Xiong Zemo got up from his wheelchair and walked to the rooftop.

Although he is thin, his pace is very stable, and he doesn’t look like he has been disabled for many years at all.
Holding the railing on the roof, Xiong Zemo felt the breeze here.
"Become a member! It’s really hard to deal with identity … "
In the banquet hall of the hospitality hotel
Zhou Bi dragged Xu Le to brag about her past and introduce some very beautiful lighthouse celebrities to Xu Le.
This is probably the convenience of being a member of parliament, but whenever Xu Le shakes hands with these celebrities, he feels a murderous look behind him.
Looking back at Ellie Xu Le can take back your hand angrily.
I can’t help it if I have a fierce wife at home
Xu Le is also talking and laughing at Zhou Bi, a happy brother, boasting and farting, just like not seeing his own brother for more than ten years.
Zhou Bi looks drunk, but Xu Le knows very well that he is faking it.
Zhou Bixin can have a small increase, but this increase is really small, which should be influenced by alcohol.
His mind remained almost absolutely calm.
Although he has always been flirting, he has no real fluctuation at all
This should be that quality of a social councillor.
"Xu Le bro, I go to the toilet and you eat first."
Weeks than left Xu Le again on the sofa light way
"False old color batch"
"What about the truth?" Alley asked behind him
"True colors are not installed" Xu Le pie pie.
Because it was the first day of socializing, many things were not in a hurry. After Zhou Bi came back, the two sides talked and boasted again.
Parting international weeks than Xu Le told a way
"Brother Xu Le, take a good rest tonight. I’ll take you to the lighthouse parliament hall early tomorrow."
"Lighthouse parliament hall? Where? "
"Ha, I knew you were curious, but now I can tell you to get ready for the tower!"
Zhou Bi pointed to Xu Le and showed you how to laugh.
Xu Le also smiled and nodded to end this very pleasant conversation.
Although Zhou Bi is purposefully representing the lighthouse interest group, it is undeniable that he is not tired and comfortable to get along with this person.
Perhaps because he was born in the city, Zhou Bi has no arrogance, which is what makes Xu Le feel most comfortable.
Without waiting for the dinner to really end, Xu Le took people back to the second floor of the hotel to rest.
Those lighthouse ladies mean nothing to him either.
Just as Li Wen once warned him, when he has status and identity, many things will become very easy, such as women
The word Xu Leyuan is far away from him.
But now that I think about it, it’s really close.
If there is no dog here as a doorkeeper, those so-called lighthouse ladies will probably send several to his bed every night.
Not only he, but even other people will have it. That’s so outrageous.
"It’s a good thing I’m totally" Xu Le boasted by the window.
Meow! ~ Ding Ke suddenly cried.
After coming to the lighthouse, Ding Ke seems to be in a better state, and he has not been dozing off all the time.
Its own fat claws pointed to a direction. Although it hasn’t been here for a while, Xu Le can still roughly judge that that place should be the place where Xu Le reluctantly bought dried fish for the first time.
At that time, he had five in his pocket and many places to spend money, but he reluctantly bought Ding Ke a lot of food.
"Ah, I didn’t know what would buy you food at that time. Did you put a spell on me?"
Meow! ~ Ding Ke licked his paw and looked like an idiot.
"I don’t feel full, or shall we go out for a walk again?"
Soon Xu Le changed his plainclothes clothes and gave Ding Ke a little black hat.
There is something wrong with going out to look for food at this time. Xu Le strengthened a wave of life-saving techniques and then put the life-saving dolls in the hotel
This just slipped out of the window quietly Mimi.
Just after landing, Xu Le had not gone far when a heavy figure fell from the next window.
After falling to the ground, the man patted himself and turned to look around … Then he saw Xu Le and Ding Ke.
"What a coincidence, Xu Le," said Gu Beichen.
"Yes, there are many coincidences here. What are you doing here?" Xu Le is also a quick laugh.
"The toilet in my pee room is not comfortable. What about you?"
"Oh, I walk around the cat’s old scene. My cat misses it here and has been messing with me."