The three base officers on the second floor, those who forgot Terran, and the undead on the third floor, all stare big eyes and show shock at this moment.

No one thought that the change was so amazing, and the energy from the sky was simply appalling, which changed the color of the clouds and made them dark as ink.
Su Li took Jiang Shuixuan and Xu Xuehui to escape first, and then he heard a terrible noise and saw a dark light beam that broke the top of the auction house and the rendered square clouds turned black in an instant.
This change is thrilling.
Mo Liudao was hit by the terrorist force and fell out of the building wall. Then he looked up and saw many panicked newcomers such as Su Li. His mouth was full of blood and he shouted, "Get out of here quickly-"
He’s going to be a horrible battlefield here, feeling the energy fluctuation of this horrible darkness. What’s wrong with him?
The force in the dark corner of the dark armory was attached to hide the Lu Xiaojie’s body. It was not until today that the dark broken knife appeared that it was finally launched.
This dark corner is a high-level struggle, and the dark forces fall down. How strong are these guides and how can they be enemies?
Just now, the center area of the dark beam, even the super strong like the guide or the inspector, will be destroyed once it is hit.
Mo Liu was lucky that he was on the edge of the dark light beam and was blown out by the energy overturning.
Although he was badly hit, it was nothing to him. Even if he fell apart, he would have recovered instantly if he hadn’t died on the spot.
Body-healing treasures were launched, and Mo Liudao was hit hard. He immediately recovered and spat out a sigh of relief. Just that dark beam struck and many people were killed in a short time.
The whole auction house building was shaking and shaking, and the residents of the base were evacuating, so nothing happened.
This dark beam of light has shaken the whole base for a long time, and its power is incredible.
A series of lights rose in the auction house building and kept hitting the dark light column.
No matter those higher undead or forgotten terrans or from the base, the three officers have all made moves at the moment.
Su Li took Jiang Shuixuan and Xu Xuehui back far away and watched the wall of the auction house collapse outward with cracks.
In this auction house, there is almost one thing that is not the super strong, and the power is amazing.
Su Li saw a lot of light released from the broken wall of the auction house. These lights were different in color, and they represented the power of fire. There were red lights, blue thunder, and the surface of the building was like strips of lightning snakes, semi-transparent hurricanes swept through, and even condensed hoses shuttled through.
The most magnificent auction house in this area collapsed in a loud rumble.
You know, the building quality of this auction house building is different from that of ordinary urban buildings, and its firmness and flexibility are far beyond imagination. Even ordinary artillery shells are difficult to destroy, but they can’t withstand these horrible energy explosions at the moment, and they fall like tofu and eventually collapse completely.
Su Li and two women have fled to a kilometer away and looked back to the rear, only to see that with the collapse of the auction house, the sky-high dark light beam also converged and disappeared, but there was a huge circle on the ground of the collapsed ruins of the auction house.
This dark circle seems to have branded the surface of the ground with complicated and difficult spells, but Su Li felt familiar in his eyes and suddenly remembered it. Isn’t this the dark stone spell circle at that moment?
Thought of here, Su Li suddenly understood all this today. Is there anything in the dark refinery?
He thought that Lu Xiaojie had entered the dark training ground with them that day, and he thought that he had been in darkness and wanted to occupy his body. He had the third talent and stone tools, which broke the dark heart and turned all the energy into the third talent.
"Maybe that day after entering the dark refining field, some dark creature quietly occupied Lu Xiaojie’s body? Until today, I don’t know why, maybe it was premeditated, or I took a fancy to the dark broken knife and suddenly found out that there was this similar dark stone spell. What was it to summon … "
Su Libai’s dark magic stone is actually equivalent to sending an array of dark magic stone spells behind the convergence of the sky-high dark light beam, and then he heard a terrible roar, and then black matter expanded outward from the spell array, accompanied by a sharp and terrible scream, and soon a statue of dark creatures jumped out of it.
Su Li has been opening the "peep symbol pattern", which is white at a glance. It is the dark strategist who has evolved to level 2. Among the dark forces, the rare beast will be the dark strategist
For Su Li, once rare animals would represent death and fear, but now rare animals will look at him but it is nothing.
Rare beasts at the same level will be equivalent to the "equal" combat power of the strong human beings, and the top strong can’t even reach the "medium" level of combat power.
A few level 2 dark strategist had just climbed out when he heard a bang and burst again, but it was the majestic supervisor’s hand.
At the moment, the supervisor is covered with a set of gold armor, with bright gold luster flowing through the whole body and a golden giant blade in his right hand, just like a statue of the golden god of war.
Su Li made a "third eye" and captured the information of the supervisor far away.
"The name Berserker level 2 talent brain domain exploration, psychic eye gear gold scroll weapon gold gold Jack nife combat power evaluation, etc."
Sensing this information, Su Li was slightly dumbfounded. I didn’t expect this supervisor to have dual talents, but what surprised him was that he had dual talents and the evaluation of combat power was even there.
Of course, Su Li knows that if you want to break through the "waiting" and get the "super-class" evaluation, you need to reach the top level in all aspects, such as talent, treasures, equipment and fighting consciousness.
Although this supervisor has dual talents, he still can’t reach the level of "super-class". Obviously, some aspects are still lacking.
Of course, he is absolutely the best in the "waiting" of his combat power.
With the supervisor’s hand, some guides and patrolmen, including several forgotten terrans, all made a hand to fight against the dark spell array and tried to erase it.
Su Li thought it was the dark broken knife that claimed to be stained with the blood of God.
I don’t know where the dark broken knife flew just after this scuffle
Just then, a dark tentacle appeared, and it was the dark broken knife that was rolled up. Obviously, the dark beam just blasted Mo Liudao, and the dark broken knife was still got by the dark tentacle.
At the moment, the dark tentacles rolled with a dark broken knife and suddenly split out.
The "zither" was covered with gold armor, and the supervisor was holding gold. Jack nife hit the dark broken knife head-on and broke into a series of golden lights. His mouth was thundering.
The golden light in the body keeps exploding.
Feel his strength, that guides and inspector couldn’t help stopping.
"It’s a supervisor!" Lingyun couldn’t help sighing.
"Zhu Gaozhi’s adult strength is not broken, but I am afraid that it is difficult for someone to be stronger than him in the level 2 strong." Xu Tianyu also nodded slightly
Tan Hongri took a deep breath and said, "The first person in the class must get a hollow reputation."