"One-on-one elimination competition?"

"Are you kidding?"
"Isn’t it a written test?"
For an instant, everyone stared at President Nitero with a frightened face.
"written test?"
In Nitero, "Who guesses the exam method casually?"
For a moment, everyone’s eyes turned to the martial artist Baudero.
Hey, this is Lei Ouli Avenue. "Look at the bulletin board, everyone."
This is …
When people look at the bulletin board like a ladder, they can’t help but be struck by lightning. If you write elimination according to the bulletin board, isn’t there one person in the final rank?
"This is not true!" They shouted disbelief.
Ha ha ha ha ha when everyone was shocked, Nitero spoke again, "Is it interesting to group like this?"
It’s really interesting. When you don’t want to continue the wave, you just say, "If I guess correctly, each candidate can pass the test if he wins once, which means that there is one person in the final elimination group according to the bulletin board."
Ah, that’s interesting. I want to continue to scare you! "You’re right, one out of ten of you is eliminated."
Scared me
Everyone gasped when they heard this. The old man is so good at playing.
Then, after a minute or so, the final test was explained, and finally President Nietro announced the start.
Step by step.
A man in a black suit came out and said, "I am the referee of this test. My name is Louis, so I’d like to invite No.46 Raytheon to face No.99 Shimada Hanzo."
"I give up" when Shimada Hanzo directly said.
Shimada Hanzo’s words brought him back when he was about to lift his foot forward.
For Shimada Hanzo to throw in the towel and they didn’t make any dissatisfaction, because it seems to them that Raytheon momo is both who bss level is not shameful to throw in the towel.
In a blink of an eye, the second group game, Siso Kulapika, has also ended. Although Kulapika was pointed out before, even so, Kulapika was still abused in the battle between the two men, and the two men couldn’t find the north. Finally, Siso admitted that he lost for some reason and ended the game, just like the original.
"Then come and ask the third group No.99 Shimada Hanzo No.45 Xiaojie in front." With the referee’s voice, Xiaojie came forward one after another.
Come to Lei Ouli to cheer up after "Come on Xiaojie"
Why don’t you bring your fishing rod to Shimada Hanzo and look at Xiaojie with both hands? "Don’t you look down on me like this?"
No, Xiaojie looked at him and said, "That fishing rod was given to me by my brother. It has helped me too much, so this time I want to pass the exam by myself."
"Really?" Shimada Hanzo couldn’t help but want to laugh when he heard the innocent words of Xiaojie.
Ok, the chat is over. The referee waved and shouted "The game … begins"
Da da
As far as the referee’s words are concerned, Xiaojie’s figure has already rushed out and circled behind Shimada Hanzo at the same time.
Xiaojie drinks a little while his right foot has swept out.
"It’s too slow for you," said Shimada Hanzo ghostly behind Xiaojie, while the figure of Shimada Hanzo in front disappeared when Xiaojie swept past.
A blow missed Xiaojie’s fierce string out.
"Give up! You can’t beat me. Don’t wave. "Before Xiaojie stopped, Shimada Hanzo had followed him again.
This bald head is quite fast! Looking at closely following the sound of Xiaojie, Shimada Hanzo, Lei Ouli and others can’t help but worry.
"In that case, I’ll let you suffer a little."
Speaking Shimada Hanzo has already shot.
I feel that the figure of Xiaojie’s foot slamming from the rear is running towards the side.
Sure enough, it’s a child Shimada Hanzo who despises looking at Xiaojie who has no combat experience. Doesn’t he know that it’s difficult to avoid attacks from the enemy?
"Be careful behind" Lei Ouli suddenly sounded.
At this time, Zhong Xiaojie had already noticed the attack behind him and adjusted his body calmly to avoid the attack from Shimada Hanzo. He also extended his right foot and kicked it towards the other side.
Shimada Hanzo was stunned that Xiaojie could escape his attack and fight back, but he still crossed his chest very quickly.
A muffled sound rang, and Jacko attacked the momentum. Shimada Hanzo’s body flew into the middle again, while Jacko turned around and landed firmly.
Chapter 60 Xiaojie wins
"Looking at the smooth corner crisis, Xiaojie" Lei Ouli spat out a sigh. It was too dangerous just now.
"Good job, Jacko," Kulapika praised.
Damn it, bald head, what the hell! Qiu Menqi, who is mad with Xiaojie, "You have to work hard to beat that kid!"
Menchi, you’re not still mad at Jacko for telling us about sushi during the experiment!
"Of course. Who made him talk so much?"
"…" One side Lindsey ha thorn a listen to not braved the cold sweat indeed as expected or bear grudges as before.