Hidden virtual Jiang Feng a face of consternation.

This little girl’s name is Grandfather of Heaven.
Is he a disciple of Sun Yueer? This … Jiang Feng frowned or Sun Yueer child?
Jiang Feng whole person look dramatic shock.
Has Sun Yueer been married?
His brain has been short-circuited, and his thoughts are flowing rapidly.
The emperor looked at Jiang Xiaoxiao and said, "Your father has come back!"
"Come back! ?” Jiang Xiao Xiao leng felt incredible. "Is that true? ? But why didn’t he come to see me? "
"You have met him!" Emperor Wan Gu Tian continued to speak.
Jiang Xiaoxiao drummed his cheeks to help lower his head and frown, thinking that he had seen his father carefully.
But why don’t you have any impression?
Looking at Jiang Xiaoxiao, the Emperor of Heaven never spoke.
But a pair of deep eyes looked at the virtual direction is Jiang Feng.
Jiang Feng whole person leng one.
What does it mean to be emperor forever?
He didn’t want to be able to deceive the emperor of all ages. It’s a bit elusive to look at himself at this time.
"Come out!"
"Ahem!" Jiang Feng awkwardly coughed a slowly revealing figure from the virtual.
"hey! ?”
Jiang Xiaoxiao looked up and immediately screamed, "It’s this scam!"
Jiang Feng almost spit out an old blood.
You’re the one who lied. You tried to blackmail him just now
"Little rude, this man is your father!"
As soon as this word comes out,
Not only Jiang Xiaoxiao, but Jiang Feng herself froze. "Om!" A whole person is dull on the spot.
"Father … father! ?”
Jiang Xiao turned to stare at his heart, and it was also a variety of tastes. Tears welled up unconsciously.
So many years!
Finding your own father finally appeared! ?
He’s … He’s his father! ?
"Wow …" Jiang Xiaoxiao suddenly lost his tears. How did my father look like this? "He … he is so ugly! Not my father! "
"My mother told me that my father should be tall and mighty, and the hero of the world is the only man in the 3 thousand world."
"He doesn’t look like a hero … whoa …"
Jiang Xiaoxiao was crying and crying, but she couldn’t stop being sad! Sad!
Looking forward to my father …
It should be that people with colorful feet, Ling Jin awning and golden armor are invincible.
Look at him again. It’s far from his imagination.
"Ahem ….." Jiang Feng rare show embarrassed color "sent emperor what do you mean I … my daughter! ?”
"Don’t like you! ?”
Before Jiang Fengkou Qingxuan nodded again and again, "This character is too similar!"
"What’s going on here?" Jiang Feng said in ten words.
"Chu Linger was still pregnant when you left, and it was difficult to be found because of her small physique. It was only when I helped her heal that I noticed it."
Jiang Feng knew that the Emperor of Heaven could not lie.
There is no need to lie.
That is to say, this little girl is really herself …
Trance Jiang Feng seems to know what this little girl’s personality is so annoying.
15 Chapter 1579 Chu Shine
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