Lizard people have put a lot of effort into it, and they react quite quickly.
There are more than ten thousand of them.
I’m afraid there will be tens of thousands!
With so many lizard bodies rushing here, it seems that their own analysis is becoming a reality.
They are not unorganized and have no strategies. Now it seems that there is really a force behind them.
Lin Yue also found lizards. When people saw him, they all rushed over at the fastest speed, leaving little Meng and little ice lizard alone.
And they don’t seem to want to kill him, but they all rushed over with their bare hands.
This kind of thing makes him feel that his idea is right.
Lizard people want a live one!
The goal is to explode the treasure chest system 100%!
"Back off? I will never retreat. What’s worse, these rotten tomatoes and rotten eggs still want to catch me? " Lin Yue jumped out of the car and the horse was rewarded.
He could have backed the truck back to the shelter, but that wouldn’t change anything.
Giant creatures will still rush to shelters, and so will these lizard people.
Might as well …
Give up your life and be born!
Then he took out the backpack-type flamethrower and harnessed himself!
"The ground can’t get close to it! Xiao Meng, you retreat to the shelter! Horse! "
"Ga!" Small fierce to have been chasing the lizard people play now heard nearby Lin Yue roar loud horse also responded.
Lin Yue took a deep breath of relief.
The enemy’s target is him. It’s better for them to go back to the shelter!
Last night, he tried to fly for about an hour in a dark night suit.
While the white ones were resting, they were all ready to rest. He went out again to satisfy his curiosity, took it out and filled it with fuel.
Then it was almost an hour or so to explore and familiarize yourself with the process.
It doesn’t feel too comfortable, especially to control the front, back, left and right, and to be honest, it will really make him dizzy for a while 2.
Of course, he has a strong understanding of learning ability, and he finally realized a lot in an hour. Although he is a little short of proficiency, he can fly freely by his own thoughts.
At the moment, Lin Yue pressed his hand and soon there was a continuous vibration in his back!
Soon he put on wind goggles and rose to a height of nearly 30 meters!
Lizard people reacted, set up bows and arrows, and tried to shoot Lin Yue.
But Lin Yue’s speed is like an arrow from the left!
At the same time, Lin Yue rushed to the giant creature at the fastest speed, and fell to the ground 100 meters away from it.
The backpack flamethrower is still quite powerful!
He looked behind his eyes, and the lizard man closest to him was six or seven hundred meters!
When the distance is enough, it is even more enough!
He turned to look at the giant creature again.
Giant creatures are not terrible.
It can even be said that it doesn’t pose much threat except that it is bigger.
If you want to beat it, you need to find ways to burn it!
Lin Yue ground horse placed ten crossbows and put a burst crossbow arrow on the surface!
This kind of crossbow with explosives can not only explode violently, but also kill the enemy in a certain range!
But what if ten crossbows instantly hit ten exploding crossbow arrows and bombard the flank of a giant creature whose defense doesn’t look so strong?
Lin Yue took a look at the giant creature with its head twisted wildly because of severe eye pain.