Kong Xuan’s regret is that he did not achieve a feat, and even the repair was far from what he wanted.

He was only a captain in Yan State, and then he followed Lu Liyuan, who was able to make great achievements by his own efforts. Who expected to die here today?
Yu Kongxiu’s regret is that she didn’t see Lulu before she died. She has a love for Lulu, but the latter didn’t take care of her like a brother and sister, which made her feel quite sorry all the time.
She dare not expect even concubines or concubines Kong Xiu are willing to stay away from each other. It seems that Kong Xiu is extremely cautious and sensitive in choosing a Taoist couple, and she has never shown anything.
The bodhi old zu in Lishan shot off several people in a row, and suddenly retreated to the vicinity of the Soul Hall. The monk who came after him obviously noticed that the Soul Hall was extraordinary, as if there was a Shaqi Yin Xuan gas winding that kept them from approaching at the moment.
Sweating Li Mountain bodhi old zu although his hands are stained with other people’s blood, he knows that the situation is already extremely bad. He sighed with emotion, "Damn it, I didn’t expect that just killing a few young players and resting for a while would consume a look at the old man-"
"Hanzhu predecessors!" The monks who came after him suddenly gave a surprise to disturb the thoughts of the bodhi old zu in Lishan.
Sure enough, it was another blue shadow with a bamboo sword in hand. It turned out to be a cold bamboo swordsman in the sea area. This person is a master of celestial cultivation. Although the strength is quite average, the sea area is a minor celebrity. After all, it has made the celestial cultivation world occupy a place.
If it is changed to Lishan, the bodhi old zu is naturally not afraid, but at this time, his physical strength is exhausted and his old injuries are not light. Where is this cold bamboo swordsman opponent?
Look very serious, even if the bodhi old zu in Lishan is so evil in the past, it is also a kind of vicissitudes. Nai’s right hand secretly holds the net soul stone. At this time, a trace of qi has been injected, and this net soul stone can immediately be transformed into a broken soul stone, killing the cold bamboo swordsman and making the other side stunned.
However, it will also consume the last true spirit of the bodhi old zu in Lishan. Even if others don’t kill him, he will be hard to protect himself from new injuries and old troubles, and the stack is likely to die.
Besides, those fairy masters are very alert, and they are arranged in a vertical row in a zigzag row, and they are all ready to attack the multiplier. Once there is any change, a large number of multipliers will be bombarded immediately.
The bodhi old zu in Lishan suddenly smiled in the sky and shouted that the smile was not far away and was completely submerged.
"Yellow Road is not bad for me!"
On the other side, a man roared out of his body and haunted his arms. Although he was injured in many places and seemed to be broken at any time, he suddenly made efforts to repair his chest in two sea areas, accompanied by screaming and screaming, and he rushed to the third person with the two men who had just been pierced in the chest!
The three people were frightened and roared, and this person did not hesitate to choose the explosive Yuan Shen’s instant destruction explosion, which broke three people in one fell swoop, and finally resisted the explosion and roared, and four people died together.
This man’s name is Yu Hui, Xu Mohui, and he is an immortal master. Not long ago, he left here with joy. All the owners will definitely give him advice on repairing and promoting.
Unfortunately, it backfired. Although he didn’t want to believe that Lu Li had abandoned everyone, he still died in Tianji Island with unwilling obsession.
Xu Mo Ling, the leader of the ghost, and others were attacked by many people and almost died in the first round of attack. Fortunately, there are still some forbidden traps on Tianji Island. Although they were wounded, they did not die immediately.
The evil spirit’s double breath has long since disappeared from the island of silence. I don’t know if it has left or hidden somewhere, but it has gone away.
The magic cloud and blood wing had fallen to the island before, and I don’t know whether it was life or death. Even Shen Hua is a girl in last stand who has been fighting for more than ten rounds and may die at any time.
"You we retreat from here! Although the master ordered to hold this place, the enemy is powerful, even if our department dies, it will save its life, and it can be retaken in the future! We can escape to the direction of Poseidon. One person is one person! "
At this time, suddenly a firm sound came out to everyone.
It’s a female voice, but it’s actually Kong Xiu.
At this time, she gave up all her manpower to lose her life and change her voice, and the only one who could escape was one.
This statement was immediately affirmed by all. Even if it is besieged, if it is forced to break through, there is still a chance to escape from a few people.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-six Force slay
"Even if we retreat, it will be a mess in the future. Can’t you see that we have been abandoned and abandoned?"
One sound returns to the elders of Lingming Erlao Zhongming.
Kong Xiu growled, "Will staying here solve the problem?"
At this time, the situation is extremely tense. Every short time, Godsworn Tianji Island dies.
Kong Xuan also want to understand the weight impressively sound way "we leave Tianji Island without deserters! Although we are forced to leave today, we are bound to make a comeback tomorrow! "
Kong Xuan’s brother and sister are easygoing at ordinary times, so they are easy to get along with, making suggestions and designing layout. Tianji Island has made a lot of efforts. Although the two brothers and sisters are not very good at repairing, they are approachable, so the monks in Tianji Island still respect them.
At this time, Tianji Island is completely lost.
Don’t say it’s that the other party has never returned. Even if the owner returns from the land, it’s a life-and-death battle.
There is a great possibility that the other party has been planning for a long time, even if it is plotting to leave the body, but everything has been found out.
"Go!" Love war is the death of everyone, and Zhen Yuan immediately chose to leave together.
The corners of the mouth are slightly raised, and even the proud sky reveals a ray of smile. The scenes of Tianji Island are clearly observed by him.
Even the intention of Kong Xuan and others was seen by him.
Although I don’t know the sound, even the proud eyes have guessed seven points.
It is futile to resist in the face of absolute strength, which is vividly reflected in the First World War of Tianji Island.
In front of Lian Aotian, a Jian Xiu-like man shook his hand and immediately bowed and said, "Do you want to leave the people of this island alive if you want to escape?"
Even the proud smell speech still smiled and then looked at several other Johnson.