This will not expose your poor academic level.

It takes nearly two and a half days for the airship to fly to Zion, and Xu Le needs to make up for his knowledge of Zion during this time.
Although the original owner also has some dusty memories.
However, with the lengthening of crossing, those dusty memories become heavier and heavier.
It’s like those memories don’t belong to him. If you meet them, you may be able to remember them.
But if you don’t meet the corresponding situation, those memories are like bricks hidden in his brain.
After discovering that Xu Le is very talkative and well informed, Liu Jia is also very happy to talk to Xu Le.
As the conversation deepened, she found Xu Le incredible.
However, the happy conversation is always interrupted by someone who is a tall and strong male student. Li Weijian Liujia has been chatting with Xu Le, and his heart is a little uncomfortable.
Although Liu Jia is not beautiful, she is the most outstanding academic among them.
Doesn’t she look very capable by talking to outsiders all the time? So he went looking for trouble
"Isn’t Liu Jia going to eat?"
"No, I’m chatting with Mr. Xu Le. You go ahead."
Liujia politely refused Li Wei, but Li Wei didn’t let it go.
"Even if you chat and ask questions, you have to eat."
Then he looked at Xu Leshi again. He wanted to destroy the conversation between one or two people.
But he also knows that his academic level is not as good as that of Xu Le, who can make language attacks in some previous lines.
"Oh, I remember that I ate in the toilet before, right?
I didn’t expect a bachelor of Lighthouse University to go to the toilet … hahaha.
Liu Jia, you don’t want to learn from him, do you? He was a beggar before me, but he was a bachelor. "
"Li Wei, don’t go too far."
Liujia is a little angry. She thinks Xu Le can’t be like that. There must be some misunderstanding about going to the toilet.
Several of his classmates looked at the three men. Although they also felt that Li Wei’s rhetoric was a bit excessive, his speech still made them want to laugh.
Xu Le gave Liu Jia a sign for her to sit down.
"Don’t get too excited. It’s a little misunderstanding that Liujia actually went to the toilet before class.
I’m not very well. There are some bad-smelling drugs in the toilet.
I also know that I have given you some very bad stereotypes, and I’m sorry about that.
However, I think a college student even said that a Zionist’s upbringing is the most quality.
What is upbringing?
Education is a line, and education is a kind heart.
And how much you read have a lot to do with mental cultivation.
Do you think your words and deeds just now will not humiliate Zion? "
Xu Le indifferently formed a fresh contrast with Li Wei in front of him, and Liujia frowned deeper.
"Okay, Li Wei, I’ll go to dinner by myself later, so don’t bother you."
Li Wei snorted and left. He knew it would be boring to leave this. Let’s save some noodles for ourselves.
"I’m afraid Liu Jia’s classmate will be more hostile to me when she says so."
"Well, I’m sorry if I caused Mr. Xu Le trouble."
"We’re almost the same. You don’t have to call me sir."
"This can’t be done, although Mr. Xu Le looks about the same age as us. A bachelor’s degree is a bachelor’s degree
Calling you Mr. is a respect for knowledge. "
Xu Le is a little bit, although there will be some rubbish in every city-state, such as that in Li Wei
But there will be some different people, such as Liu Jia in front of him
Although she is not an extraordinary person, Xu Le thinks that such a person can’t be the kind of person who changes the world.
When she joins the work in the future, she will also become the cornerstone of society
"That’s all right."
For the next two days, Xu Leji just talked with Liu Jia about things related to Zion.
Until the third day early.
Xu Le took off his front plaid shirt and wore a cloth vest, a white shirt and casual pants.
Then I simply trimmed my hair with my own razor.
He changed the front watermelon-covered hairstyle into a buzz cut, although the buzz cut out by the razor pad comb was a bit messy.
But this hairstyle is much sharper than before.
Plus the momentum accumulated in Xu Le’s many life-and-death battles before.
At this time, Xu Le looked a bit behind the scenes.
Especially Liu Jia, who came to study early in the morning, was stunned when she saw Xu Leyang.
"Are you … Mr. Xu Le?"
"Yes, why?"
Liujia low head seems to be Xu Le changes make her some unnatural.
Xu Le asked a little strange.
"What’s wrong with me?"
"You look a little less like a scholar."