Looking into the dark hut, he found that the house was very simple, and the walls were made of hay, about 2.5 meters high, and there was a pile of hay in the corner.

That’s it. It’s a shelter.
I’m afraid it didn’t collapse first and hit him to death inside.
Lin Yue sat with musty hay and expressed concern about the firmness here.
But it should be able to be repaired …
He remembered the spirit in the manual and soon a light curtain appeared in front of him.
[Important information]
[Trading Mall]
[shelter information]
[Object column]
"Oh, it’s really like a game." Lin Yue focused on [important news] and then popped up a new picture.
There are three options: Announcement, Group and Private Chat.
Boy, old QQ, the goose factory was beaten for the first time
[Announcement] Send disaster information in real time. There will be continuous waking up before the disaster comes.
Lin Yue remembered that there would be a random disaster every seven days in the manual, and it would be notified three days later.
What is the disaster is still unknown.
However, there is such a thing that it feels stressful.
I will write the first day of the last calendar 112349.
Continue to look at the [group]. It is almost the same as QQ chat group, but the avatars are all big heads. The nickname is that there is a plus sign next to the original name, which should mean adding friends.
A total of one member of the group, Lin Yue, flipped through it and found that there didn’t seem to be many Tang faces. Most of them were foreigners, but their names were very thoughtful and translated into Tang.
Now the chat information is constantly being refreshed.
"Oh guys this broken hut is a refuge? I bet it will collapse if it is returned. Oh, my God, I swear it will collapse if I touch it! "
"You who was born by the water? There is not a drop of water here. Saga is dying of thirst! "
"His grandmother has no water!"
"The chance of finding a treasure box is too low. I killed Sisui like a mouse monster and didn’t find a box."
"Even if the probability is too low, I also killed a bunch of bugs. No one exploded out of the box?"
"report! Seven fists big beetle not out of the Emirates pass by "
"Never mind the treasure chest. Who found food? I’ve been on a diet hunger strike for three days, and I’m starving! "
Lin Yue browsed it.
There is a lot of water, but there is some information.
He noticed that everyone has different terrain, including Gobi, desert, forest and being in a wasteland like him.