This thing is a pleasant surprise for this adventure.

"Master’s first piece" Xiao Bai just ate the steak with the lion’s head and bear. He is not very hungry. Now he wants to get involved in this business.
Especially these precious stones.
"Xiaobai is the first piece. We are four pieces short and we will be able to achieve a goal." Lin Yue took out all the remaining seven gems.
Either one of them looks brighter than the other.
The earth, no matter which one they take out, is also an incomparable treasure, and this world, they also serve as a place of value.
It’s just that a lizard man and a werewolf almost shared a sacrifice ceremony
Wolf-head man seems to be the original owner of this gem, and these gems were made into a wolf-head ring in small pieces, and then the lizard man rode the exotic animals to win the war with Wolf-head man, and robbed these gems into their possessions.
Now Lin Yue has received these gems from lizards in pieces.
If these gems can be found by the Ministry, they can command the entire wolf-headed people!
"Master, I don’t know where the lizard people put the remaining four pieces?" Xiaobai still has some unfinished business about the battle just now, especially when Lin Yue got the beautiful gem, which made it excited.
"I don’t know. Maybe just like this time, we will get a piece for no reason?"
Lin Yue saw that Xiaobai seemed to like these gems quite a lot, so he let him enjoy them, while he went to the warehouse to search for all kinds of pieces.
Manufacture truck parts
Trucks need quite a lot, but there are quite a few in Lin Yue, and with the design situation, it is not difficult to make trucks after all.
Soon after all the connections were made, Lin Yue also found all the pieces after wandering around the warehouse.
Once again, I returned to a relatively spacious big warehouse, where Lin Yue made the design drawings and three medium-sized trucks were successfully manufactured.
"I don’t need to do anything today to send them to Feiyue."
Stretched and stretched, Lin Yue got something in one of the cars, took out the sofa, sat down, took out the flat panel and ordered the Feiyue chat panel.
""Fiji yue almost instantly replied.
Boy, has this been waiting for me to contact?
Lin Yue feels that Fei Yue must be ready to wait for him before the horse show.
"Truck … Do you have enough? I’ll send it to you directly." Lin Yue asked.
"Is 12 cubic meters big enough?" Fei Yue smiled. "I dare say you are more than me, but definitely not too much."
Lin Yue is too lazy to argue with him.
It’s not easy to talk at all.
"You won three cars and sent you fuel together. Can you tell me how you plan to pocket the whole wasteland in fifteen days?"
"It’s simple. It pays equal attention to both distant and near attack and force. Of course, we have to divide our forces to attack. You add my car to three cars, and I will attack on four roads first. When the number of cars increases further, I will attack on 20 roads and 100 roads!"
Fei Yue said with confidence as if he had been assured.
"Boy, where are you so confident in bragging?" Although Lin Yue also has considerable confidence in Fiji Yue, he didn’t expect this product to have such a big appetite, and all kinds of strategies seem to be quite reliable.
Now don’t say don’t unless he is in the top ten of the ball table and attacks him together, there is no refuge village that can stop Fei Yue’s attack.
What’s more, regardless of the top ten refuge villages, that is, Jia Yunzhan occupies the north of the wasteland, he doesn’t know what he wants to do in the terrain area, and it is beyond his reach.
Even Jia Yunzhan can’t resist Fei Yue, can she?
"Of course, I’m confident that I’ve received several applications from the refuge villages in the west and northwest of the wasteland to merge with our refuge villages. In addition, Yousiyuan and others have also won over the former Xinglingfeng refuge village. Of course, the old guy didn’t have a refuge village. It is said that he had already gone out from there to Lily Kalahao’s refuge village and became a guest."
"Xing Lingfeng ….. that guy’s refuge village, if you can get it, that’s really good. They have a lot of talents." Lin Yue was quite surprised at this.
Xing Lingfeng’s hands don’t have Yousiyuan, the three generals of them, and others are also top-notch. He also surrendered to Lily Callahao, and those people would follow him, but I didn’t expect that the gang actually stayed and could be so happy to join the Feiyue refuge village at this time.
Fei Yue is not only powerful in all aspects, but also very lucky.
"That’s a must, but we can’t do it." Fei Yue laughed. "Lao Zheng and Xiao Zheng, you Siyuan, Feng Peng and Huo Yu, together with that Wang Ce guy you know very well, are quite powerful guys. I’m going to call the nearby terrain refuge village with them after calling the wasteland, and then give it to them little by little to finally connect all the refuge villages. What do you think of this method?"
"Yes, Fei Yue, I believe you can do it."
Lin Yue felt that it was absolutely right to give this to Fei Yue.
I believe this person can really give him a surprise.
However, if Fiji Yue can achieve what he said now after this round of disaster, it will be more convenient than now to explore the ruins, collect materials in the secret land or eliminate lizard people and strange animals in the secret land to deal with Lily Kara Hao.
"Of course, but I still don’t have Bai Linyue. How much good will it do you? I feel that you are more concerned about this than the mythical beast, but don’t you? " Fiji yue suddenly said
"Yes, of course, I am very worried." Lin Yue paused and sent three trucks in the past. "People can only lead Qi Xin with a powerful leader, and this role shows that you are the most suitable. I think you are suitable for Feiyue. If you can have all kinds of fighting capacity, I believe that lizard people will not be a threat. If you have millions of fighting capacity, the secret world animals are just a group of small spiders and reptiles. What I care about is because my side has eliminated the mythical behemoth and purified the earth city, and you can lead human beings to eliminate the lizard people to spend the disaster together and finally fight that thing.
Fei Yue was silent for a few seconds, and he also thought of what Lin Yue said.
The lizard man mural appeared something called "creator"
It was picked up and watched by Fei Yue, a carved mural, and all of them felt that the understanding of the law was incredible.
How can this be true?
But other parts of the mural seem to have been verified one by one, and this strange image is absolutely impossible to be false
"I know that we must fight to destroy that guy, but human beings are still fragmented. It is really necessary for a person to clean up this situation." Fei Yue took a deep breath. "It is a good opportunity for me to become a savior."
"When the time comes, I hope that when we finally get in front of that thing, there won’t be hundreds of people behind us."
Lin Yue said that he was going to send vegetables and fruits together again, and suddenly remembered one thing.
"By the way, I just told you that the huge stone statue came back and brought back a gem."
"What?" Fei Yue couldn’t believe it and shouted, "You guy, isn’t that my job? Why did you take it?"
"Haha, not only that, but I also killed a lizard."
"After the lizard! Wow, you’re Lin Yue stealing my job, aren’t you? Show me the photos! "
Chapter 512 Why are you so wrong?
Fei Yue now said that it was false not to be shocked.