"You know what I mean, right?"

And that Li Shimin in the face of such words is naturally aware of the meaning, and his expression is slightly ferocious, and he bowed his head and asked for "white …"
Faced with such a situation
A princes don’t silently follow bowed his head in the heart secretly thought.
It’s really hard for you to pursue this matter …’
Bear with it again. That demon monk has not been rampant for a few days …’
It’s like that at least after a while …’
Think deep
For example, Fang Xuanling Liu can also shed tears in silence
But soon he knew that his tears had fallen a little early.
Tears for Li Shimin, but no, he still needs to shed tears for himself.
"Fang Xuanling, don’t go tonight ~"
As soon as this was heard, Fang Xuanling’s heart stopped and his body immediately shook like a weed swaying in the wind
His face is as ugly as a dead mother.
Finally, his lips twitched a few times to meet the burning and greedy eyes of 【 Tang Sanzang 】, and he could say a weak refusal. "… old man, this old bones is not true, and it will probably pollute your eyes … otherwise, you’d better look for it …"
Speaking of which, his eyes are also unconsciously hanging around the princes.
at this moment
Feel a great crisis
It’s like seeing ghosts and gods come into the world without being frightened to disgrace!
Even the strong bear [Lu Guogong-Cheng Yaojin] trembled like a condemned man about to go to the execution ground.
Have to say
Everyone’s scared …
Chapter 1273 This day bitter that 【 Tang Sanzang 】 for a long time! !
What are you going to do if you don’t expect the other party?
I don’t care how long the other party will go.
Anyway, it is excellent for the other party to roll as far as possible and go as long as possible!
Of course, the best thing is that if the other party can be destroyed by some immortal who helps the world, it will be even better! Excellent! !
Enough for Li Shimin to take out the full Chao Wenwu and take out the whole Datang people! !
….. But that kind of thing guy also know base to think about it.
I’m afraid that if you look at the gods and demons all over the sky, there will be those dragons who are qualified to drop the disaster of [Tang Sanzang].
I can’t help it, even if I don’t want to admit it, but the truth of the other dharma is too profound …
At the age of ten, the abbot of Jinshan Temple was famous all over the sky, and such exquisite Buddhism was eclipsed.
Shouting is far from his opponent!
When I was fifteen years old, I already had the first master of Datang, and I hit all ten sides and even closed the enemy!
Now in his twenties, he …
It has been many years since no one dared to challenge.
The result of losing the fight is far from being as simple as losing one’s name and life, but also losing more and more precious things with that powerful arm in the sight of all people …
That’s how the strong face things even if they die …
Even in those early years, several mortals were frightened [The Hunger of Shushan-Zheng Yin] all took the blow and chose to die on the spot …
In the face of Li Shimin’s questioning about the Three Burials of the Tang Dynasty again, he didn’t get as angry as before, or hesitated for a moment and then said, "Tianzhu … I’m really a little interested. After all, there are many things I’m interested in besides Buddhist scriptures …"
Maybe I thought of something.
In the puzzled eyes of all the people around me
He couldn’t help stretch out Lickitung and licked his lips that were shiny from eating barbecue.
Look with a different meaning.
"For example, the Buddha seems to be very interesting, which is in line with my aesthetics …"
"And I’m also interested in the Happy Buddha. Some leaders want to ask him for advice, preferably by example …"
After saying his word, the sky was immediately a series of thunderbolts.
It’s like getting angry every day!
Let Li Shimin’s ministers swallow their saliva.
And those ladies-in-waiting eunuchs feel a little unstable in fear.
They’re all more scared than they think
Damn, this demon monk is the true method of heaven …’
Even the idea of "Buddha" and "Happy Buddha" dares to fight …’
You know, disrespect for those people in this world of ghosts and gods is often a real capital crime …
Even if you are thrown into the "Animal Way" and fall into reincarnation, it is not a strange thing.
And the words in the previous "Three Burials of Tang Dynasty" only need to be put into the "Animal Way", which can be regarded as a punishment for disrespect?
If you want to go to the ten levels of hell, all the punishments from the first level to the tenth level have to be experienced repeatedly …
Is facing the head thunder induction to the distance that malicious 【 Tang Sanzang 】 is not as panic as others.
in other words
The wild and crazy root in the complexion has no intention of convergence.
On the contrary, it is a bit very bad in the thunder, and it is even more exciting.
"Yes, it’s still like this!"
"The more you resist me, the more excited you are. Ha ha ha ha …"
Abnormal than after speaking.
That loud and arrogant laugh
For a moment, it drowned out the thunder in the sky
Let everyone in the field look forward to it.
It’s like listening to a tiger roar.
I don’t know how long it took
Those thunder have died down.
And that laughter is gradually stopped.
It was also at this time.
That just still laughing face upwards 【 Tang Sanzang 】 turned but looked like a wolf at Li Shimin and said.
"When I go to Tianzhu, I’ll make it half a month later. You help me prepare all kinds of necessary things."
Hearing this, although I still have bad feelings about the former things, I feel that my main purpose has been achieved. Li Shimin is also a loose face and should immediately answer, "Well, I will send someone to prepare immediately, which will definitely make the whole team of Royal Brother pay photogenic attention …"
However, before he could finish the "Three Burials of Tang Dynasty", he waved his hand and said, "That kind of thing just goes according to the routine. It’s too vast, and there is no way to replenish supplies in many hinterland areas."
"The most important thing for you now is to treat me well in the recent period!"