Just thinking of this, Qin taboo stepped back for more than ten meters and then stopped. Both daggers pointed at the tip of the sword in front and a little flame emerged and then turned into a crimson flame.’

When I was afraid to display martial arts in Qin, Zhang Yang was alert to the colorful light in my left eye and the colorful scales in my body.
"Zhang Yang, you are dead!" Qin taboo in anger to drink "flame point kill! Kill all living things. "
When he finished speaking, he suddenly left his hand with a pair of daggers in his hand, and the rapid rotation caused the gas and fire to be messy and murderous.
Two slender fire lines suddenly flew out to the heart of Zhang, and at the same time rushed forward to Zhang, who was three or four meters away from Qin, but there was no time to change direction.
After a bit of killing, Qin Biao looked pale, but his eyes were excited. "I have killed two great masters at the same level to kill you. You should feel that you are dead at such a close distance!"
When Qin was afraid of excitement, Zhang’s body suddenly burst into a big flame and drowned him in the flame as if he had become a burning man.
At the moment when the flame appeared, the colorful scales on Zhang Yang’s body surface appeared, and then two fire-killing attacks also came!
At this thousandth moment, Zhang’s hands crossed, and the energy department condensed in his hands and blocked his heart. The two daggers whirled rapidly and hit his palm with a series of harsh sounds, and Zhang’s body was also wiped back by this powerful attack.
The momentum of the attack between the two sides covered up the kilometer range, which made several masters around be touched by two people and the aftermath was arranged for several meters. The ground along the way seemed to have been plowed.
Finally, when Qin’s taboo killing attack disappeared, the pair of daggers had melted into a pile of metal residue and put on Zhang’s palm covered with scales.
After this pile of metal residue fell from his palm to the ground, it was revealed that his palm was permeated with a trace of blood.
"This great master’s attack is not low. At the beginning, my innate master had just been beaten with bloodshot, but his temporary attack could make me hurt this scale defense. It’s really unusual." Zhang Yangxin randomly dumped his arm and numb it.
"But such a strong attack on his body won’t slow down for the time being, and it can’t be delayed any longer, or I will be in danger when his reinforcements arrive."
At this point, Zhang recovered the scales and rushed directly to the direction of Qin taboo.
Qin taboo this blow can not kill Zhang, but also seriously hurt each other. I don’t want to spend more than ten seconds in the past, but the momentum of the other party has not weakened.
Ten seconds from Zhang’s receiving the attack to the end of the attack, Qin taboo just took a few breaths. When Zhang was seriously injured, he didn’t want the other person’s figure to suddenly break out and rush again!
"How come!" Qin taboo can’t believe that his eyes are a little dull at the moment. He has never seen such a strong master and he has never seen a fighter who doesn’t rest after being attacked by his strongest.
When Zhang Yangchong rushed forward, he deliberately converged the flame to reveal the scales of his face and hands.
Suddenly to Zhang big change Qin taboo again surprised "what is this? Zhang Yang is not human! "
When fighting, I am most afraid of stupidity, and Zhang deliberately reveals that it is to be unexpected.
When Qin taboo a stupidly, Zhang didn’t want to lose this opportunity and didn’t cast any attack, but the whole person turned into an attack weapon and directly crashed into each other’s body.
When Qin taboo woke up, it was too late for his arms to stand in front of his chest and was directly hit by Zhang Yang’s body. He felt that the other person was like a humanoid stone, and his arms were almost broken!
You!’ Wu Yuling flew out of the stable footsteps and pointed to Zhang was about to speak.
"You what you! You are dying! " But before his words could be uttered, Zhang Yang roared and buried his voice.
Zhang Yang’s body was buried by the flame again, and the body was projected out again and hit the Qin taboo.
After another collision, Zhang felt that the other side’s defense was far less than that just now. The other side’s skill was far less than that just now, and he was killed while he was ill!
When Zhang Yang came, he was so fierce that Qin taboo didn’t even have time to think. It was passive and backward.
Suddenly, a thick black flame spear with a length of more than five or six meters stopped him from landing directly behind Qin taboo.
This spear’s attack power is just the right time, and its position is also quite accurate and the most accurate
"Xiao Yan gives strength!" Zhang xinxin is not slow, and the whole person is filled with a dangerous atmosphere.
"Fight!" Qin taboo grind andao
He has no time to turn his body, regardless of the flame behind him, and the thick flame shield appears in front of the spear and directly collides with the spear.
"How can this happen!"
Qin taboo rushed over, but he jumped!
For example, when a person comes to the stairs, he has already stepped on the ground, but he returns the stairs by himself, and there is lower ground, but his stepping strength is naturally different.
I’m sure he will feel uncomfortable if he doesn’t get the leg at the foot of the mountain.
Now daqin taboo has encountered such a depressing thing, but how dangerous the attack is, it is to pounce on its own preparation and go to the Ministry to go up in smoke
This block makes Qin taboo directly appear a moment of stagnation and discomfort, and this is also Zhang Yang’s opportunity
He seized this opportunity to quickly appear in front of Qin’s taboo, holding out his hand and turning it into a flame. Tiger Claw directly grasped the other side’s neck and arm and struck out a virtual shadow.
In an emergency, Qin taboo punched out Zhang Yang’s paw.
Fists and claws collided, and Zhang grabbed each other’s fists with one hand, revealing a sneer at the corners of his mouth.
"ah! My hand! "
Zhang Yang has 300,000 Jin of strength. How can a Samsung Grand Master resist it? He squeezed the phalanx of the opponent’s fist and was crushed directly, and his wrist was broken
After crushing the fist, while Qin taboo shouted pain, Zhang stretched out his other hand again and directly hit Qin taboo chest.
A critical ring Qin taboo was punched by Zhang kuangpen a mouthful of blood.
He is also an experienced person. When he sprays blood, he fuses his own energy with a blood dagger and shoots Zhang Yang’s eyebrows directly.
The distance is very short. It would be hard to resist if it were ordinary people, but Zhang encountered too many such things, and he thought of this result when the other person vomited blood.