Everyone looked at Su Li’s shock, and Su Li himself was white. He had just merged the limit of light and shadow, that is, to maintain it for a second or two, and then he insisted on going to Senluo, which might collapse, just like the soul of the hell itself was shattered after merging light and shadow. If Xu Shi had no means to reverse time, he would have saved himself, otherwise he would have died.

With previous experience, today he is determined that he will not be able to bear the risks before, and he has escaped from the immortal image. If he insists on it for another half a second, it will be beyond redemption.
"Well, I scared those guys away …" Su Li silently heaved a sigh of relief. If the God of Heaven and Light was not scared away but stayed, it would be in trouble.
In addition to the appearance of the Lord God of the Fourth Academy, there are still a few eyes outside this ghost land. Note here that Su Li suddenly crossed a throne and looked at the restoration of the throne. I don’t know how deep Su Li is, but I dare not move in vain.
Killing Rama and that group of true gods were swallowed up by the ancestors, which made the ancestors get a great promotion. Su Li just succeeded in obtaining the complete divinity of the ancestors. Sen Luo Jye’s supernatural symbol defense was successfully promoted to the true gods by Sen Yuen Luo.
Being promoted to the throne of the true God and becoming the new king Su Li felt that his life span immediately increased again.
Sen Yuen can live for eleven thousand years if he succeeds, and now he can double it immediately. Even the weakest true god can live for twenty-three thousand years.
His first talent, the caregiver, was inspired. This time, he chose the right leg as his favorite part.
Immediately, his right leg gained the immortal graining ability, and he held the immortal power, which further enhanced his immortal image.
He appeared in all parts except his left leg and succeeded in immortal granulation.
Looking at Su Li sitting on the throne that once belonged to Tianguan, he closed his eyes and said nothing. There was a faint energy fluctuation that resonated with the whole ancestral department.
The throne slowly recovered, as if Su Li merged with his ancestors, and the fluctuation of divine power slowly formed a crown.
Everyone stared at him and witnessed the birth of a new king.
At this moment, he overshadowed Xu Xuehui, the core of the ancestral department.
The gods of the Ministry of Heaven fled cleanly, and the channels disappeared one by one. At the end of the ghost soil, the darkness was converging, and a huge figure was moving slowly.
Every step out of this blackened earth vibrates.
Yu Tea has fallen to his own throne, and King Yan Zun and King Qin Ciwang have also returned to their thrones. The ten great wizards have retreated, and the pillars engraved with Wu Wen are emerging from the darkness.
On the other side, the original disappeared and there was a surge again. Suddenly, a huge figure floated and landed on the blackened earth in front of everyone.
This is a giant fox with nine tails, perfect white as jade, four claws landing, looking up and staring at the sitting throne, eyes closed and motionless, Su Li mumbling and spitting out sounds.
"Don’t … is a grandparent … another grandparent … unbelievable … is this power … that one …"
It’s a pair of fox eyes, and it seems to be thinking about something, showing a little struggle, and it seems difficult to decide.
On the other side, a huge face appeared, and this face was painted with white patterns. These patterns are the deepest and most complicated witchcraft characters. Being able to paint this witchcraft character on his face has already represented his high position in the Ministry of Witchcraft.
"Thank you very much, Master Wu." Although Xu Xuehui, a white tea-maker, sat in the highest shrine of the ancestral department, she was rather immature and did not know what to do, so she took the initiative to express her gratitude.
The owner of this huge face is the wizard, who has just been an enemy of World War II, and the God of Light has not fallen in the wind.
"Wu department … May the ancestral department perish together …" This huge face and mouth slightly opened with a deep and powerful sound.
Yu Tea nods, "Don’t waste your ancestors’ care for you …"
Suddenly, the snow-white giant fox with nine tails looked up into the eyes of the fox who had hesitated for a long time and became determined. "The demon department is also willing to follow the ancestors … and fight the ghost!"
When this sentence came out, it was a shock in all directions, and that huge face looked towards it.
