Poison Ling immediately reported to Zijuan after receiving the news.

"What? How is that possible? Lin Biao still knows how to break the array? "
I knew that Lin Yu was very intelligent before she became more and more attached to Lin Yu, but I didn’t expect that she was still versatile and studied law.
"No, it’s not that Lin Yugen doesn’t understand the law. She knows the simplest and rudest way to burn the peach blossom array."
Poison feather can’t help but have a toothache when I think about it. This peach blossom array has been ruined by Lin Yu.
Zi Juan thinks that bringing Lin Yu in may be the worst choice she made. This woman is really destructive.
Yu Nangong mansion didn’t find Lin Yu missing until noon the next day.
"Lin Yu is gone."
Cai Qing was the first to find out that Lin Yu was missing. Yesterday, Lin Yu made an appointment with her to meet the next day, and revealed that she would be allowed to watch the game the next day. Chapter 543 Who, who and who would save it?
But who would have thought that the next day, she didn’t see Lin Yu’s figure? It was estimated that she was delayed by preparing for the "good play", but it was not her usual style to see that Lin Yu had not appeared after the Nangong Yi wedding.
Found that something was wrong, Cai Qing took Mu Junze and went to Lin Yu’s room to find someone, but Lin Yu was nowhere to be found except in a coma.
"He’s poisoned."
Mujunze looked at the second sample and suddenly felt bad.
"There should be a way to save us from finding Jin Xuan."
People are still alive. The only thing I can think of now is to ask Jin Xuan for help. She told Mu Junze to look at Xiao Er here and turned to find Jiang Jinxuan.
"Wait, you forgot that it’s Jinxuan’s wedding day, and now she’s in the new house. Isn’t it good to come out at this time?"
What Mu Junze actually wants to say is that it is unlucky for the bride to come out casually on the big day.
"What shall we do?"
At that time, some six gods can think of Jin Xuan.
"Go to the ghost doctor. The ghost doctor should not have left us to find him now."
They met a ghost doctor at the wedding just now, and they should return it at this time.
"Yeah, yeah, ghost doctors and ghost doctors."
Cai Qing nodding ghost medical skill is more superb than Jiang Jinxuan.
Although there is no friendship between Cai Qing and the ghost doctor, after all, they are all people who are looking for someone to help each other, and they agreed after a meditation.
"After a wick, future generations will wake up. If you have any questions, you can ask him."
The ghost doctor didn’t worry about everything. He finally opened his eyes slowly after a small two-one incense.
"Are you awake? Do you know where Lin Yu went? "
Picking Qing looked awake and asked Xiao Er.
They asked Xiao Er to try to recall the scene at that time, but there was no information. Xiao Er fainted before Lin Yu came back, but she didn’t see Lin Yu’s place, and she couldn’t tell where Lin Yu went.
After listening to Xiao er’s words, the ghost doctor’s eyes flashed. Xiao er was poisoned. He was very familiar with it. Maybe he could know where the person went. But the ghost doctor had reservations about whether to tell it.
"Go to the Nangong to remember. This is his territory after all."
Mu Junze doesn’t suggest disturbing Nangong Yi at this time, but now they have no choice but to go to Nangong Yi.
After the ceremony, Nangong Yi and Jiang Jinxuan’s mother led them into the bridal chamber, and the farewell ceremony has now ended. Now is the most crucial moment.
Jiang Jinxuan obediently sat on the edge of the bed. Nangong Yi picked Jinxuan’s head with a balance beam and looked at it with shame. Jinxuan Nangong Yi was like eating honey.
"Jinxuan, you are so beautiful."
The nangongshan have looked straight at Jiang Jinxuan explicit eyes let Jinxuan shy than even so did not move to gaze at the nangongshan have eyes because the nangongshan have just like the sky god handsome JinXuan couldn’t help but look for.
The two men looked at each other for a long time, and it was not until Xi Niang walked over and joked that they came to their senses and waited on the maids in the house. They also covered their mouths and smiled at them. This is the first time to see their master so rude. I didn’t expect such a fine master to show such a silly expression.
I didn’t feel embarrassed about Xi Niang making fun of Nangong Yi, but I was very proud and attracted by my wife, saying that her wife is attractive and others should not be too envious.
If others know that Nangong Yi’s thoughts must be said, this Nangong Yi’s face is really thick. Except for him, he is a woman. Even if people envy him, they won’t envy him for marrying a flower. * * * * * Jin Xuan is what they really should envy. Not only can they marry a rich man, but they can also firmly control their "xianggong" heart.
There are still many programs that pay attention to the Nangong Yi Xi Niang’s instruction to press his skirt against Jiang Jinxuan’s right skirt. There is also a saying that after marriage, men will overwhelm women, so that women will listen to men.
Just come to Nangong and be obedient, but who knows that this guy immediately pressed Jinxuan’s skirt over his skirt after hearing what Xi Niang said.
"Master, this"
Xi Niang was stunned by the Nangong memory, and even forgot the already prepared rhetoric.
"After Jin Xuan pressed me, I listened to Jin Xuan."
The nangongshan have affectionate leisurely toward Jin Xuan said
At this time, Xi Niang swallowed the words that she was going to say were illegal, and the protagonist said so. At this moment, she should not spoil the fun. Think about the red envelopes she got before and make people happy, so that she can get more.