It is also because of this ideal that they will strive to cultivate into a night watchman.

Everyone is almost the same at the beginning.
What are their ideals? What do they achieve or accomplish their great vision.
You shouldn’t buy a suite …
However, there will always be some obstacles in the process of implementing your ideal, which will make it difficult for you to realize your ideal, deviate from the track and even deteriorate.
When what you do is completely contrary to your ideal.
Many people will have some confusion.
For example, looking back on this life, do you really want what you have worked hard for?
After this problem arises, more problems will follow.
For example, if these are not what I want, then what is it that I am working so hard for?
Initial ideal?
It’s like being a scientist, a doctor, a night watchman and trying to make your city better.
"Pursuing the ideal person …" Alley murmured.
"Pursuing the ideal is worthy of respect, but the wrong way will inevitably lead to the wrong result." Compared with others, Wang Shu has a thorn in his heart and he will not forgive others easily
"Maybe he hasn’t felt that he was wrong yet?" Gu Beichen said
"No, he should have felt it. If he didn’t feel it, he wouldn’t have found me today."
After a preliminary judgment on the situation of Mo Chen or Xiong Zemo, the four people discussed and analyzed his current situation.
Finally, the discussion reached a result like this.
[The age of ink dust is unknown, and it is about to die. It has obvious personal thoughts, research results and combat effectiveness.
In the process of pursuing your own ideas, you can kill our ideas by hook or by crook, but you reveal some information and legacy to me because of your personal ideals.
Puppet master with a preliminary rating of 4
No.1 puppet strong man Xiong Zemo has a strong physique, amazing defense, metal sticks and strong hand-to-hand combat ability.
Strong physical fitness, he also has normal warlock psionic defense ability, which is simply a humanoid tank.
The tall and thin driver of puppet No.2 is also more than 2 meters tall, and the arm length is more than 1.5 meters, making it a longer golden knife weapon.
There is no more information. After all, when Puppet No.2 appeared, they were wiped out with a few knives.
Alley has no experience in fighting Xiong Zemo, but he is still a little shocked after seeing this information.
"This man is a very complicated person and his means are amazing. It’s hard not to make people think that he will have a successful hand."
"That’s what I think."
"When we were in the tower, we had already seen Xiong Zemo’s move …"
"He will attack us," Xu Le confirmed.
Then he repeated it again.
"He will attack us and he is ready."
"How do you say?"
"Former Xiong Zemo and Kim Jong-il should have had an exchange, but Kim Jong-il is a member of parliament and Xiong Zemo is the warden.
He should have told Kim about his purpose, but he didn’t get Kim’s permission. "
"The Kim what different meaning? Aren’t they a group? " Gu Beichen asked
Xu Le corners of the mouth take a smoke.
"How do you say you know my identity is a member? I’m not a grass-roots member! Senator Zion!
I have not only brought the ancient sound, multi-technology and core energy technology, but also brought the possibility of exchange of weapons surface release technology.
For the whole lighthouse, I am the bridge between the lighthouse and Zion.
That Kim Jong-joo is also a member of parliament. I don’t think there is any way she can let Xiong Zemo do anything to me.
So she will stop Xiong Zemo. "
"Didn’t you say that Xiong Zemo would definitely make a move?"
"Yes, Kim will stop it, but Xiong Zemo will do it. After all, it’s killing his wife. We have nothing to say."