Obviously, the fourth division can’t be transferred to take charge of the capital city defense, and the teacher Cai E has just transferred the new teacher of the General Staff Department, and the situation has not been familiar with it for less than two months.

The same is true of the fifth division. Zhao Shixiao was killed and Liu Zeyu was only a few months old, and he was too young to forget it.
The sixth division suffered too much damage in the pre-war, and the army has not recovered its combat power and should not be transferred;
There is no problem with the combat power of the first division, but the first division has been put in the forefront. Opposite Anhui is Yuan Shikai, a new army in two towns. It is nothing for others to replace the first division!
The ninth division is Jiangsu, which is also facing the new army of Yuan Shikai and Yuan Shikai. This is the key point of Yuan Shikai’s protection, and we must not move lightly.
Well, there is only one seventh division left. The seventh division is now stationed in Shandong, and there is no particularly important defense. Moreover, when Xu Shuzheng followed Lingqing Taiwan Province for nearly two years, he was quite familiar with the situation in Taiwan Province. Both the military and political sides in Taiwan Province have a good relationship. It is the most suitable candidate to transfer him.
But there is also a problem. The instructor is going to replace a main division with Taiwan Province Division, and it must be one of the third divisions of the second division. That is to say, Zhang Lin will continue to stay in Taiwan Province as the chief of staff of the sixth regiment. What about Xu Shuzheng? Now Xu Shuzheng, but Duan Yushou’s chief of staff, can be a teacher after the past. The chief of staff must not be his turn.
What should Xu Huaijin do if his heart struggles?
Now it’s even harder.
Finally, Xu Huaijin’s bullet can also temporarily wronged Xu Shuzheng
Xu Huaijin shouted, "Somebody!"
Dong Haichuan, confidential staff officer of Xu Huaijin, came in at once and said, "What’s the general commander’s command?"
Xu Huaijin sink a way "Haichuan immediately sent a telegram to Shandong Xu Shuzheng to let him come to Beijing two days ago is important! At the same time, call Commander Duan Yu and ask him to meet me at the General Staff! "
Duan Yu happened to have his headquarters in Baoding in Beijing these days, but the fourth division HQ has set up Beijing. He just hasn’t returned to the fourth division HQ for inspection these days.
Duan Yu was a little surprised when he received Dong Haichuan’s words. Yesterday, he ran to the General Staff to find his eldest brother and got together once. He also severely slaughtered Xu Huaijin and let himself go again today. What does this mean?
Duan Yu also dare not neglect hurriedly rushed to the general staff to see Xu Huaijin.
Seeing Xu Huaijin Duan Yu laughing, "Why is Big Brother so anxious to take my picture? What’s the matter?"
Xu Huaijin took a look at Duan Yu and said, "Jade treated you to a snack yesterday. Now I want to cut a piece of meat from you!" "
Duan Yu grinned and laughed. "You cut my meat? Brother, stop joking! You can cut my piece of meat, and I can show you. I don’t earn as much as you, and your first wife is not as beautiful as you. What else can you see? "
Xu Huaijin’s eyes narrowed and smiled. "I told you yesterday that my brother was seriously ill. Taiwan Province came out as a governor and a commander …"
Duan Yu’s heart moved and looked at Xu Huaijin’s confused way: "Eldest brother, you told me about this matter yesterday. The governor has Mr. Gang Gu as the commander. What can I do for Tang Keqiang’s eldest brother?" Is the instructor going to transfer me to Taiwan Province? "
Xu Huaijin conveniently handed Duan Yu a telegram from Zhang Yi and said, "Let’s have a look, brother. This is a telegram from the instructor."
Duan Yu will report to his hand and read it again. My heart thumped. Taiwan Province’s situation has changed. I have to deploy a main division. Does this eldest brother look at his main division in the past?
Xu Huaijin laughed. "Brother, see, now every regiment is heavy, just you, xiao qing Province. I took a fancy to Xu Shuzheng. How does this knife taste?"
Duan Yu jumped up and said urgently, "Brother, we didn’t play with people like this. I just asked you to invite me to dinner, so you poached one of my teachers. I’m so stupid!"
