I was shocked and quickly threw it away.

"Such a trick to attract all the ghosts to help out is also too look down upon my Chen Jiazu grave! Who dares to come? Give me a break! " Chen Hongren smiled and took the Xuanyuan Baojian ring as a mirror and listened to the sound of "wow" as if the wind blew the leaves all over the place and Mingbi disappeared instantly.
Tang Shancai hands spread like a white and bloodless complexion startled there motionless.
The digging corpse worm still squirmed slowly, and seemed to want to get smaller and flee back to the bottle, but Xuanyuan Baojian couldn’t climb out under the light irradiation. It gradually shriveled up and became a piece of skin for a moment.
"Master!" Saint cabbage said to Mr. Tu with a sad face, "Baby is dead!" "
Mr. Tu gritted his teeth for a long time before he said, "Good baby! Good baby! But Chen Hongren, you also spent a lot of skill? "
Chen Hongren coldly looked at Mr. Tu’s silence and sometimes slowly said, "You haven’t started work because you are not my opponent."
Mr. Tu said, "It didn’t seem like it before, but it seems to be now."
Chen Hong Ren asked, "That’s World War I?"
Mr. Tu asked, "Are you in a hurry when there is still much time?"
The two men looked at each other, and no one beat them to it. They all seemed to be sure of winning.
From the two people’s words, I can hear that Chen Hongren is better than Mr. Tu, but Mr. Tu came well prepared and relied on the strength of many people to consume Chen Hongren’s strength. The gap between them has gradually narrowed.
Whether it is good or bad for us to go like this, I dare not think much. I am looking forward to the Chen family’s master showing up quickly and collecting this demon!
After a moment, Chen Hongren sneered, "Do you dare to do evil if you touch you now that you are outnumbered and I am single? Don’t forget that Chen Yuanfang is famous! Who dares to be too old? "
"hey!" Mr Soil sneer at a way "Chen Yuanfang is really a good name! It’s a pity that he’s still too old to start his own life. Cheat me? That’s not his urn? I’ll take his soul away later! "
"Don’t you dare!" Chen Hongren glared.
"I dare!"
Mr. Tu pointed to the urn in the kiosk and said, "In the past, chen hansheng was a psychic and forced his grandson Chen Yuanfang to lose his life to gain a pair of eyes of Yin and Yang and add a fortune. Chen Yuanfang also lived up to his 20-year-old weakness and became a god to make up for the linen gods. For hundreds of years, he was absent from the Jianghu and led the ten sects in the art world to destroy the blood and the sun palace in one fell swoop! At that time, all of us were hiding in the deep mountains and forests and even dared not go out of the atmosphere! "
"It’s good to know!" Chen Hong Ren said, "Always think that the tortoise is right or die!"
"Hey, hey, the moon is full of water, and Chen Yuanfang has reached its peak, and you Chen Jia has reached its peak, so it’s time to go uphill." Mr. Tu said, "So all the masters of Chen Jia Village, including Chen Yuanfang and his father Chen Hongdao’s grandmother Zeng E, have disappeared together, and even those confidants in Chen Yuanfang, Mao Shan, Jiang Ling, Mu Jia Xian Xiu, Shaw Ruxin, have all disappeared, haven’t they been caught by the gang? Up to now, after several years, I still don’t know what you Chen family experts dare to do when they are exhausted? "
(For details of the missing stories of Chen Yuanfang and others, please refer to "Ma Yi Shen Xiang", which does not affect reading.)
Mr. Tu Kan Kan talked about spitting, but I didn’t understand Chen Hongren’s side. Hey, he sneered, "If you are really linen and Chen Jiahui Huang has passed, you are all wet!"
"I don’t care if it’s wrong," Mr. Tu said with a smile. "Today, the purpose is to let the earth spirit absorb the souls of the ancestors in Chen Jiazu’s grave and find out if there will be any remnants of Yishan Gonglu for Chen Jiacun to have a windfall. This Xuanyuan Baojian should also be mine. Hey hey … Do you recognize this baby?"
Mr. Tu’s last sentence was to ask the two disciples behind him, but Sheng Cabbage and Tang Shancai shook their heads together to express their ignorance.
"What a bunch of idiots!"
Mr. Tu pretended to scold, "This is a treasure made by Xuanyuan Huangdi in ancient times! When Chen Yuanfang was all-powerful, he didn’t borrow it less! The Yellow Emperor once cast fifteen mirrors, the first one is one foot five inches in diameter, the second one is one foot four inches in diameter, and the third one is one foot three inches … Well, the analogy is also one inch different, that is, the first mirror is just one inch in diameter! What kind of unicorn crouches like a mirror, and there are dragons, white tigers, suzaku and Xuanwu in the square. Outside Chen Sifang, there are hexagrams and twelve Chen positions, and each Chen position is set up with twenty-four ancient characters around the outline. It is difficult to recognize today! Such a complicated ritual is wonderful and poor! In ancient times, it was said that’ if you accept the sunshine, you will recite the text and draw ink into the shadow, but you will miss it.’ Therefore, those who have something in ancient times are called’ spiritual realm’! Call it’ if you hold this, all evils will not invade’! "
I was dumbfounded by Mr. Tu’s long speech, and Chen Hongren was also a little surprised. "Unexpectedly, people in the middle of the road are really knowledgeable."
