Zhou Yi pulled over a linen body curled up and lying on his face, his eyes glazed over, and God silently endured the pain in his internal organs.

The house is simple and can’t resist the cold wind, and my hands and feet are getting numb, so I have to move from time to time, and my body is frozen.
Two dog huddled in the corner and slept deeply. From time to time, he uttered conscious words, sometimes calling out pain and sometimes calling out his mother.
Little darling was held in her arms by Aunt Bai.
Uncle Zheng doesn’t know when Aunt Bai is together, and sometimes they do some untimely little movements, which are slightly charming.
Thoughts roll and sink into the memory of knowing the sea. The stars are not the only ones. The apocalypse star still flashes and falls on a light curtain.
Name Zhou Yi
Age fifteen
Achievement method
Rushing progress (1/1)
Although today’s rush is over, the screen of knowing the sea shows that no work has been done and there is still a little progress
So if the progress reaches 100, isn’t it a success?
Rushing will damage your body. If you come again two or three times, you will not be able to hold on to Zhou Yi’s success.
If you can eat, drink and be energetic, you should not hurt yourself.
But …
It is not easy to do this.
The good Lins should also take this into account and give a one-year deadline. If they succeed in one year, they can enter the martial arts institute.
next day
The sky is gloomy and it seems that rain is coming.
Zhou Yi’s lips were purple and shaking, and she could feel the hot gas echoing when she poured hot soup into her stomach.
Two bowls of hot soup finally got better.
"Little Brother B"
Two dog trotted over and shook his head with regret.
"The Lins don’t recruit people."
Zhou Yi got up.
"Then go to another house and have a look."
Two dog hastily nodded.