Xu Le turned his cane again and the black whirlpool appeared from him again.

When the Dark Gate appeared, these night demons fled like they saw something scary.
However, there is a kind of gravity in the Dark Gate, which constantly drags these fleeing monsters and makes them completely sink in this deep pit.
After opening the dark door, Xu Le felt a little unwell.
He seems to have absorbed some of the night demon’s strength and breath, and that feeling is really not so good.
And with the dark door recycling more and more nightmare, Xu Le feels that his state has also changed, and that dark force is so overwhelming that it seems to overflow.
But in any case, he can’t let the nightmare wander around the city. This creature is a more terrible monster than the succubus.
They bring fear and are extremely polluting.
Ordinary people can’t compete with nightmare.
Even ordinary level 1-2 fighters will struggle against nightmare.
"Is this creature really a big brother?"
Xu Le has doubts about this situation.
The darkness gradually faded away, and the situation of the underground chamber gradually appeared in front of Xu Le.
Without those rotten things, it still looks dilapidated, but it is much cleaner than before.
What was cover by that rotten mud is also revealed.
Some bases of human tissues have been swallowed and digested, and most things have rotted with time.
But there are still some brand-new things left here
Xu Leyuan’s idea was to set a torch here and burn it down, but his curiosity about the real situation of ink and dust made Xu Le stop this move
He picked up some remnants and looked at them.
There is a list of experimental data, although the handwriting is not clear, but from the page turning and rotten photos, there are indeed many people who died in the experiment
Xu Le has nothing to say about this. Nowadays, the lighthouse situation is not something that someone can turn the tide.
Unless there is an absolute external force to break the original rules, the lighthouse can be delayed in this way
No experimental data aside, Xu Le picked up a notebook to look up again.
The front and back pages have been corroded, but the handwriting on the middle pages is still clearly visible.
This means that this note was not long when it was brought here, and it is likely to be new.
Xu Le looked up carefully.
[….. the skeleton is not big, the muscles are strong, but they are well-proportioned.
His skin is black, red, black and red, and as a result, he has lost the spirit of a young man.
There is something fermented in the sweat, just like my once elegant brother. I still remember that he had a long, dense hair like a crow’s wing and as thick as a horse’s mane, so his head was particularly big.
Well, his mouth is a little bigger, his lips are a little sipped, but he is as red as blood and strong, with a row of big white teeth.
The most beautiful thing about him physically is probably his fortitude.
Here he is him, not her.
Is to form a man.
Xu Le Mo Chen saw the same handwriting as here. Are these words written by Mo Chen?
There is a picture of a man in the record, but unfortunately his face is blurred and he can’t see clearly.
Then Xu Le continued to turn the page and looked.
[The girl is fresh and with a sour and graceful breath. She can firmly grasp the wet forefoot area of people’s throat, just like the dark swamp in the wild has absorbed the sweat of the girl’s arch and toes.
Microbes exude lemon acidity, which makes people look forward to and fantasize.
How vivid the body is, it must be perfect if it can be made into a doll.
I saw her again. What an exciting moment!]
There is also a photo at the back of this page, but it has black stockings and a pair of high heels.
Xu Le hesitated for a moment and smiled.
"This guy is really a pervert."