Mr. Tu seems to like to show off our surprise, and he is a little smug and laughs. "Don’t underestimate me, although I am bad, I am really powerful."
Chen Hongren sighed, "Qing Jiaren is a thief."
"I am a thief," said Mr. Tu. "What are you going to do, you gentleman? Is there still "Yishan Gonglu" in Chenjiacun? Will you hand over this Xuanyuan Baojian obediently or will it be the hard way? "
Chen Hongren put Xuanyuan Baojian in his arms and said, "I didn’t give it to the thief in this mirror!"
"It’s a hero!" Mr. Tu stretched out his thumb and shouted, "The disciples will take the last resort and treat Master Chen well!"
St. cabbage and Tang Shancai should have put their hands into their arms almost uniformly, touched and pulled out something at the same time, and then embraced Chen Hongren.
They are all holding a soil spirit in their hands, which is disgusting and horrible after the moonlight creeps slowly.
"Take your damn things!"
Chen Hongren disdainfully scolded the other sentence, and the two men’s right and left hands suddenly and violently grew out at the same time, and the blink of an eye has taken away the soil spirit in the hand of St. cabbage like a bag.
Tang Shan’s financial affairs seem to be better than Sheng Bai Cai’s and escaped Chen Hongren’s arrest! Retreat in the future!
Chen Hongren unexpectedly couldn’t help "yi" for a while, and then his arm soared suddenly, and he finally took the earth spirit from Tang Shancai’s hand by growing more than half a foot. After two struggles, he heard "poof" and "poof" rumbling, and the dust in Chen Hongren’s hands was falling!
"Easy muscles for bones?" Tang Shancai gaped and forgot that he was still there in the enemy’s war.
"You have an eye! The six-phase body-building method is easy to change muscles and bones! "
During binge drinking, Chen Hongren jumped to the ground with one leg and two feet or so, and kicked out the two men immediately, like a broken kite flying out of the ground in two directions.
Chen Hong Ren people haven’t landed their hands yet, and they have taken out Xuanyuan Baojian from their arms again. The light golden light shone brightly, and two wisps of black gas got into the mirror and disappeared.
Tang Shancai and Sheng Cabbage both started with Zheng and then screamed together like crazy, tearing their hair and biting their lips and dancing.
"ho ho!"
"ho ho!"
The sound is tragic and dare not hear more.
"Is it affordable for our children to be brave enough to make the instrument bite back?" Chen Hongren sneered at Mr. Tu and said, "You’re a terrible master. What are you doing!"
Just as Chen Hongren was speaking, his face suddenly changed towards Mr. Tu "whoosh" and he ran out as fast as an arrow!
Chapter 24 Three thousand soil ghost life and death operator
When I hurried to look at it, I saw a whisked porcelain figurine in Mr. Tu’s left hand, and the moonlight was emitting a bleak light. The porcelain figurine looked lifelike, and its lips were scarlet, and its eyes smiled strangely, but it looked like a living monster rather than a dead thing!
Mr. Tu holds a figurine in his left hand and holds it in his right hand. His eyes are fierce and his face is grinning, but he can’t hear clearly what he is chanting.
When Chen Hongren rushed to him, Mr. Tu suddenly jumped up and drank, "Destroy the dead and rotten soil ghosts from 3,000!"
A muffled sound made me tremble all over, and the surrounding land seemed to have been hit by an earthquake.
I hurried to roll and climb to one side and Chen Hongren hurried away from the falling apart.
"Ha ha want to run? Late! " Mr. Tu grinned and shouted, "Let you see that I am the chief gentleman of the Five Elements Earth Hall!"
Listen to "coming" a burst of disorderly ring collapse suddenly mushroomed out of the small natives for a moment, all of them jumped up, and their interest flashed and they left for Chen Hongren’s package.
Graves stand in awe everywhere in the night, the moon, the stars and the sparse cemetery. Stone tablets are blue and gray, cold and silent, and a number of soil accidentally emerge from the ground as if ghosts were drilled from the grave, with evil smiles, bright eyes and claws surging wave after wave.
I looked at this scene from the white marble archway and felt creepy and cold.
There are too many ghosts!
Although Mr. Tu shouted "three thousand ghosts", it seems to me that the number of ghosts should be more than three thousand.