Many foreign messengers echoed in succession.

Everyone looked at Chen Qun in order, waiting for him to give them an explanation.
Chen Qun smiled and glanced at the crowd and said indifferently, "It’s not true that our laws of the Chinese Empire are not so cruel. It’s that General Bai’s attitude is tough and the old man is not good."
"oh? I said! "
"Chinese empire Terran empire how dare so disrespectful to the family! I want to see that this matter is deliberately done by that surname Bai! "
"yes! It must be that he is dissatisfied and deliberately retaliates against me! "
Many people are indignant, and their attitudes are still full of arrogance and disrespect for the Terran.
Andrew and Yi Jizu smiled at each other one after another, and this group of people spoke instead of talking.
Chen Qun has been smiling and sitting silently.
After a while of noise, everyone couldn’t help but feel bored when they saw that Chen Qun didn’t respond. Some people questioned and turned their guns to Chen Qun. "Mr. Chen doesn’t know if you plan to compensate me?"
Chen Qun smiled and said softly, "According to the Chinese law, the kobold messenger should be killed for trying to bully the Terran people; What about this compensation? "
"What? !”
The messengers looked at each other, and most people couldn’t help but exclaim.
Is the Yanhuang law really so strict?
"Right and wrong, identity, and big and small aliens all need to be balanced"
Chen Qun smiled and shrugged his shoulders "I didn’t also the way this is the law of the emperor personally; The root of saying that you want compensation is to talk about it. "
"That Chen’s adult used to think that Bai was bullying you and misleading us!"
A foreign angel humbled growl said
"misleading? Where does this start? "
Chen Qun ha ha a smile "Chinese law has always been so white general is really too overbearing, the original killed the street bullying people that a few kobolds can, but he determined to exterminate! Nai this leitian is the emperor’s confidant, and I dare not say anything. "
"And I also advise you to keep your mouth shut. Previously, you opened your mouth and called the Terran Dalits. I heard it. Maybe it’s nothing, but if General Leitian hears it, even his knife will be stained with blood again."
Chen Qun walked over and said that his voice was light but with a strong threat.
In Chen Qun’s words, there is a message to these people that the heavily armed Leitian is Su Yu’s confidant general who has offended Leitian is no different from the emperor!
"psst ~!"
Everyone gasped in succession.
The laws of this Chinese empire are so strict, I’m afraid everyone’s determination to coerce Chen Qun today will come to an end.
"Lord Chen Qun, your country’s laws are so harsh on you that no foreigners dare to associate with the Chinese Empire after you are not afraid!"
Some people ask questions directly at the heart of the problem.
In the Chinese Empire, it is so doubtful to determine the low status of foreigners, which will make a large number of foreign businessmen afraid to do business in the Chinese Empire.
This is a great blow to a country’s economy.
Moreover, this legal suspicion has offended all races except Terran, which will make the whole situation of the eastern continent of Yanhuang Empire in a hostile state.
"Well, the emperor said he didn’t send the money; It is already possible for the Chinese Empire to maintain trade with other human principalities, and it is necessary to remember the foreign merchants. "
Chen Qun smilingly said that his words made this group of alien messengers dull and had a hard feeling of punching.
"Ha ha Chen Qun adults talking and laughing I orc empire has always been a friendly trading partner of Chinese empire! We orcs don’t care about this harsh law and your kindness to make money. "
Andrew said with a smile
"So is my wing clan."
Wing stepfather ha ha a smile.
It is very important for a country to realize the economic growth in the East China.
However, it happened that two major killers, a famous cigarette and a famous rice wine, have recently emerged in the Yanhuang Empire, and these two major goods and specialties have swept the whole East China in an instant, making several foreign nobles and people flock to it.
It is very important for big businessmen to evaluate the annual profits of the two companies in the Yanhuang Empire as strategic materials!
Coupled with the strong transportation capacity of the red airship of the Yanhuang Empire, the East China Economic Circle of the Yanhuang Empire occupied a large market share and regained control of the economic discourse of the East China.
Want these two hot sellers?
Then hold your nose and endure the strict laws of the Chinese empire to beg for the Chinese empire!
This is holding a patent, and you need something good, and you are not afraid of economic sanctions from other countries.
Doing business was originally a matter of harmony and wealth. The human temper in the Chinese Empire is not strong, or it is no problem to provoke them to do business in a foreign merchant country.
But the messengers couldn’t swallow this tone, especially after Andrew and Yi Jizu made their statements, which made some people feel extremely wronged.
Why can you take the initiative and not be afraid of the threat of the hundred families in the Chinese Empire?
We still don’t believe in this evil!
"That Chen’s adult Chinese law is so harsh that it deliberately raises the Terran and devalues the alien status! Aren’t you afraid that the alliance of all ethnic groups will attack the Yanhuang Empire together with a million troops? "
There is an alien waiter who stares at Chen Qun with a sinister smile.
As soon as you say this, the atmosphere in the original hall suddenly became dignified.
Wing Jizu and Andrew’s eyes flashed with a cold light and put their hands on the teacups.
The two of them have already been ordered by Su Yu to go to the Yanhuang Empire for the benefit of the purpose. This opportunity of Su Yu’s wedding will make the Terran high and stable.
The existing people dare to poke the window paper and say it, which makes the two people suddenly dissatisfied.
No matter from the point of view of the demon servant or the imperial king, it is a foregone conclusion that the Chinese empire is closely integrated. Who dares to play tricks at this time? Trying to isolate the Chinese Empire? It’s like stealing food from two people!
Chen Qun responded with a smile and put a tea lamp on it. He looked at the alien messenger and said softly, "Alliance of all ethnic groups? Well, speaking of it, I’m just newly built in Qin Jun, the Chinese Empire, and I’m afraid when I’m eager for the meritorious military service. "