And this time, the solar storm plan, blue star seven area one organization moved a total of 19 strong stars.

Huaxia District, Milian District and Yinlian District each dispatched three star-rated non-linked areas, one star-rated other linked areas, including myth, and two star-rated strong people.
However, the strong star in the Europa League is Erila.
Erila must be there, or Lei Ming will launch a hurricane, but few people can hold it.
At the same time, this time the commander-in-chief of the solar storm plan is Raymont, and Raymont is a strong star.
It is the chairman of the Raymont Gene Committee that most people have neglected his physical strength in recent years.
This time, Raymont won the commander-in-chief limit just because of the strength foundation of the strong stars.
Besides the mythical Lord Wula, the head of its organization outside the earth includes Weibin, and the strongest is just a quasi-planet.
In this plan, once discovered by the enemy, it is easy to be beheaded by the enemy.
The commander-in-chief of this operation must be a star
It is impossible to let the mythical Lord Ulla be the commander in chief.
Others, such as Cai Shaochu, Evie or Harun, are bound to be opposed when they come out as commander in chief.
Raymont, the commander-in-chief of this solar storm plan.
In the end, it is estimated that the strength of a brainwave star will retreat here. This time, the strong star is 21!
It is necessary to go to war to make a retreat here, silver six and silver including a retreat.
They are kind of guides.
It is also a guarantee!
From the 9th of the month, the star-studded strong one will knot towards the purple asteroid one day.
According to the estimate, it will take twenty-one days to get married!
A little long
But it’s already fast.
If we fly there by aircraft, it will take three months for everything to go smoothly
Xu retreated here, and the power has arrived. It is necessary to turn into the moment.
How many troops to take to the war and how many people to stay behind is a question.
According to the agreement of this solar storm plan, those who make the plan must go in person.
This point has been considered for a long time
The brainwave star looks safe on the surface, but it is not necessary to stay behind.
Transmutation members must stay behind and take them to the war. If they are unlucky, they may be ruined.
But how many quasi-planets should we leave or which quasi-planets should we leave behind?
This problem has been considered for a long time.
If it is true that there is a certain party plotting to retreat a brainwave star and Huaxia District has not blocked it, then the other party’s dispatch must be a number of strong stars.
Then it is meaningless to retreat and stay behind two or three or even three or four quasi-planets.
It takes two or three strong people to be able to barely hold a star.
Xu tuihui is now an xiaoxue’s smoke posture, and there are only seven quasi-planets in total. If the power is dispersed, it will become very weak.
If you count silver and silver six together, there is still a lot of fighting power to deal with four or five strong stars, which is also a very strong fighting power.
For this reason, it is finally decided that the whole brainwave star will stay behind except the quasi-planetary members of the Tongtian Desert Group, and then one person will go to the star level and the quasi-planetary department to participate in the war!
It’s better to combine forces than to disperse them.
If the brainwave star really changes, two or three quasi-planets will not change anything.
You must stay after the spirit.
After leaving the spirit, hundreds of millions of ants and beasts can be controlled by the spirit. After they are retired, some of them will go to the vicinity of the No.1 main base to guard the No.1 main base.
At the same time, if the worst happens, hundreds of millions of ants and beasts will be an excellent platoon.
Although the seven districts and one organization have all settled in, they have secretly investigated it, but the real owners of the star are these ants and beasts.