When two people are talking, Li Wen has ordered Liu Mi to patrol around.

"Take some protection and set up a restricted area here."
Liu secret hesitated and said
"But now the situation is more complicated. Although there are many weapons in the ancient sound, the Yugoslav capital is still under great pressure to fight. Now we have to deploy people …"
"I didn’t ask you to transfer the Yugoslav capital staff to draw parliamentarians."
"Smoke parliament? We? " Liu Mi pointed to herself. They are Zion progressives. They are a department in front of the parliament. Isn’t it a bit too much for the current department to command the parliament?
"What’s the matter? Is there a problem? Don’t you see how much we Zion progressives have contributed tonight? Go ahead and ask for it. If they don’t give it to others, tell them not to be ungrateful, "Li Wen said naturally."
"So arrogant? This doesn’t seem to be in line with our previous work style? "
Liu Mi is a little guilty, saying that their way of doing things has always been smooth, and now they suddenly become so arrogant that he will not be able to change a little for a while.
"Go ahead. No one can talk to Zion progressives now, not even members of parliament."
Xu Le looked at Li Wen and knew that his former parliament was not very comfortable. Although he said that he was in an important position, the level gap was there after all
Li Wen ordered a good secret and looked at Xu Le again. He is not a professional, and he still needs to ask Xu Le for advice in this respect.
"Who is this heart?"
"That’s a long story."
"Since it’s a long story, make it short." Li Wen waved.
"Does Li Shu know the tower?"
"Know what’s wrong?"
"Did Li Shu ever think about what tower can bring almost eternal light? What are its energy conditions?"
How could he, a Zionist, know that Li Wen shook his head directly?
"This kind of thing should belong to the lighthouse major secret? How could I possibly know? "
Xu Legong wanted to talk, and then suddenly remembered the taboo things, and the words that were taboo to his mouth suddenly became hesitant.
Li Wen is very kind to him, and he is reliable. This may not be a problem, but if something really happens, Li Wen is likely to be cheated. It is better to be careful.
So Xu Le took out his black stick and inserted it into the ground.
With Xu Lechao’s black staff filled with ancient sound and psychic powers, a dark curtain covered the three of them.
"Enchantment? It feels quite advanced. "Xia Libo commented on one.
"That must be my big brother’s thing. I can have it only if I have excellent foes." Xu Le held his head high and said that he was very cow, and his big brother was also very cow.
Although I was curious about who Xu Le’s eldest brother was, Xu Le didn’t say anything, and neither did Li Wen and Xia Libo.
"Can you say it now?" Li Wen glanced at the dark curtain and always felt strange, as if something terrible was peeping at them.
"The owner of this heart is Gu Yinduo-Guangzhu. His body was torn apart by a powerful force, and his heart was stolen or moved away by other forces and left here.
The concrete thing about this thing is probably the same as that thing, which will glow by itself and even produce some ancient sounds and more energy by itself.
But compared with the tower, this thing is much smaller. This one is about this big and that one is about this big. "
Talking, Xu Le also made a gesture with his hand.
In fact, he didn’t know how big the light cast skull was. Wang Man described that there were feet, and the size of a light cast skull was calculated from the size of half a heart.
It’s a tight heart to hear the appellation of Gu Yinduo, whether it’s Xia Libo, a researcher, or Li Wen, an administrative boss.
And Li Wen, a coordinator, immediately reacted to some things.
"Is this what Gu Yin Duosi is looking for?"
"Although I don’t know what their specific purpose is, I think it should be." Xu Le nodded.
"A glowing heart? It’s actually a part of the ancient sound multi-body, but this kind of thing … forget it."
"Without auxiliary devices, this heart can have an impact on the surrounding objects rather than turning the surrounding soil and stones into ancient sound and multi-energy crystals after a certain time.
So I think we can turn this thing into a renewable energy core, just like a lighthouse. "
Xu Leyi is very bold. Xia Libo, a researcher like this, also has a bright eye.
"I think so."
However, Li Wen hesitated-he can’t be as open as Xu Le and Xia Libo, he needs to consider more things and he wants many banks in Xu Le to be responsible.
Xu Le’s current line has been somewhat biased towards the ancient sound. If it is energy, it is ok.
But judging from the dialogue, Xu Le’s goal is definitely not as simple as energy. He has more pursuits.
Suo Liwen will still worry about whether Zion will be so pure one day.
"Will your future thoughts change Zion’s human status?"
In the face of Li Wen suddenly asked Xu Le consternation, and Xia Libo was also curious to look at him. Obviously, he also understood Li Wen’s meaning.
But who is Xu Le? He has received nine-year education.
Nine-year education is excellent and extensive.
The idea that man can’t take the hindmost for himself has already been integrated into his blood, and "man" here refers to human beings.
"Human beings are all things, and we will grow up with learning, education and development to become a species different from other creatures. Will the world be dominated by human beings?"
Xu Le tone slightly arrogant after he finished speaking, he didn’t feel some disrespect for Li Wen’s way of speaking.
However, Li Wen didn’t get angry after listening to it, although his ideas were a little crazy. It was a nonsense for those people in the Red Crescent Temple to think that human dominance was a thing, because most people knew that the Red Crescent was the master of everything.
And there are many ancient sounds … That’s just a symbol of evil.
Less from Xu Le’s statement, Li Wen can’t hear Xu Leyou’s intention of wanting to be an adult rape.