"Demon master … have you finally made up your mind?" The sorcerer said, "Our two departments are closed in the dark, and there is no fresh blood to supplement the chaotic Poseidon. Eventually, there will be a way to perish. In recent years, those guys in the Ministry of Heaven have occupied almost all the gods in the chaotic sea … It is time to take back the gods that belonged to us."
Chaos sea is called the true source of god, and there are tens of thousands of gods in it. The demon department of Tianwu Department has been hit into this ghost land. Without the supplement of God, the old true god will gradually die of old age, and the two witches will become less and less and eventually be destroyed.
This is also an important reason why the wizard is willing to take the initiative to help his ancestors. If he doesn’t seize the opportunity to try to change the resistance, it won’t be long before he drags on.
Su Li sat on the throne in a short time, and the original dilapidated throne was restored. Most of the surface appeared divine light, and his body was shrouded in this layer of throne divine light. He appeared awe-inspiring and awe-inspiring. He had climbed to the top of Vientiane, the whole ancestor. If he went further, he would be able to climb the five great shrines in the same level.
At the moment, the two fiend forces of his body are merging, and he will refine the divine force into Mori Rory.
Before, he has been trying to combine these kinds of ultra-dimensional forces into Senluo, but with little effect. Senluo is like resisting several kinds of ultra-dimensional forces except immortal power.
Until now, he was promoted to Senluo, the true god, and obtained the divinity of the ancestor’s Vientiane Senluo. He suddenly found that Senluo no longer resisted. He noticed the most drastic change in the reaction of the middle sacred power, and immediately tried to refine the sacred power.
He holds the divine power, which also belongs to the true God. Although the high-dimensional power is not as powerful as the immortal power, it is his root that evolved from him and chose to be a paladin to master the divine power.
Now he wants to combine this sacred power with Senluo’s immortal power.
Chapter 956 Kings
The ancestral headquarters of the throne looked up at him, and there was a look of worship in his eyes.
Su Li has just been so amazing that he has recruited all these ancestral staff.
The wizard Lord and the demon Lord appeared, willing to follow the ancestors against the Heaven Department.
As the witch said this sentence, the whole ghost soil shook a lot. I couldn’t help taking a deep breath of air conditioning here secretly.
Chaotic Haina’s return to Heaven’s Academy, Tianshan Academy, King Kong Academy and Rama Academy in its glory has shaken the whole Vientiane.
When the God of Light of the "Heaven Academy" and the "Heaven Academy" fled back with great joy, almost all the God of the whole heaven came around a totem cylinder engraved with the eagle’s head and cross at the end of this glorious world.
"It’s unbelievable …" A female stereo with a very pleasant voice was shocked. Obviously, she already knew what had just happened.
"Just got the news that the Lich’s two joint ancestral departments are ready to enter the other shore …" A Lengli sound started.
"King Yan Mo, what you said is true?" There is another hoarse sound.
Known as King Flamo, Leng Liyin said, "Yes, when the two escaped, I noted there. I didn’t expect that both the wizard and the demon master were willing to follow the ancestors and wanted to challenge the Heaven to seize the chaotic Poseidon …"
"Is this really deceiving the gods of our heavenly departments?" Suddenly a sound full of anger sounded.
"You’re right … when our ancestors came out, even the Lord God of our hospitals joined forces …" The very pleasant female voice sounded again. "I believe that the two’ Tianyuan’ and’ Tianshanyuan’ must feel deeply."
The Lord god of light and the great goodness rejoiced, and the sky was silent. They were frightened by the previous scene and fled back. Now they are facing the Lord god of the hospitals, and they feel embarrassed and rarely silent.
"It’s ironic that you’ve always wanted people to feed the magic acyl cash, but the Lord God was taken to feed the magic acyl …"
There is a deep voice with a hint of sneer.
"Ananda, God, that’s enough for you-"The Lord God of Light finally gave a huff.
It’s just that you don’t want to make moves, Master of the Secret Academy. We have sacrificed so many gods, but you are cynical here. Now I wonder which side you are on.