There is indeed a very strong red crescent spirit here, but it has many ancient sounds and does not have the ability to absorb the red crescent spirit and repair itself.

This effect is produced in a main place with many ancient sounds and red moons, and even puppets are legally understood.
There was a guess in its mind, a very bold guess.
The result of this guess even feels a little scared and impossible.
But puppets are also white. When all other factors are excluded, the final result will be true even if it is impossible.
"If that’s the case, it’s really exciting to get married …"
As the puppet walked forward, he broke one of his fingers and threw it to the ground.
This finger quickly melted into the air and then disappeared.
Almost half the source of puppet projection is placed in a small volume.
"This level is really bloody."
It confirmed the stability of a finger before moving on.
The road ahead is unknowable, even for many ancient sounds.
This is that most interest part of life for puppets.
Little by little, the puppet took the white jade ladder to the final Red Crescent Forbidden Area.
A fan-shaped door seems to be in front of it. The body can’t see the door, and at most it feels isolated by power.
"Maybe it is possible to break the enchantment here when there is a body coming."
Puppet puts his hands on the front wall, feels the wall quietly and then pushes it.
Cheep! ~
There seems to be a bitter sound in the puppet’s ear.
Puppet shook his head slightly. Although this physical strength is level 7, the source is level.
It can make it feel dreamland. At present, I’m afraid it has been done by Red Crescent and Guyin Duomu.
If it’s not a fantasy …
The high point of the red crescent, that is, the red crescent gate, has been hit by it
The puppet came to say the red moon.
Yes, that’s it, Red Crescent.
It had fantasized about this place several times, but when it really came here, it still felt a very unreal feeling.
"I can’t believe that I actually came here, Red Crescent, a place that can correspond to the mother tree world."
"How do you feel here? Mr. Puppet "
When the puppet sighed, a man’s voice came from the sky.
King’s landing
Try your best to be empty and feel as oppressive as death comes, which puts great pressure on puppet projection.
It raised its head to look.
A man in a silver-white metal blade shirt is slowly falling.
Because of his handsome appearance, the puppet doesn’t know whether to call the other person He He She or it.
Compared with the time when Xu Le saw the Red Crescent before, the Red Crescent has completely got rid of the conspiracy and treacherous temperament before.
Magnificent and powerful, even though he is a circle bigger than normal humans, it still gives the puppet a strong sense of grandeur.
"Feeling cheated? No, maybe it’s not cheating, it’s that he’s magnificent. "
The puppet didn’t immediately answer the question of the Red Crescent, and the Red Crescent side didn’t urge the two sides to be so silent that it seemed to be in a confrontation.
Even if the strength gap between the two sides is very huge at this time.
"I have some unexpected …"
After a long silence, the puppet finally shook his head slightly and did some self-denial.
Red crescent squinted her charming eyes and let her body slowly drop her toes to the ground. Red crescent set off ripples in circles.
"Can’t imagine me or can’t imagine that I can come here?"
The red crescent sound is very long and smooth.
If Xu Le were here at this time, his observation and perception would probably make a judgment immediately.
Hongyue grow up
Grow very fast
Absorbing knowledge, manners and even spirits are evolving towards a state of detachment and sublimation.
He is gradually becoming a god in people’s cognition!
It’s not just a powerful individual, but that feeling of being above everything.
The puppet also felt this detachment, but it was not this that really made him say that sentence just now.