"What the hell is going on?" Gu Qian couldn’t help cursing. It had already been arranged. How could this explosive have exploded before? If they hadn’t found out that things were wrong and ran fast, even they would have been buried alive.

Xie Yi bowed his head and frowned. "No matter what, the result is what we want."
"It’s a pity that Qin Luan ran away!" Gu Qian gnashed her teeth and turned to look at Pinellia’s line of sight, but she didn’t see Gu Jinxi’s figure. Her brow frowned slightly. "Where’s Miss Pinellia?"
I felt uneasy in my heart. Pinellia suddenly jumped out of my throat when I heard the news. I turned to look at Gu Qian’s eyes with a thick disbelief. "Didn’t miss say she was going to find you?"
"What?" Gu Qian’s eyes suddenly widened. "What’s going on?"
Qin Nian and Yun Yun couldn’t help but gather around at the moment. "Didn’t Miss Gu say that you still have something to arrange for her to evacuate with you?" I don’t know what, but the more I think about it, the more I feel strange. The love of Gu Gu’s three brothers, especially Gu Qian’s love for Gu Jinxi, is absolutely impossible for Gu Jinxi to fall into such danger. When I suddenly think of the former Shaohua Temple, Gu Jinxi and Qin Rui snuggle up to each other and paint.
The picture of snuggling up to each other suddenly slammed her backhand on her forehead. "Shit!"
"Do you know something?" When Gu Qian heard this, he couldn’t help clutching Qin Nian’s shoulder with both hands. "Where’s Sunseeker? Where did she go?"
What is the perennial martial arts man who has no control strength because of his excitement at the moment? Where can Qin Nian stand it? Qin Nian is pinned down by Gu Qian and keeps swinging back and forth, feeling dizzy and uncomfortable. "It hurts-"
"You calm down, Master Gu." Yun Yun came over with her child in her arms and her tone was cool. "You’re hurting."
"Sorry!" Gu Qian heard that Qin Nian’s thin lips were slightly sipping, "I’m going to find Sunseeker!"
"live!" Xie Yi thin lips gently sip deep breath setting Gu Qian "how do you go to find you? Now the whole Royal Farewell College has been in ruins. Do you know where Xi ‘er is? " I saw Gu Qian’s transient pale face and bowed my head, but I heard Xie Yi’s cool thin sound ring again. "Just now, I saw that Qin Nian Princess seemed to remember something. Do you know where Sunseeker is going?"
Qin Nian bowed his head a little but it was very clear. "I’m not sure, but I’m looking at Jin Sunseeker and my ninth uncle Jin Sunseeker. Will she be …"
"Damn it!" Gu Qian hate to gnash her teeth and stare at Dan Qingshan clause direction.
"King Rui, let’s go to King Rui first. If we want to find King Rui, we should be able to find Sunseeker." Xie Yi bowed his head and Gu Qian nodded his head. Qin Nian and Yun Yun also wanted to go, but they were stopped. After all, they were women’s folk, so they didn’t say that they had a child.
"If they don’t go, I will!" Pinellia stared at Gu Qian and almost burst into tears. "Miss, why should you be so stupid? If Miss has something, then I won’t live!"
Looking at this, Gu Qian felt a little headache and raised his hand and rubbed his temples. "My dad is still in a coma and needs someone to take care of you, so don’t go and take care of my dad!" Finally, looking at Pinellia, I still don’t scratch my face. "I promise to bring my sister back intact, okay?"
"…" I’ve never seen such a Gu Qian Pinellia, so frightened that I can’t even get out of the atmosphere.
"How the hell did this happen?" Gu Qian finally wondered how he sent someone to bury explosives and suddenly exploded others. He naturally had confidence.
Xie Yi bowed his head and sipped his thin lips slightly. "Could it be that someone leaked our plan and was given benefits?" They are not going to Li Qin Luan want to plot the treasure key fragments in the hands of Yun-feng Xia? They can find things, and others can naturally find them.
"I don’t think so." Those people in the Heng Wu Chamber of Commerce followed him around for many years, but they were born and died. They couldn’t betray themselves. How many times did Xie Yi almost lose his life? Then what would happen like this, but they couldn’t figure it out.
Xie Yi bowed his head and said, "Let’s look for sunseeker now." He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "We should act before things are exposed as soon as possible." He bowed his head and said, "I am Xie Gu. Even if that person is afraid of Xie Gu, he still has to give me a few minutes. It is the most appropriate thing for me to go."
"What’s your excuse for going?" Gu Qian gave Xie Yi a grumpily stare. "I’d better go. After all, one is my father and the other is my sister. My mother fainted in poor health. I came to see my sister and no one said anything."
"You don’t argue with me" Xie Yi grumpily stared Gu Qian one eye.
"I didn’t argue." Gu Qian looked at Xie Yi with unprecedented seriousness. "I’ll go because you have more important things. Our plan has been shelved. Qin Luan must not be dead. We don’t have that much time."
Xie anecdotes deep breath nodded his head.
"If you arrange one person, Qin Luan will stay in Dan Castle Peak this time!" Gu Qian tone with malicious crime.
"I’m white" Xie Yi nodded and looked at Gu Qian’s eyes with a heavy worry. "Then you should be careful not to arouse people’s suspicion and get burned."
"I have a sense of proportion!"
But at the moment, Gu Qian and his party were upset, but they didn’t expect that their conversation had already fallen into other people’s ears. They wanted to go to the top of Danqing Mountain to find Gu Jinxi and Qin Rui. When john young saw Gu Qian and Xie Yi, they almost disappeared into the dark, but they didn’t expect to hear such a conversation.
Qin Rui felt that his heart was being violently tugged at with tightness and pain, but he couldn’t say a word. That silly girl unexpectedly surprised herself when she passed by just now. He had already found that the whole Danqingshan Royal clause was in ruins now. That girl …
"Ye, don’t worry about Miss Gu’s deadly life. It will be fine." john young suddenly felt that her intestines were almost regretful, but then she thought about Gu Jinxi’s not necessarily something. She was so smart that she would be fine.
"You’d better pray that Hsieh-erh is all right or hum!" Qin Rui said and gave john young a bad look. I raised my hand and took off my robe outside. I turned it into ashes and pulled out my jade mask belt from the wide sleeve.
John young looked at his brow and frowned slightly. "Ye, this is …"
"Hum!" After Qin Rui disguised himself, he gently let out a cold hum from his nose and then glared at john young. The toe tap quickly swept away in the direction of Dan Qingshan Royal clause.
Although the main hall of the royal clause has completely collapsed, even the ruins of the royal clause are better than those of the residential houses, and they are even stronger. Qin Luan and Xia Yunfeng and their party survived at the moment. Du Changhai arranged to pay out the flowers around the garden, and eunuch Gong E found some candlelight points from around. Everyone’s heart is very dignified and heavy at the moment.
Looking around, the vast tracts of the Royal Courtyard of Nuoda are collapsed palaces or ruins.