"But the ending must be good"

"But now there is no one to support me in Zion. I have overdrawn too much money and resources for the furnace plan. The logistics department of Zion Progressive is almost out of money."
Hearing Li Wen’s explanation, Xu Le was dazed. He imagined that Li Wen was under pressure.
Overdraft a lot of resources, money, manpower and material resources, and support a project that has no hope so far.
Even if Li Wen has a strong network and ability, it is inevitable that he will be questioned.
The biggest pressure should come from Zion parliament.
"Why didn’t Li Shu tell me before?"
"Say with you? Is there? "
Xu Le want to refute a can think it over or admit.
"It seems nothing, but if Uncle Li tells us that the economic pressure is great, we can reduce some unnecessary expenses."
Jerry-cutting is not a glorious thing, but a person with past life experience
This kind of thing actually happens every day in Xu Le.
Moreover, cutting corners to a certain extent can really save money, so cutting corners here is not corruption.
But Li Wen gave a hand directly.
"Don’t need to lack money, it’s not that you can solve it by saving it. Since you want to make a melting pot plan, you must do your best in this plan.
After all, it is known as Zion’s reform plan, and I decided to support this project. I will naturally solve the financing aspect. "
When Li Wen said this, he seemed to be domineering again.
"Is it because of parliamentary pressure?"
"It’s almost inevitable that the parliament is in a hurry and I need some motivation."
Li Wen lit himself a cigarette and let himself fall into the smoke.
Xu Le got the point when he said that.
Li Wen wants to see some products
Furnace production
Real energy
"Does Li Shu want some parliamentary results?"
Xu Le looked at Li Wen carefully. This time, his eyes didn’t dodge or give in, like a real negotiation.
And Li Wen also narrowed his eyes.
"Yes, I need some parliamentary results, but if you think it’s risky to let members of parliament know that this matter can’t be achieved, I will still try to support you. What do you think?"
Two-sided answer Xu Le also nodded his head.
Parliament knows the risks … there are, but Xu Le thinks he should come out and share some pressure with Li Wen at this time.
If Li Wen falls, he will lose more than just a backer.
It is very likely that you need to run away.
It’s hard to get along now. Xu Leke doesn’t want to run anymore. That’s not a good choice.
"Don’t worry, Li Shu, I’ll give you an achievement these days. We’re a little short of it."
Li Wen was also relieved to hear Xu Le say so.
"Good. You never let me down. Tell me what you want."
Finally talked about the key point. Xu Le came to ask for money