"Two places at once are about to escape from the channel …" Virtual enchantment LiuChen suddenly spoke to wake up.

As soon as the voice fell, the shape of Monty’s busy body changed, and a magic blade channel churned suddenly, and the air conditioner coagulated and broke the wall directly from the large array air conditioner channel in the East China Sea.
In order not to be suppressed by the East China Sea array base, Monty is busy in the end or choose to consume most of the magic soul to break the wall.
Then monty was busy again, and once again, one point and two points still revealed that the people with amazing potential rolled up the raging magic flame.
Monty’s busy body broke through the Qi-moving channel, but the Baiyun Tower was relieved. If you really let the large array in the East China Sea struggle, maybe the whole array base will fall apart.
Mindful Baiyun Tower quickly stabilized the turbulent air flow in the East China Sea with the help of Kyushu’s large array of forces. After all, the movement of Monty’s busy body breaking through the air flow channel has a great impact.
This Baiyun Tower moved a whole soul to protect the East China Sea, but it was sent for a rainy day.
Baiyun Tower and Fenhun were busy, but there was no moment’s pause, while Li Xiao went out for a while.
A busy person went straight to Donglai to escape to another busy person. Suddenly, his body turned to Zhongzhou and fled rapidly.
Li Xiao’s voice was blocked by the sound waves from the magic weapon of sound display when it penetrated thousands of miles along the summer coast. The magic power of the magic road was weakened a lot at once.
And the East China Sea LiXiao sound is not too big. The East China Sea demon clan is very loyal to the palace master, and it has a dragon spirit to protect itself. It will be bewitched by the magic sound.
On the contrary, some monks on the west coast of Donglai immediately responded and showed signs of possession.
Two monty busy parties suddenly crashed into a clear sea after escaping from hundreds of miles, and LiXiao stopped.
Clear the pool!
According to the previous plan, Elder Martial Sister Qingchi will try to trap Monty’s doppelganger, and the matter of punishment will be done by the yogi.
That’s what that guy meant.
The strength is greatly reduced, and the sudden sprint in the water mass is always a way to get out of trouble.
Near the direction of Daxia country, two streamers fled, and two powerful swords suddenly merged and burst into the water mass with dazzling sword light.
When the time is gone, the Baiyun Tower and the Oriental Purple Yan figure appear.
Without the slightest pause, the sword will be cut, and whoever reads the sword will never stop.
Both of them have been distracted by the spiritual realm. dzogchen’s scenery is very colorful. It’s a sword, which is more powerful than the broken mind. It’s more powerful than the Tianyin Temple.
Although this monty member has the strength of the Terran Godsworn’s fit environment, it is a magic soul. No matter how strong the magic soul is, it will lose its background after all.
Elder martial sister Qingchi’s avatar suppressed the incarnation of the magic blade, and the magic soul appeared in a flash, and it was cut to pieces by the sword.
On the other side, there are also two figures escaping from the Baiyun Tower, and another soul, Xia Chaoyang, joined forces to directly cut out Xia Chaoyang’s most comfortable sword.
Xia Chaoyang’s imperial envoy Ling Zhu Xian Jian moves Yi Muxian’s tactic Baiyun Tower divides the soul, and the imperial envoy’s true water sword moves the water avenue to complement each other.
The aquatic wood will make the bamboo sword inspire the immortal to flourish.
When the sword was cut out, Xia Chaoyang also plausibly said, "I have to run out halfway, and the palace master’s fairy sword is still waiting for the opening …"
The sword falls with a bright fairy light, accompanied by a burst of flowers, and the sword means that the water mass town will be sealed and the monty will be instantly destroyed.
At the same time, another demon soul also smashed the sword and disappeared in succession.
"Two places at once here have escaped twenty percent, which should be that the magic way has gone to Zhongzhou."
Ziyan, together with the demon-slaying Baiyun Tower, sighed and sent the message back to the empty cave in the South China Sea.
Those scattered demons are scattered and spread thousands of miles across, and there are thousands of paths.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Monty mutilated
These scattered demons are not strong, but they are numerous. It really takes some time to chase them one by one by two.
Baiyunlou simply revealed these magic spirits through the magical power of the virtual cave, and they were dealt with by Dongfang Yu.
Two separate souls of Baiyun Tower in the East China Sea meet with two women briefly.
"Sister Ziyan, have you finished chopping the demons over there?" As soon as I met Zhao-yang Xia, I asked excitedly.
"twenty percent escaped, but it was too messy to be handed over to Zhongzhou monks …" Ziyan answered quite indifferently.
