I thought about it carefully. I scolded the grass. I took the bus at the East Gate.

I really got the wrong car!
I said that Wang Zhiqun and others earn 1000 yuan, and I have 4 yuan! !
Maybe this is a ghost game that brought me here unconsciously.
I said sorry to Chen Weibin and then told the little boy what happened at that time!
After listening to all this, Chen Weibin said to me! ?
Then this little girl frowned at me and said, How did this happen? You got on the wrong bus?
Holy shit! How did this happen? Are you still talking? ! Could I have made a mistake if I had made it clear at that time?
Then I hung up! After hanging up, I turned to look at Wang Zhiqun around me! Wang Zhiqun probably felt something and said to me, Hey, Brother Bin, what’s wrong with you?
Now I have made sure that I have fallen into the ghost game. Everyone around me, even those who seem to get along with me very well and walk very close, may be a ghost.
I tidied up my hair that was blown away by the sea breeze. I said to Wang Zhiqun, nothing. I just received a word from my classmate …
Wang Zhiqun said, Oh, so … What is it?
I told Wang Zhiqun nothing, just chatting.
After saying this, I put my mobile phone in my pocket, turned around and picked up the tray with drinks.
Wang Zhiqun gave me a sudden turn and said, Do you want to see what the senior vip room on the third floor is for?
I am extremely opposed to hearing Wang Zhiqun say this, but it slowly produces a wonderful heart.
I squinted at Wang Zhiqun and said to the novel, Do you really want to go?
Wang Zhiqun said it’s true. After all, my girlfriend is worried about me! Besides, it’s not like you didn’t hear the novel in our dormitory today. I’m really afraid that the novel is true. Simon lied to me!
I frowned and looked at this little one. I said, didn’t you ask your girlfriend this morning? Why are you still …
Wang Zhiqun said, but I’m afraid I’m afraid I’m going to a body party with an idiot girlfriend, and I’m still naive and cute here.
To put it mildly, Wang Zhiqun loves his girlfriend, Miao Miao, but he doesn’t believe it.
Of course, a lot of what women say in this world is false.
I nodded at Wang Zhiqun and said, OK, go …
After hearing my words, Wang Zhiqun nodded and smiled.
I added that when I sold out these, I took a look at those drinks!
Wang Zhiqun nodded and said, OK, but hurry up.
On the second floor of the clubhouse, I sold the wine in each bag again. This time it was good. A drunk idiot forced a local tyrant to buy those two bottles of wine for 10 thousand yuan.
After selling the drinks, I walked out of the bag with my plate in my hand and walked along the corridor on the second floor towards the stairs just now! When I got to the stairs, I took out my cigarette and lighter from my pocket!
Draw a cigarette from the cigarette case and put it in your mouth. The lighter lit the cigarette.
Wang Zhiqun walked out of a bag before I snapped a few mouthfuls.
Seeing that I was smoking, the little boy stepped up and walked towards me.
I saw that there was still a bottle in this little hand, and I knew that the goods had not been sold to the wine department.
I was just about to speak after this little hurry came towards me, aiming at showing the sales results of Brother Yi! But before I could say anything, the little boy quickly said, put out the cigarette quickly.
I was stunned when I heard this! What did you ask?
However, before I could catch my breath, I stretched out my hand and took away the cigarette in my hand!
Shit, that was fast
I said, hey, what’s the situation?
I just finished talking, and Wang Zhiqun said to me, Don’t you know that smoking is not allowed here?
Wang Zhiqun twisted the cigarette that had been snatched from my hand and then hit the window and threw it out of the window.
Shit, you’re not sick!
I didn’t expect it to be so small and rigid! I don’t think I yawned.
But if you lose your cigarette, you can lose it. For me, there is really nothing to smoke. It’s just a pass.
I took a look at Wang Zhiqun and said, "Everyone has been sold!"! Then I patted my hand proudly. Wang Zhiqun put the bottle of red wine in his hand on the windowsill and said to me, I sold a bottle.
I am a little proud when this novel is finished.
I joked that you still have a long way to go after studying hard with me.
At this time, Wang Zhiqun said to me, but my bottle of wine sold for 100 thousand!
I almost sprayed it when I heard that. Damn it, 100,000! ?
A fucking bottle of broken red wine is 100 thousand yuan! I spoke highly of Wang Zhiqun’s novel! You are really a heifer with great blood when she has her period!
I suddenly found that looking at Wang Zhiqun’s eyes was like admiring the Great God. I was weak.
There is no idle talk for long!
I made two jokes and played a few times, so the two men discussed going to the third floor.
I felt a little ridiculous when Wang Zhiqun wanted to discuss it with me! Because the third floor is either two paths, one is to take the stairs and the other is to take the stairs!
Now that the ladder is real, I’m also quite puzzled that the three-story fucking club has installed a ladder. This is not bullshit. What is it?
I told Wang Zhiqun that if we choose to be tall, let’s take the stairs. If we choose to take the mass line, let’s take the stairs honestly!
After saying this, my eyes swept the little face, so I added, I feel it is more convenient to take the mass line and take the stairs.
Wang Zhiqun nodded at me and said a good word!
Two people just like a thief walked towards the third floor.
When I arrived at the entrance of the third floor, I suddenly found that the corridor on the third floor was almost the same as the corridor on the second floor, except that the floor color was different.
The color of the corridor floor on the second floor is white, but I saw the red floor just on the third floor.
It seems a bit weird to be bloody with people.
Seeing the floor on the third floor, Wang Zhiqun suddenly didn’t dare to move forward. He said, Brother Bin, why do I feel that this floor is not a floor, but human blood or human flesh?
The original courage was not bad, but I was stupid there for a moment! Shit, I was shocked by this little remark. I didn’t expect this floor to look like this for a while.
Wang Zhiqun said, Look at these pieces of floor. It’s like sitting on a human muscle. I’m afraid it will be soft if I step on it.
I didn’t expect this little real yy to be a yy maniac! It’s okay. yy is fine. You have to be so scary!
However, the little boy didn’t choose to stop talking, but continued to say to me, I heard blood dripping on the floor, one drop, two drops and three drops …