
Although … It’s a bit like a stone coffin.
"poof-poof?" Xiao Bai Bai Bai’s master didn’t live in the original comfortable shelter, but instead he built such a thing. It has some activities in this small room.
But it seems that the tent is really comfortable.
"Xiao Bai still needs to wait."
When Lin Yue took a look at the panel,
It will be four hours before the second round of disaster-an earthquake of magnitude 1 to 1 comes.
He still has a lot to do.
Like a … treasure chest!
Although the treasure chest is tired, it can also bring some happiness to Lin Yue
There are a lot of treasure boxes or good quality treasure boxes.
There are 131 wooden treasure chests and 3 silver treasure chests in hand.
As usual, wooden first.
[You got hot dew mineral water 6l1]
[You got a bag of spicy noodles]
[You got a bag of Tian Jin chopped green onion hand-grabbed cakes]
[You got …]
Boy, something new has come out!
Besides water, instant noodles, bread and dried noodles, Lin Yue was surprised to find that there was a cake in hand!