Just at this moment, I have been closing my eyes and sensing the true moisture soul. I said, "This side has also escaped nearly 30%. Just before the sword fell, the monty’s busy breath suddenly weakened by 30% … Fiona Fang failed to find the trace of those disappeared ghosts for thousands of miles."
"Ah also escaped? Where did you go? " Zhao-yang Xia a face of doubt and some depressed didn’t expect the sword to be unfinished.
Upon hearing this, Oriental Ziyan seemed to think of something. After a moment of eye closure, he said, "It’s another kind of fiend with Taoist mind. It’s all Donglai territory. Because Brother Donglai’s Taoist mind is weak and scattered thousands … his strength is not enough."
Since Ziyan’s younger sister said that she was not careful, it seems that even if the monks are possessed, they will hinder the overall situation and need to worry about God temporarily.
Baiyun Tower’s telepathy senses a breath and doesn’t notice anything wrong, and then it will manifest Ziyan’s mind to the Tao, the mind and the magic breath.
Xiao Jing gave Donglai a message to Cat Young and Kyubi no Youko, and then arranged two monks to keep an eye on Donglai’s movements, and Donglai’s affairs came to an end.
At this time, several people didn’t note the demons who fled Donglai again. Since this moment, the whole magic war has just begun …
"Chaoyang Ziyan returns to the array to kill the devil!"
Separated by a thousand miles of imaginary Baiyun tower
"It’s a brother!" At the same time, the two women should immediately return to the large array just visible.
Take back the two soul-splitting Baiyun Tower and read Kyushu again. "It is necessary for you to leave your hands and work together to punish monty."
Now monty’s breath is weakened, nearly half of it is being suppressed by the large array, and the large array of fluctuation qi machine in the East China Sea is completely calmed down. At this time, it is the magic machine.
Baiyunlou naturally won’t leave a hand to run Kyushu large array with the great strength of each large array of base machines.
It was the Kyushu array that pushed Jiuding Soul Refinement Array to exert its real power, and the soul of Monty began to be gradually wiped out.
Monty soul was suppressed to move an idea and went to Nanzhou large array from the depths of the mind.
"Has it started?" Jing heart some uncertain mind asked 1.
"Go!" Baiyun Tower divided the soul and responded positively, and then turned into a rolling magic force to run the dark array.
With the magic crow flying over the array, the magic sword becomes more and more clear and reveals the magic spirit. In fact, the Kyushu array is connected together, and the power of the Kyushu array immediately rises, pushing the refined soul array to the extreme.
The half-manifested monty body was gradually broken by a large array of thunder and fire refining.
Most of the large array magic practitioners in Nanzhou saw this scene, and at that time, they were terrified. It seemed that they were worried that the large array pressure would crush fly ash themselves.
Just then Jing Xin shouted with great excitement, "Your magic fiend adults need our help and help, and the fiend adults will surely get rich rewards and do their best to wait for us."
Before these magic repairs can react, Jing Xin then shouted, "See the magic sword in Tianzhu? Just visualize the true meaning of the magic sword and make it powerful. Not only can you understand the true meaning of the magic sword, but you can also help the fiend’s adult."
Jing Xin’s words, Baiyun Tower, evolved into magic thoughts to help lead thousands of miles, and all the monks in Nanzhou fled to Tianzhu.
It is called Tianzhu by the monks in Nanzhou that Jiuding refined the soul with big eyes.
"Magic sword!" Jing heart with all the magic repair shouted.
"Magic sword!"
The top killer of the magic road did his duty, and Bai Da’s employer ordered Jing Da’s killer to execute it in place.
The magic thoughts are filtered by the crystal through the eye barrier and transformed into pure thoughts, which are remitted to the manifest magic sword to help the dark array.
As the magic practice gathers more and more, the dark array reveals the magic sword and the magic gas beam becomes more and more bright.
Outside the Nanzhou array, the fire shone and the little red bird Aly array showed their shapes. Aly inspired the dark array to reveal the vitality. The Kyushu array completely showed its power. The Jiuding refined soul array was pushed to the extreme.
By this time, the large array of refined souls has shown unprecedented power, and the virtual middle road chain has soared and rotated with the large array
Like a gas mill, the ghost of a large array of virtual monty is erased a little bit
Qingyun tried to cut out two swords, but it had some effect, but it was hard to compare with the effect of large array erasure, and then he tried hard to promote the operation of large array and stopped trying.
For a whole hour, the soul of Monty has been refined, and only less than 10% of the demon body has been completely revealed, and the small and medium-sized worldview in the front tower has been generally two
Three feet in size, a magic body looks extremely obscene, and the magic soul qi machine is greatly reduced. Many magic repairs have lost their faith in the fiend’s adult.