"You this achievement method is so weird that you actually changed the skill of others. What achievement method?" Wuxingyun doubt way

"You can call it’ Hua Gong Da Fa’!" Hades light say with smile
Hades didn’t explain that it was his secret after all, and he didn’t want others to know.
"Hua Gong Dafa is a vicious method!" Wu xingyun sink a way
"Come on, there will be more and more people here!" Hades sink a way
Wu Xingyun nodded. "There are more and more people chasing us now. I don’t know how many times I can escape!"
"Don’t think so much, it will be fine!" Hades sink a way
Two people stick to the ground quickly left-
Luoyi in the human world
A large number of cellars have been dug outside the boundary of Jiangtai Luoyi, and no one in the quartet is white.
But they didn’t stop the same camp.
After digging, Jiang Tai had a good memory to determine the obstacle.
The cellar is covered with earth and stone, so you can’t see anything special.
Jiang Tai once again returned to the south of Luoyi City.
At the moment, the people have been sent away.
Jiang Tai called Mengmeng and Wang Guo.
Jiang Tai carefully narrated the news to Zhu Rong.
Everyone is a facial expression.
"We can’t stop the giant from coming!" Mengmeng frown way
"Zhu Rong? This can be troublesome! " King Chi also changed lanes.
"You don’t need to resist!" Jiang taichen way
"Oh?" Two people doubt to Jiang Tai.
"Mengmeng, you are in charge of Meng ‘an. I need you to always follow Meng to protect Meng ‘an and send it back to Da Lei Yin Temple!" Jiang taichen way
"Ah?" Mengmeng has a strange face.
"After the start of the war, King Chi, you should try your best to arrive in advance. When you can’t resist, you should pretend to be defeated and leave immediately!" Jiang taichen way
"pretend to be defeated?" Wang Guo wondered.
"Yes, if a dragon dies, you take their bodies to Da Lei Yin Temple. Mr. Bian Que will go to Da Lei Yin Temple. I have asked him to call his brother to step up refining the resurrection pill!" Jiang Tai ordered
"Yes!" A dragon nodded
"What about you?" Mengmeng worried.
"Me? You’re not worried about me. Since I have arranged for you, I have my own retreat. Just leave as soon as I ask! Leave me alone! " Jiang taichen way
"Yes!" Erlong nodded.
Everything is arranged, and things are different around.
Everyone is waiting for the Zhu Rong army.
Six days passed in this way.
In the far south, flaming red clouds are moving in the direction of Luoyi.
"Coming, coming, the Zhu Rong army is coming!" A sentry in the south screamed and screamed.
Mr. Longyuan in Luoyi looks happy, and so does his face on Sunday.
And Jiang Tai, Zhao Zheng, Qin Mugong, Bai Xixi, Zhao Shuai, Zhi Boyao, Han Fei, Mr. Corpse, Shang Yang and other strong people have shown dignified colors.
Armageddon is coming.