Surprisingly, Shimei turned her head and ran to the other wall, trying to touch the machine and hide it in the secret passage. However, at the front, a swoop came from behind, and the person was firmly pressed down.

"…" Baishi sighed in her heart. It’s too weak. This childhood shadow is too weak, which is not proportional to her terrible appearance.
In the original plot, she can be so scary, probably set off by the juvenile detective team … Now suddenly she has changed people, even if Mao Lilan has been put away by herself, the light department is flat, and it is not a second speed to play violence.
However, Baishi, who has a good employee in his heart, has not forgotten his mission of maintaining balance.
As soon as Bupingji held the man down on the white stone, he consciously followed the past with anxiety, "Where is Conan?"
“! !” In his busy schedule, the Ministry made room for a finger to stand on his lips and secretly signaled Baishi.
His temporary teammate took one look at him and stopped talking for nothing.
However, Nishikawa Shimei has succeeded. What has ge achieved?
Her eyes turned and she smiled insidiously. "I asked my companion to watch him. Once I lose my joint, my horse will be killed!" "
"You calm down and don’t mess around." Baishi negotiated with her sincerely. "We can tell you where the castle treasure is hidden, but only if you let people go first."
"…" Department of flat time with a sigh in my heart.
The reality is still uncertain that Kudo was caught by this old lady.
Maybe Conan also found strange traces in the secret passage, and then he got to know the truth, indulged in solving puzzles, and left his companions in the secret passage to linger-Kudo could do such a thing.
There is another possibility.
-judging from the fact that he and Baishi have contacted two machine doors, the location of secret passages is usually set higher.
Conan can’t reach the plane without a mat, so he will be trapped in the tunnel and can’t get out
The original department wants to beat around the bush to test it first.
If Conan really has this fake old man’s hand, then continue to test whether she has a partner or not. How do they communicate with each other? This may help Conan to get out of the jet lag.
If it’s all the worst answers, then it’s time to negotiate with her.
And if the old lady has never seen Conan, it will be easier-catch her and her accomplices together and ask Gong Man to help send some people to the secret passage to find someone together.
Who knows that the abacus is well played, but before the mouth, the teammates directly threw out the cards.
In this way, whether Conan is not fake or not, the old man will use this as a bargaining chip because it is difficult to verify it on his side.
….. Alas Kudo said yes, being too nice can sometimes be an obstacle-not enough dogs are easy to lose their composure because of worrying about their peers.
Ubeiji’s mood is a bit complicated.
But now you can do what the old lady says first.
Give up the beautiful see department flat times loose hold her hand suddenly secretly relieved to get up from the ground.
She has no help at all
On the one hand, she doesn’t want to share the treasure with others, on the other hand, she also knows that she is exaggerating-killing so many people. If the "helper" wants to sell it, she will probably go to jail and wait for the truth, and the old lady may be sentenced to death.
Chapter 357 Are you happy? I am happy, too.
Without help, there will be a lot of inconvenience, but it is not impossible to move.