Gu Huai suddenly turned around and heard the words of Mrs. Gu with thick disbelief.
Mrs. Gu suddenly panicked. "Ah Huai, I’m not!"
"Stop it!" Gu Huai immediately folded and roared at the old lady’s eyes, which was no longer respectful in the past, and there was no Confucianism in the past. He was cold and folded and a little enlightened. After yelling, his tone was flat, "I understand."
"Ah Huai!" Mrs Gu stretched out her hand to say something.
Later, Xu drank again, "Where are the doctors? Are all the doctors dead?"
"Ah, Empress!" LiuManTing holding belly that tore heart crack lung pain; Feeling a warm current sliding out of her legs, she could feel something disappearing from her lower abdomen as if "Empress, help me, help me".
The second time she saw Gu Jinlan’s slippery tire, it seemed that blood slipped out of her legs and the child was gone. No, she can’t. Not without this kid.
Liu Manting kept biting his teeth and grasping the Xu with his hands was also painful. "Okay, stop screaming."
"Where is the doctor? Where is the doctor?"
"Go and call Dr. Lin out!" Old lady Gu yelled at Mammy Liao in a bad tone.
Mammy Liao immediately lowered her head. "It’s an old slave. I’m going."
"I see who dares!" Gu Huai suddenly woke up, even though his eyes were red, even though he seemed to be instantly old for ten years, in front of the gate of Chunfeng Pavilion, "Fu Guanjia called Captain Zhao for me, and anyone who dared to approach Chunfeng Pavilion threw it out for me anyway!"
"Ah huai you-"
"Hum!" Gu Huai cold hum without any feelings "if you really want to enter the door of Chunfengge unless you step on my body"
Gu old lady eyes slightly narrowing her ear is LiuManTing pain shout and the hsu, liu old lady comfort and exclaim her deep breath "zhao guards you all give me go; Mammy Liao brought people to take the master away. "
"But …" Zhao bodyguard suddenly some at a loss.
"Don’t forget that your indenture can be in the hands of your wife!" Mrs. Gu’s voice suddenly rose. "Mammy Liao, don’t start to drag Dr. Lin out for me!"
Gu Huai’s eyes split and she glared at the old lady Gu. Mammy Liao and several five big three rough women came over and their hearts became colder and colder.
"Ah ah-"
Liu Manting was clinging to the Xu’s hand. "Mom, it hurts so much."
"Doctor, doctor!" Xu eagerly "Is the doctor dead?"
"Sister Liao, hurry up!" Gu old lady couldn’t help but urge.
"Yes" Mammy Liao’s eyes darkened and looked at Gu Huai. "Sir, the old slave has sinned."
The words sound just fell. Gu Huai took a deep breath and raised her hand. Mammy Liao was suddenly slapped and flew out. The whole person fell about ten meters away and suddenly said, "Ouch!"
"Ah Huai you!" Old lady Gu was obviously shocked. I didn’t expect Gu Huai to start work on Mammy Liao.
Gu Huai’s eyes split and turned to look at Zhao’s guards and others who still hesitated. "If you don’t want to stay in the frenzy, get out of here."
"Belong to …" Zhao guards immediately silently led the guards to retreat behind Gu Huai.
"You, you!" Gu old lady eyes wide open.
I finally got up and limped. Mammy Liao came over and watched Mammy Gu Huai Liao grow up. He has never been so rude to Mrs. Gu. "The old lady is your mother. Is that how you treat her?"
"It’s also my wife and my bone mother. Hahahaha, she’s my mother. Has she ever thought about it?" Gu Huai immediately cleared up.
Old lady gu opened her mouth "enough"
"No, no!"
Watching Liu Manting’s legs gradually diffuse with blood, I saw that the colorful bird brocade dress was gradually stained with blood, and Xu kept shaking his head. "No, no!"
Afraid that Liu Manting couldn’t help crying and biting his teeth, Xu grabbed Caiyun’s hand and stuffed it into Liu Manting’s mouth
Caiyun can hold back the palm of her hand and be bitten out by Liu Manting until Liu Manting can’t help but faint in pain.
When Gu Jinxi woke up, it seemed as if he thought of something. He immediately turned over and sat up and grabbed Pinellia next to him. The first sentence was "Where is my mother?"
"Don’t worry, young lady, the young master is safe." Pinellia raised her hand and wiped her forehead with fine sweat.
"Shout …"
Gu Jinxi suddenly let out a deep sigh of turbidity and then poured out a soft couch. "It is good for the mother to be safe."