She grinned and walked towards the place where the blood was drawn.

Soon she felt the breath of Xu Le.
Donne immediately hid himself and got rid of all his breath.
Although it is a puppet, people’s puppets are too much like people. Many times, this is both an advantage and a disadvantage.
Carefully follow Donne behind Xu Le all the time
Xu Le didn’t mean to stop ahead, and of course, he didn’t seem to find Dorn.
They followed each other in tandem for a long time.
Dorn is almost after 12 o’clock, and Xu Le has arrived at 2 o’clock at this time.
And as the tail goes on, Donne finds that Xu Le seems to be following something.
This situation is very interesting.
"After mantis catching cicada yellowbird? Ha ha is interesting … "
Although I really want to shoot Xu Le now, Dorn finally feels that Xu Le’s vigilance is too high at this time
Because he also tracked, Xu Le always kept on guard.
In this case, if you sneak attack rashly, it is likely to be unsuccessful.
Sodorn decided to wait and see what Xu Le was tracking before taking a long-term view
"This area is already close to the Red Crescent Temple Department. It feels like the main control area of the temple in the sacrificial ceremony area?
Small temple Lord? … "
The chief officers of the Red Crescent Temple are not too angry with them.
The main reason is that the new temple owner is too young.
Baiya is cared for by the Red Moon.
At the age of 2, he was promoted to be as famous as Qi and Chixiao.
Young children who are also about to become owl members and foreign members of Ding Ke, a whispering owl, and Chixiao, a one-eyed owl.
There is no doubt that the owner of the red moon temple will definitely cause many people’s dissatisfaction.
Especially those powerful deputy temple masters.
The Red Crescent Temple Department is really very exclusive.
Although the Red Crescent Temple is also an immigrant city, it is almost impossible for immigrants to reach the high point of the Red Crescent Temple.
For example, although Chixiao’s strength is stronger than Ding Ke’s, the Red Crescent Temple people are optimistic about Ding Ke in the development process.
The reason is also very simple: Chixiao is an outsider and Ding Ke is one of our own.
"Xu Le this guy actually entered the temple area … it’s really reckless"
Eye whether to continue to go with Donne also produced some hesitation.
If we continue to follow, we may find a chance to attack Xu Le, but there is also a high probability of being discovered.
In particular, this area belongs to the restricted area of the Red Crescent Temple.
The immortal veil god-the full moon, its eyes have always stayed in this area.
Several full moon angels will also stay in this area to patrol to protect the new temple Lord, that is, Baiya.
This is also the reason why Baiya can still stay in the position of the Red Moon Temple no matter what is unpopular.
She is blessed by the Red Crescent, and all angels will obey the orders of Baiya. This strength alone is not comparable to that of his deputy temple master.
Donne here thoughtfully for a long time and finally made a decision.
"Forget it, it’s just a loss of a puppet. It’s nothing to be able to kill Xu Le and completely solve the hidden danger."
Donne made a decisive decision. She knew very well that Xu Le’s strength would grow much faster than her after she followed the Nightmare.
If we don’t kill Xu Le now, it is very likely that Xu Le will kill her one day in the future.
In order to solve the future trouble, killing Xu Le is the best choice now.
Donne glanced at the patrol angel in the sky and gradually got a plan.
Look for an opportunity first. If she can’t find an opportunity, she will be decisive and seduce an angel herself to expose Xu Le and her.
There are so many angels in the forbidden area of the Red Crescent Temple that the chances of Xu Lohas are almost.
If she is desperate to kill Xu Le, she has a great chance of success
"Let’s do it."
Follow Xu Leduoen crept to the Red Crescent restricted area.
The moon is very bright in the sky, just like a big eye staring at everything on the ground.