Don’t say it’s Chu Yi’s army that selected and placed people. Even if Chu Yi took their positions, none of them dared to say anything.

Chu Yi’s eyes swept away from the generals, and suddenly his eyes were fixed on several generals. "Chen Zu Wang An, Du Yu …"
There is something wrong with a dozen generals looking at Chu Yi with a face of panic.
In the tent, others’ eyes fell, and many people were conscious of pulling away from the dozen generals.
Before more than a dozen people were frightened, they bowed to Chu Yi, who looked at several people coldly and said, "Don’t you have anything to explain?"
Chen Zushen took a deep breath and looked at Chu Yi’s teeth. "It’s not white for the manager to ask us to explain what the roots are!"
Chuyi corners of the mouth peep out one silk light say with smile "oh, since it’s not white, then the governor will wake you up. You must be a frontier scholar …"
Suddenly more than a dozen generals, such as Chen Zu and Wang An, turned pale like being struck by lightning and looked at Chu Yi in horror.
Whether it’s Wang An or Chen Zu, it’s meaningless for them to try to justify such things even if they want to.
If Chu Yi wants to kill them, it’s just a matter of words.
The generals in the army can still see that more than a dozen people except one or two are frightened out of my wits and beg for mercy to say that everyone else is very calm
There’s nothing I can do if I’m not calm. Anyway, it’s born to die who begged for mercy or died. It’s better to let himself die decently
Although the generals said that there was a faint speculation in their hearts, they couldn’t help but feel a stir when they heard Chu Yi’s words about Chen Zu and others’ intention to rebel.
Chu Yi said faintly, "Drag them out and behead them!"
East factory immediately rushed in and dragged a dozen people out.
As a result, the original generals with more than 100 people have been cleaned twice by Chu Yi, which is more than a third less.
After beheading Chen Zu and others, Chu Yi pulled out some people to replace Chen Zu and Wang An.
Tens of thousands of troops and hundreds of generals came to this barracks by serial means, and almost 30% to 40% of the generals were personally drawn and branded, and his orders could be successfully reached in the army with some killing and shocking.
Watching Chu Yi lead people out of the barracks and headed for the South Camp, Zhu Yi, Lu Dazhu and others can’t help but show some eroticism when they look at the direction of the South Camp.
In fact, there are almost all generals absent without leave in the four barracks, which is normal or not.
It can even be said that at least one third of them have gone AWOL, or they were lucky enough not to be caught by Chu Yi this time.
But after such a time, I watched dozens of generals, such as Xu Guangli and Feng Zhi, who had a very big background, be beheaded one by one. I believe that these generals will never forget for half a generation before they want to leave their posts without leave. Then we must first think about what will happen if they are hit by Chu Yi.
Zhu Yi thought that his brothers and nephews in several camps could not help but look dignified.
Look at Chu Yi’s posture. It is necessary to clean up the four camps with heavy hands. It can be expected that such a wave of going to honor your army will definitely be cut by more than 30% to 40%.
But take a look at Lu Dazhu and others. Zhu Yi gives birth to that idea in his heart, but it is suppressed.
He can send someone to inquire quietly, but he can’t guarantee whether he will be discovered by Lu Dazhu and others if he really does that.
You know, Lu Dazhu and others don’t deal with them on weekdays. Otherwise, Lu Dazhu and others’ abilities should be attached to the prestigious group and they would not be able to be middle-level generals.
This time, Lu Dazhu and others have to pay attention to Chu Yi. When these people are pulled to a high position, Lu Dazhu is no worse than him. He will never doubt Lu Dazhu and others’ loyalty to Chu Yizhong.
For people like Lu Dazhu, they don’t care whether Chu Yi is a celebrity or not. If Chu Yi is kind to them, they will pay their loyalty in return.
“ ` ` w w w ““ ` “ C`O`M
South Camp is not much better than East Camp.
Chu Yinan’s camp is also a drum-beating gathering and then a big killing.