But these are not important. Today, he Shen Hua is the ghost patriarch!

A wisp of lingering voice said, "You three return to the barracks and the ghost clan belongs to me. It’s quite the same position!"
This sound is a moment before he left, leaving and leaving.
Three people took one look at each other and then got up and rushed to the barracks in Lu Li is already one step ahead.
Lu Li’s enlightenment this time is not unusual. It is not only an increase in perception and practice, but also a slight improvement in mind wave and divine knowledge. Even the five powers can also learn more.
Just now, the moment of separation is Kong Xuan’s startled moment, that is, the mastermind force combined with the idea wave invaded Kong Xuan’s brain and got what Kong Xuan knew about the attack on the military camp, and the separation did not spy on Kong Xuan’s privacy, which would not hurt Kong Xuan’s brain to know the sea.
This is a departure from Kong Xuan’s nervousness and scruples. Simply grasp more information by yourself.
According to Kong Xuan’s knowledge, this time, among the six countries that invaded Yan, the master of Yue was not far from Wan Li because he believed in the country, and the master of this country violated the rules!
This rule is the unwritten rule of the Seven Kingdoms, and it has been the rule since ancient times, but this time, splitting the Yan State and the Vietnamese will violate it!
That rule is that no expert from any country in the Seven Kingdoms can cross several boundaries to slaughter ordinary soldiers. This rule has always been observed by experts from the Seven Kingdoms.
Because once a master goes beyond the level of slaughter, it will cause fierce conflicts between the two sides, and the person who slaughters wildly will be besieged by several masters in the same realm, and eventually he will be doomed.
Of course, this is the rule in war. If countries have masters of the same realm in each other’s camp, even if they are outnumbered, they will not be disgusted, but will be respected.
Just like the five thousand gas refiners who fought alone, there was a master of refining gods in the other side at that time. This matter does not deny that being away from home is naturally a famous shock to Yan State.
Chapter one hundred and forty-five Lishan bodhi old zu
On that day, Lu Li fought alone by the force of Armageddon. Among the 5,000 death row experts, there was a strong gas gathering realm, which was equivalent to a master in the ghost realm and a bully gas refiner in the realm of refining gods.
However, it was useless to fight all the way to the death, even if Hao Tianfu tried to cover it up. It was only a few days after reaching the ancient capital of Yan, that Yan’s name was already famous and flowing towards the seven countries.
Kong Xuan Kong Xiuxiu is not the realm of refining gods. Even if the master of gas gathering comes, they can’t resist such a leapfrog war and directly take away the other strategist. Generally, gas refiners will feel despised when they hear about it.
Because it’s like a fairy master bullying a baby monk, and even the fairy goes to slaughter ordinary people, which is even more disgusting
Away from home, like a high wind, there is an evil wind surging in the void, and an evil spirit emerges, which is the evil spirit’s unique curse. The breath of recovery will dye the whole person away from home with an evil spirit.
At this time, an ugly old man with dark eyes hundreds of miles away from Hongyun House is grinning at Kong Xiu’s eyes full of lewdness.
"Ha ha-you little girl skin although there is no whole appearance, but it’s kind of feminine beauty and appearance. It’s a great pleasure to be my concubine after leaving the bodhi old zu in the future-"
His tone is full of teasing, which means Kong Xiu. She is tied up by a black strange snake. Even if she struggles, she can earn this tie, but it consumes a lot of true qi.
The Johnson looked at some micro nu scold a way "bitch bodhi old zu I so SHEN WOO never struggle? I’ll just suck your Yin qi dry and make up for it directly. It’s not too late to kill you after I have a good time! Ha ha-"
He reached out and tore Kong Xiu’s coat.
The splendid dress outside was torn. Kong Xiu was ashamed and angry. She closed her eyes painfully, but she still shed tears and there was another tearing sound. Her silk dress was also torn, revealing the white and delicate skin on her shoulders.
Kong Xiu’s arms struggled desperately to block herself. She was left with a corset, white and delicate, and her arms and shoulders were all in front of the monster. This made Kong Xiu’s eyes constantly shed tears, but she was blocked by the monster and made a sound.
The ugly Johnson leaned his nose in, and it was almost impossible to be ugly. After Kong Xiu, he sniffed his face and said, "It smells good! What a place that contains yin, it’s full and not lost, and it makes me happy! Let’s talk about it first! " Then he will dial Kong Xiu’s hands and tear off her bra.
Kong Xiu was heartbroken to see that he was going to be humiliated, but he didn’t even have the strength to commit suicide. The most humiliating pain to bear was several times worse than whipping and cutting.
"Ha ha really-cool!"
Seeing that the evil hand was about to abuse Kong Xiu, the monster suddenly grasped his head with both hands and suddenly retreated. At the same time, his outstretched evil hand shrank back before touching Kong Xiu’s skin.
"His grandmother who dares to sneak attack the old man!"
The Johnson screamed and was about to pounce on Kong Xiu only to find that Kong Xiu was no longer in front of his eyes.
He suddenly turned around and saw a figure. It was a handsome man, but he looked cold as if he were in love. Maybe it was more appropriate to directly call him in love. Besides, this man has a strange and evil smell!