"It’s okay. I also started three gene bases. It’s okay. It’s not as good as you if I inject D-level gene liberation drugs." A classmate comforted.

Suddenly Cheng Mo gave a long sigh.
"Ah, you are content. It’s better than me anyway."
Xu back a look at the past to see Cheng Mo this fellow is really pull a long face can’t help wondering.
"I opened 11 genetic basis points, right?" Cheng Mo pointed to his exclamation.
11 gene base points
Not only is it good
It is very powerful.
The basic requirements for entering Jincheng University of Gene Evolution are just the five basic genetic points.
And the requirement of gene base point for entering the top three Chinese gene evolution universities is just one.
"But I’m Tamar …"
Cheng Mo pointed to his chest and wanted to cry.
"But seven of the 11 gene bases of Tamaqi are digestive system in the stomach."
"Am I going to be a man with a big stomach?"
Cheng Mo looked up and cried sadly.
"I don’t usually eat much."
"There is not even a third of this fellow in Tang Hall."
"How can this 100-kilogram tonnage guy in Tangting start the speed and strength genes?"
"What do you think of him? He is the most like the man with a big stomach!"
"How did this end up being me?"
Said Cheng Mo canthus are red.
One meter tall and straight to the ground.
Xu tui mo LAN
Tang hall is silent.
He was shot when he was fatter.
This is why the old class Yu Zeping said that Cheng Mo was almost ruined.
Emancipating the genetic basis point of digestive system, especially the genetic basis point of stomach, brings benefits, that is, eating more, getting fatter and having amazing recovery ability.
Often called … for nothing.
The thought that Cheng Mo, a one-meter-long-legged Ouba, may become a 300-kilogram humanoid meat mountain old class in the future will limit Yu Zeping’s heartache
Inexplicable heartache
"Cheng Mo is a man, just get up!
After all, you have opened a few other genetic bases, and everything is still possible.
Teacher, I will also try my best to help you find a former colleague to help you study the strengthening direction.
The teacher will definitely help you if you are in trouble! "Old class Yu Zeping said.
Just now, Cheng Mo suddenly got up with a sad face.
"I’m in trouble now in my old class."
At this moment, this situation
Yu Zeping, the old class, is almost a fearful gesture, saying that I will help you if I can.
"I am hungry in the old class!"
Very appropriate. Cheng Mo’s abdomen roared like thunder!
Chapter VI Mysterious Gene Basis Points
It takes 2 minutes to compare the blood samples before and after gene liberation drug injection.
Cheng Mo, Tang Ting and other students have come out.
It will take a while for Xu to return it
The previous clinical observation was too long.
While the students are chatting.
Xu tui also learned about the students’ situation.
How to say
More gene base points may not lead to good results.
The representative of this is Cheng Mo.
At present, there are 11 gene bases in Jincheng No.9 Middle School, Class 7, Grade 3. There is at most one gene base, but the location is mainly in the middle stomach.
This is a bit useless.
Some students have started six gene bases, but all of them are in the olfactory category, and the professional development will become very strong in the future.
The future is promising!
Another example is the 100-kilogram tonnage Tangting has a genetic basis point, but it is a better combination of strength and speed.
This combination is a good combination even among gene fighters.
"By the way, in the hall (Tang Hall), what is the genetic basis point of strength and speed?" Xu asked.
Strength and speed are a big class, and there are many small directions.
Don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t ask. Tang Ting’s face is fat and he is a little bit disappointed.
"limb strength"
"Not bad!"
"What about speed?" Xu tui asked
Tang Hall is silent "…"
What’s wrong with this?
Xu looked back at Cheng Mo.