The eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, and the long-haired middle-aged man is about to speak. Suddenly, he feels that there is a horrible coercion from the gray-haired old man. This coercion is full of sacred breath, like a high god looking down on him.

The middle-aged man with long hair immediately broke out in a cold sweat on his back.
He is already a 17-level destroyer. He has reached the fourth floor and can reach the limit. He wants to make a monthly list by leaving the fourth floor of this sacred tower for many years.
It is possible for him to go further with the sacred fragments obtained from the monthly list, otherwise his level 17 is his limit.
He didn’t expect that the gray-haired old man in front of him could emit such a horrible and sacred breath, just like a sacred arrival.
"Don’t doubt …" The old population will soon have a series of messages surging towards the long-haired middle-aged man’s mind.
The middle-aged man with long hair immediately understood the cause and effect.
This is the family god who entered the fourth floor of the sacred tower with the help of other people’s body parts.
The clan has produced a stunning and peerless genius, and the three floors in front of the sacred tower have broken the myth of the dark protoss, Chineydy, and now the dark tribes are sacred, which is very likely to kill the clan genius.
God need his body.
There is a great gap between the physical endurance of the 14-level border breaker and his 17-level border breaker, especially after the 15 th level, the semi-sacred threshold will rise dramatically
"You have the freedom to choose …"
Shenyin is old and weak, and does not force this long-haired middle-aged man, but silently waits for his reply.
The other party is already a 17-level destroyer. The soul has experienced so many times of destruction and strengthening, and it is already stronger than even losing its body, which can be extremely short-lived.
Sacred to use such a powerful breaker body also must be willing to actively cooperate with each other.
The long-haired middle-aged man’s face is constantly changing, revealing a struggling look.
The old Terran has such a peerless genius, and now it is sacred to protect this genius. He naturally understands that there is hope for the revival of the clan and feels excited and excited, but on the other hand, he wants to give up his life.
Life comes once for everyone. Who cares?
Sacrifice yourself for the future of the family? Or keep yourself alive?
"Alas …" God sighed slightly, turned around and decided to go to other places to continue to find the right person.
God just rushed to the middle of this long-haired middle-aged man and finally made up his mind to give a drink.
God stopped and looked in the direction.
This long-haired middle-aged man respectfully bowed to the five stocks and threw himself into the ground. "Wu Zhennan is willing to dedicate himself and wish my old terran prosperity and prosperity forever!"
"Good …" God nodded slightly.
"Wu Zhennan, our great monument will be engraved with your name."
In a canyon, a group of border breakers from the Dark Protoss, the Dark Dragon and the Dark Ghost gathered here.
They are all one of the 14-level destroyers, from the dark protoss. The right eye glows with a terrible light, but the left eye is open but dim, seemingly blind.
Beside him, there is an old man from the dark dragon whose black scales on his cheeks have faint signs of peeling off. "This damn kid … he slaughtered almost all the strong people in our three families here … It seems that he already knows that we are going to come here."
The dark protoss male voice was calm and his cold face twitched slightly. "I’m ready … to find him … will the demon who killed him be deduced to his current position?"
As he spoke, he looked at a woman facing him.
This is a woman from the dark ghost family, with long black hair pouring down like a waterfall.
This is called the demon ghost woman’s hands are constantly knotting different handprints.
Soon her eyes looked into the distance and said, "I found it in that direction."
"Okay, let’s go. Remember not to get too close." The one-eyed man from the dark protoss told the destroyer around him, and then a pair of wings rose behind his shadow.
Followed by the demon ghost and another dark dragon elder foaming at the mouth and flying towards the distance, more than a dozen dark three-clan destroyers ran behind the ground for a kilometer, which was far behind and not close.
The demon ghost, the one-eyed man and the dark dragon elder in the flying sky gathered a large number of powerful people of all ethnic groups in the distance and sent them to the circle.
"According to my deduction … this kid is hidden there …" Yaoming eyebrows a wrinkly slightly.
The three of them slowly landed, and the one-eyed man’s right eye was radiant with terrible divine light, scanning in all directions.
Another dark dragon old man’s body surface faintly shows Long Lin’s virtual shadow.