This time, Fang Yunhan, who is bigger than sixty-four groups, is in the first group position, and the land is thirty-three groups and sixty-four groups to gradually eliminate the first batch. The remaining sixty-four people will be very elite brothers, and everyone will not be easily defeated.

Lu Li was about to visit his master, Aoki Sage Taikoomen, but a figure flew down and stopped him from the Kyushu War Station.
Lu Li said coldly, "Don’t get in the way or you will regret it."
The bearer is very tall, but his muscles are much stronger than those of the land. Like a bull, he looks rough, his skin is bronzed and slightly pale, in stark contrast.
He was careless and bold. "Since you and I both won, why don’t we just compete?"
This person is Gengjia Tianjiao Gengwu, who is very vigorous and obsessed with martial arts. He belongs to the general role of martial arts. He didn’t come to Taishan once because his family was obsessed with practicing martial arts and delayed time.
Lu Li didn’t have a mouth. He wanted to say a few words to the Aoki Buddha and his brothers and sisters. After all, it’s been a long time, and he missed something.
At the same time, his eyes swept across the square clouds, and the rooftop was covered by a light curtain, but it could not stop the mysterious strange light in his right eye flashing away, so he could see the light behind the scenes, and soon he found the figure of Yun Qingxian.
But Lu Yao around her is not there, which makes Lu Li’s heart sigh and want to ask some questions, that is, he went out to practice in Lu Yao and walked into Xiuxian Road. It is a lie to say that he doesn’t care at all.
In addition, the master Chu Yun left a handwritten copy of some characters and many masters have not been removed from the list, and several of them were not found because of their separation.
There are also people who have participated in the turmoil in Mount Tai, such as the extinction of desire and the secluded cliff. It is difficult to defeat them easily from the current practice. After all, the remote cliff monster is so deep that he can bury the sword and fight against the elders.
Cloud Tiantai many masters also found this situation and talked with each other with a nod and smile.
Zhong Han Shuang Xian Dao: "This time, the young tianjiao of Kyushu War almost gathered together. Except for the mysterious young man of Dugu family who didn’t come, how many young experts in the base participated in it?"
Joan Yuxian smiled and said, "There are too many young masters to come this time, even if it is dazzling, it is not too much. I am optimistic about three people in Kyushu this time."
Frost fairy nodded and said, "There are four people who are slightly different."
Joan Yuxian said, "Oh? Why don’t you tell me? "
Frost fairy replied, "First of all, I’m Tai Yi’s younger brother Fang Yunhan. No matter I have great confidence in him, it’s a miracle that he can survive. I believe that everyone is as curious as I am. Besides, I will be able to return to the fairy realm to cultivate the ghost realm and compete with the cloud cold at the fairy convention. This time, I am still very optimistic about his performance. The third person believes that everyone knows Wan Yuzong Wang Xiong. He has almost lost his job since he was successful. The last person, I think Xuanyu Tiangong Road has a deep foundation and a strong understanding of Taoism. As a result, these four people
Joan Yuxian agreed, "It’s true that there are so many experts like you this time that I forgot the Xuanyu Tiangong Road, but he never seems to have tried, so the real combat power is hard to measure."
Everyone was laughing, and some battles were over, and some young monks with amazing potential showed their strength.
Chapter 13 Top 64
When Gengwu was separated from the confrontation, the first group of Fang Yun was so cold that more than a few people were defeated and successfully won.
The Nangong family’s two wizards, Nangong Feiyu Nangong Destroy, both won and advanced smoothly.
The rest don’t say much, but those who have real strength will not give up easily even in melee, and they will eventually break the obstacles and stay.
Lu Li’s confrontation with Geng Wu seems crazy, but Lu Li’s face is dull and he has no intention of this person.
The appearance of Lu Li has drawn a lot of people’s mood. Geng Wu is obsessed with martial arts. He belongs to militant separation and is slow to start work.
After a series of journeys, the mood of the land has been calmer than before, and many past experiences have precipitated.
Geng Wu was indifferent to several provocations, and he was a little puzzled and surprised. "I said, Brother Lu, why are you so calm? Don’t you want me to fight?"
Lu Li’s indifference said, "Anyway, you and I have already advanced until the list of sixty-four people comes out and it’s not too late to fight again."
Gengwu was startled, and then it was a positive color way. "I Gengwu people don’t say dark words. I have defeated many young heroes in the cultivation of immortals in the martial arts today. Is it true that the Lu brothers don’t think I am qualified for you in World War I?"
It is not simple to observe Geng Wu’s separation from himself and analyze each other’s repair. It is by no means as simple as it seems.
Seeing that Lu Li was slow to speak, Geng Wu was unhappy and said, "Brother Lu, do you really look down on me?"
Lu Li said with a smile, "I think you are a militant and naturally won’t look down on you, but the way to practice is too long. Although you practice martial arts, you can’t rush for success. If you work hard, foolhardy and hard, you will eventually lead to the failure of Du Jie."
Gengwu’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled. He doesn’t like such a long speech as persuasive words. It’s just a cruel way to say, "You’d better show something later or I’ll beat you up."
The more he looks at Geng Wuxiu, the more complicated he is about to face this war. It is definitely not as simple as it looks. This person’s combat power is even surprisingly high.