There have been some negotiations between some sides of the two sides, but these negotiations are not very profound and have not produced too many disputes and exchanges.

Xu Le’s main understanding of the forest is to absorb its projection rules and control the soul-eating tree.
But that’s it.
However, he still has some doubts about Cang Ming’s choice of forest as his target.
"There are seven ancient sounds with different strengths, but some of them should be very active.
For example, puppets, such as Rose, are extremely active and often wander around the human world.
And also planned to attack the Red Crescent Temple.
Since we are luring Gu Yinduo, why don’t we target these guys? "
Xu Le’s question made Chixiao nod along with her. She also set the imaginary enemy as a puppet and rose at the most.
Now Cang Ming said that the target was the forest, and she was a little surprised.
In the face of asked Cang Ming side unhurriedly said
"Rose and puppets often wander around the edge of the human world and often launch strategic attacks on human beings, which is something we all know.
We are always on guard against them, because it seems that they are the biggest threat at present.
One represents seduction desire and the other represents intrigue. You think so, right? "
"Yes, but what’s the problem?"
"Of course, there is a problem. You noticed yourself but didn’t notice that we can realize that Rose and puppets are a huge threat.
Dorothy and puppets can also realize that they are a great threat to mankind.
They seem to have been wandering around, and the sword has never done that. These two insidious guys always put their own protection first.
Compared with him, Muppets and Rose are more alert to human beings and Red Crescent.
Without absolute assurance and all doubts, it is often impossible for them to come in person, which is the result of their thinking and personality. "
Xu Le nodded his head.
"The red crescent god to lure rose and puppet their vigilance personality high probability method success?
Is this the reason why the success rate will be higher if you choose some other ancient sounds? "
"It’s partly true, but it’s not true for choosing forests. There are many reasons for this, besides their low vigilance."
"Fit?" Xu Le is not too white. What does fit mean here?
Do you still need a fit to hunt the ancient sound? Fit what?
"That’s right, Mr. Xu Le. Do you remember what our plan is?"
"Of course, God seduces the plan."
"That’s right, it’s God’s lure plan. The key point of this plan is that God lures the ancient sound more than hunting.
If seduction can’t succeed, then hunting this thing will start from the hand.
You said the same thing about puppets and rose. They were too cunning to seduce and were excluded from the first plan.
It is for this reason. "
Focus on seduction rather than hunting
So Xu Le instantly became transparent. He looked at Fei Ying.
Fei Ying’s name is erosive flesh and blood. Look at her shape and her bloody feathers
Don’t say also know that this guy should be and flesh and blood life has a significant connection.
This is the reason.
Chapter 42 Yellow rot
Cang Zhen, in front of the target forest, has also been named as the owner of the plant-forest, which is known as the "King of Mist"
Although the forest is covered with fog, it also breeds vitality.
Fei Ying’s erosive flesh and blood is indeed the most likely to attract forests with some similar characteristics
So he is really the best target to hunt.
"After a simple thinking, I found that Mr. Cang Ming’s choice was indeed the result of careful consideration.
Forest target I don’t have any different opinions here. "
To tell the truth, Chixiao didn’t think about it here. Although she is very clever, she knows far less about ancient sounds than Xu Le.