For a long time, you can hear the wind rustling young leaves in the garden.

The swing stopped naturally without exerting any more strength, and her eyes narrowed slightly against the sun and went around to her.
Because she was sitting on a swing, she bent down lightly but solemnly after thinking about it. "We are husband and wife and we should sleep in one room and one bed, Vivian."
Long Wei raised his head and cocked his head. He was only a short distance away, but he could clearly feel the man spraying her face and breathing.
"If this is your reward for helping me," she laughed.
"You really know how to hit people."
Jun Hanxiao reached out his hand to her face and clenched his teeth. "Your brother also said that Wang doesn’t know how to care about love, but he can’t care about you!"
Long Wei was amused by his appearance and smiled. "Then you can cherish others. I won’t stop it!"
This delicate and charming appearance has made Jun Hanxiao’s heart soft … Love and hate!
"I heard Wang’s words and asked Wang to find someone else. You are a woman on purpose," Jun Hanxiao swore. "What a heartless man!"
Long Wei still smiles, purses her lips and says nothing, but her beautiful face looks dazzling. The more I look at her on a cold night, the more pleasing it is. Why didn’t I think she was so beautiful before?
"The heavenly king will leave the palace to take care of the cold son and the warmth." He glanced at the modest swing frame and sat down. Although it was not crowded, the two of them were already close together. "Thank you for your hard work. I will definitely reward you when the king comes back … What do you want?"
Long Weixiao was stiff when he said he was leaving. Then she frowned and asked, "Where are you going? Is there anything to do with Ye Ling? "
Why is this woman so vigilant in your cold heart?
Face but quietly smiled and poked at her forehead. "Why are you so suspicious? I told you that Ye Ling’s affairs have passed. How can the Queen Mother fall out with Wang after Ye Ling? " He comforted that "there are some things in the DPRK that require the king to come back soon when he is away from Beijing for a while."
"really?" Long Wei is dubious.
"Of course, what are you doing?" Jun Hanxiao gave her a dissatisfied look. "Do you think Wang needs you to change your mind now?" In order to hide from her, he really said everything. "If something really happened to the king, of course, it would be better to tell you to make you feel guilty. Maybe you can accept the king again if you are soft-hearted?"
"… seems to make sense"
Jun Hanxiao continued, "Don’t worry about it." He patted her on the head and suddenly changed his face and smiled evilly. "Just stay in Beijing and watch the house for the king when he comes back. Even if you don’t agree, the king will have to share a bed with you!"
Long Wei’s face turned red and this topic was brought by him. Chapter 151 deliberately slandered others, didn’t it?
Going back to Beijing, Lu Jun’s ink shadow is still not at ease about the situation in Beijing. Specially, people prepared a paper and pencil to write a letter to Duan Wangfu asking about the situation.
"The letter will be sent to Shallow soon. Don’t worry," he said. "If something really happens, I will definitely send someone to come over."
So he didn’t say that sending letters was unnecessary. It was to reassure her, because if something really happened in Donglan, it would be impossible for no one to send a message
"I hope so." Although Feng’s carriage is a little bumpy with his back, his chest is stable and reassuring. "My only hope now is that those two children can be safe with this in my stomach so that I can watch them grow up and get married … It’s good for me to have a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law then."
"I will watch them grow up with you." Jun Moying said in a low tunnel, "I won’t let one of you have an accident."
He suddenly remembered that on the day they first arrived in South Vietnam, she said something he didn’t understand. "What was it that you said you would tell me slowly in South Vietnam?"
"Do you remember?" She was a little surprised to make Jun Moying’s eyebrows jump suddenly. What if she was perfunctory and he didn’t really intend to tell him?
"I remember," he said, twisting his eyebrows. "Why don’t you want to say it?"
"No, I haven’t thought about how to say it." Phoenix shallow nai tunnel
"I’ve heard you talk about the Queen Mother burning incense and worshipping Buddha. When you went to Wutai Mountain to worship your ancestors, you should also worship Buddha by the way, right? Do you believe in Buddhism? "
She suddenly said this sentence, Jun Moying, when she was talking about the topic, but still shook her head. "If you don’t believe that people always have faith, even if I don’t, it doesn’t mean that my people don’t. Since they all think that gods, buddhas and ghosts help me to have a good weather in Donglan, and that it is safe for the country and the people, is there any harm in keeping them believing?"
Don’t believe …
Feng chuckled. How would this man react if she said she was a wisp of alien soul? Will you directly invite a Taoist to kill her? Still think she’s insane?
"hankyu, you didn’t understand what I said that night, did you? This actually means thank you. How about I am knowledgeable? "
Phoenix Asaichi hasn’t figured out how to tell him the whole thing. Wait until she’s straightened out and thought about it, and then tell him in the original place-Yu Crossing and …
"Where is the language so ugly?" Jun ink shadow aversion tunnel
Phoenix shallow "…"
Is English hard to hear?
"You don’t mean to slander people because you don’t understand them, do you?" Phoenix looked at him suspiciously and nodded his head, feeling quite possible.