Xu Huaijin nai said, "What are you going to do about the current situation in the country? Where do you want to deploy a division? Is it from Anhui, Jiangsu or Zhili or even from the northeast to transfer a tiger force? Where the situation is not tense, that is, Shandong’s defense pressure is small. Which division should I transfer if I don’t transfer the Shandong Seventh Division? "
Duan Yu grinned out of luck. "Eldest brother, even if you want to transfer Xu Huaijin, it’s not easy to get it. Now Xu Shuzheng is my chief of staff transferred to Taiwan Province, but the position of the teacher is left to block people’s future, such as killing their parents. How can you explain it to others?"
Xu Huaijin rubbed his forehead and said, "I know it’s not appropriate to do this. It’s not hopeless. Now you can see that some of all the heads of generals are familiar with Taiwan Province. He has been playing ghost with Ling Qing and Taiwan Province for two years. Which one do you think he won’t let go?"
Duan Yu angrily sat in the chair and said, "What do you say? If you bring Zheng back to the normal division level, he will be able to do a good job for you by complaining? "
Xu Huaijin replied, "Then reserve the position of chief of staff of the fourth regiment for him. The seventh division is to adjust the designation and will also reserve the fourth regiment. You may find an acting chief of staff at present."
Duan Yu suddenly said, "Why don’t we make an effort to make Zheng go to be the commander of the sixth regiment? Anyway, Brother Tang has been transferred to another place. There is no need to get involved. Those generals who transferred to another place will still have a knot in their hearts! "
Xu Huaijin airway "let zither to be commander again? What do you think? Can Zhang Lin be angry? Taiwan Province Zhang Lin has been chief of staff for three years! Xu Shuzheng is quite qualified. Isn’t this obvious for the two of them to fight? "
Xu Huaijin firmly said, "Well, that’s settled. You help me to persuade him and we’ll make compensation for him in the future!" Don’t go away these two days or you will arrive the day after tomorrow! "
Duan Yu said angrily, "Go back to Baoding regardless of God!"
Chapter one hundred and seventy Yin again
Xu Huaijin suddenly smiled strangely and said, "Really? You will * * * run back to Baoding tomorrow? "
Duan’ Yu’ replied, "You don’t want to let the old man do such a wicked thing today!"
Xu Huaijin asked, "Are you sure?"
Duan’ jade’ was seen by Xu Huaijin as a little guilty’ color’ and he roared, "Let’s go today! See what you can do to me. I won’t come back if you invite me back! "
Xu Huaijin laughed. "Well, you dog, get out of here! Tell you that the instructor will go back to Beijing the day after tomorrow, at most the day after tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, the instructor and Shi Yun will hold a wedding * * * * You should get out of here quickly! "
Duan Yu’s face suddenly changed into grief and indignation. "Big brother, you are so fucking’ yin’ me!"
Can you not attend the instructor’s wedding? Don’t say that breaking your’ leg’ is to beat your own shit and you have to rely on it! It’s hard for me to rob a good place like Gyeonggi, which is close to the advantage. I miss Wu Peifu, and they can’t get back even if they want to attend! If I can attend and don’t come again, I’ll regret it!
Xu Huaijin looked at Duan’s’ Jade’ and laughed. "Go away, you’d better go away. You can catch two trips from Baoding to Beijing in three days. Hahaha …"
Duan’ Yu’ bowed his head and said, "I don’t want to go. I always help you say that Xu Shuzheng * * * * Why is it my bad luck every time!"
Xu Huaijin patted Duan’s jade on the shoulder and said, "You are content to attend the instructor’s wedding when you were young. It’s a generation that can’t look forward to it. It’s an honor to think that ‘jade’ is far away from Lanzhou unless you fly. Anyway, he can’t catch up with the old bus. It’s ambiguous. It’s far enough from Baotou to Beijing. You can sit still and eat good meat and drink good wine. What’s not enough? ‘
Duan’s’ jade’ was so nutty that it was such a wedding that he cheated himself out of a chief of staff and lost a fortune!
On the afternoon of the third day of the whole day, Zhang Yi Shi Yun accompanied Shida back to Beijing to visit more recent chapters:
Tang Shaoyi and Xu Huaijin, who had just arrived at the train, led a group of people to meet him. His lordship is respected and can really stand such etiquette.
Tang Shaoyi laughed. "Jian, Yun Er’s younger sister finally looked forward to your marriage. Old brother, I have already prepared it for you …"
Just said the second half of Tang Shaoyi’s speech was also returned to stare big eyes-Shida!