Flow sunseeker had never seen the queen mother like this, and she was so scared that she didn’t know what to say.

"It’s more and more crazy to look after the emperor at home!"
As she spoke, the queen mother pounded her face, which was properly maintained, but now it is getting older and older, and there are wrinkles showing.
"Ai Jia didn’t talk to him for such a long time, but he really died when Ai Jia died!"
Pity was shocked. "Aunt, don’t say such angry words!"
"Ai Jia said it was not angry words!"
The queen mother has lost her usual dignity at the moment, but she is just a mother who hates iron and does not produce, and she is frantically venting her dissatisfaction with her son.
"Since phoenix shallow accident that night, have you ever seen him come to see the home of mourning? Knowing that Ai Jia hates that phoenix, Ai Jia suspects that it was sent by Xique, and that he even set up a phoenix-shallow imperial concubine so soon after that incident. How can he even look at Ai Jia, the queen mother? "
"No, aunt Huang is not like this!"
Flow sunseeker also don’t know is to want to comfort the queen mother or in a hurry to defend the emperor mood is very excited.
"It must be that the shallow princess has confused the emperor, but the emperor must still be thinking about you, otherwise the Fengming Palace will not be as if it had not changed at all, and so many people will not be specially transferred to take care of his aunt. It can be seen that the emperor must still be thinking about his aunt!"
"How do you know that the emperor didn’t transfer people here to monitor Ai Jia!"
Yet a pity sunseeker immediately turned white and didn’t know what to say.
The queen mother eyes light a clot slightly don’t line of sight.
It took a long time to take a deep breath and said, "I don’t want to mourn my family. It’s just an angry word. Don’t worry, it’s okay."
Flow sunseeker this just a little breath a sigh of relief, tighten the shoulder blades but haven’t come to relax.
The queen mother then murmured, "Do you think Feng Shao did she see what we sent?"
Flow sunseeker answer "Sunseeker think shallow princess should be to see because exquisite there can’t easily give up her and Song Ling in the future, she must be finished"
"That would be the result. Chapter 385 385 How can there be such a good thing at the end of the day?
"Aunt, can it be that the chicken is too shallow and too deep?"
The queen mother had a pity sunseeker, so it really looks like this.
Although I felt that Feng Shao’s identity was very suspicious, I found evidence and details again and again to verify these things, but I really didn’t feel so sure as at this moment.
If the phoenix shallow heart really pretend that the emperor saw that letter, how could it be that there was no response at all?
Even the emperor returned her imperial concubine.
Now that I think about it, maybe it’s just a surprise that Phoenix is shallow-it’s not so simple to be completely unaware of what position her emperor is in his heart, even if it’s temptation and profit.
Phoenix shallow is fine, she doesn’t care about the letter-the queen mother has such an assertion in her heart.
"That’s about it."
The queen mother choked back her heart when her eyes narrowed and her eyes were dark, and the waves rolled inside. "Since she is so heavy, she can fight with her sometimes."
"Aunt, what do you want to do?"
"She pretended not to see and didn’t care about her family, so she tried to make her hear and care!"
The queen mother’s face flashed with a smile, and the once noble and kind eyes were no longer replaced by cold and vicious snakes and scorpions
"It’s a trivial matter to go back to Phoenix, which has made the emperor very dissatisfied. When you go out with this news this time, you must pay attention to people’s credibility and stop looking for those who can’t stand to cry at home-would you rather die than surrender?"