But he also found something unusual in the distance.

"… there will be fog near here? The distant cities and the sea seem to be unaffected by this wonderful fog … "
He looked at the distant gray-blue ocean and collapsed. There was a wonderful black "boulder" near the goddess of victory.
Chapter 4 Things in the Sea
The wind in high school is quite strong.
Lin Yue looked at the center of the city on the ground, where it was still surrounded by fog and could not see anything clearly.
And he is now highly covered by fog, but it also makes him feel a sense of the other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky..
But this fog is not simple.
It covers the most central part of the city, and there is also the area where he just lived. Fiona Fang is nearly twenty or thirty kilometers away, and the area is shrouded in fog.
In the distance, the plains, cities and the sea are not affected.
But there is a strange black rock-like shadow on the side of the Statue of Liberty that collapsed on the shore of the sea, which is quite conspicuous.
Lin Yue adjusted his body posture to make himself parallel to the ground and hit the left and right of the soles of his feet with a total of four jets to maximum power.
The speed is instantaneous, and Gao Linyue, who has no obstruction, is not worried about what he will hit.
This convenient flying armor makes his high flight extremely simple.
Moreover, it is far beyond Lin Yue’s imagination, and even the science and technology law originally owned by mankind has reached a strong level
Lin Yue didn’t understand this power, so he didn’t know how this technology came into being.
But he knew exactly what he was going to do.
"No matter how, you have to kill the mythical beast here first."
He looked at what looked like a huge black stone and knew clearly that it was what he was looking for.
Qian Feiyue said that the mythical beast was moving horizontally at that time, but it was heading for the sea.
And this huge black mysterious rock theory is unnatural in any way.
It’s just soaking in the sea!
"Although I don’t understand that it can still go to the sea, I have to kill it everywhere!"
Lin Yue behind the jet aircraft because of his lateral flight has changed shape issued a blue light!
Soon, as Lin Yue approached the huge stone, it was really and truly revealed.
"It really is it!" Lin Yue saw the huge black stone with an ugly head hanging down and collapsed at one end, and several tentacles were constantly waving in the middle of the back of the Statue of Liberty.
But …
"It doesn’t seem to look the same as the front end." The closer Lin Yue is to it, the more strange it is.
This mythical beast seems quite different from the former one in appearance.
There are no plants on this back, and the skin color is not that gray but dark!
If you don’t look carefully, this thing really looks like a huge stone!
Lin Yue slowly lowered its height and made a detour to the shore side.
Only in this way can we avoid the deadly fog and not be blocked by it.
However, as the height of Lin Yue gradually decreased, he also found that it seemed that things were not as simple as he imagined.
"What’s the matter? Why does the fog seem to rise from the sea? And it happens to be the mythical beast? "
Lin Yue’s landing distance from the mythical beast is about two kilometers. The top of the tallest building on the coast is just outside the fog range, and he can also see the warm sunshine here and see everything about the mythical beast clearly!
And questions rose from his mind.
Maybe …
He picked up the sight and looked straight over there.
Soon he found a problem.
"Is that … a tail?" Lin Yue, the mythical behemoth, is quite clear about its size.
And the goods are now immersed in water, revealing the ugliness than the head and the broad back.
But it reached a corner of the shore, and a mass of black stuff came out of the sea.
Although it is grouped together, white fog is constantly emerging from something that looks like a blowhole!
Fog … Source?
The mythical beast’s head will plunge into the water from time to time and the tail will be foggy.
Lin Yue looked at the huge thing and looked at the mythical beast in the distance. It was uglier than his head and thought about how to kill it.
The original blasting method seems to be impossible.
Most of the mythical beast’s body is immersed in seawater, so there is no way to aim at the back door of this cargo.
Why don’t you put a hole in the back of this product like this and blow it from the back?
Lin Yue also has some confusion about the present appearance of this mythical beast.
One encounter was something that could spray water mist from the back. It was gray and moved on land, and there were some plants and mud on the back, which was quite wonderful.
This time, the appearance of the mythical behemoth has been quite different from now on.
I wonder what will happen when it comes out?