Thirty seconds later, Chuling appeared again in front of the high-temperature fire curtain of the sun in the cosmic passage.

At this time, it has been three minutes and fifteen seconds since he handed it to the virtual game for emergency warning.
However, if the high-temperature fire curtain in front of the sun waits for the first judgment, it will take at least three to four minutes.
Three or four minutes is very short, but sometimes it is not three or four minutes or three or four seconds that can determine the future.
At the beginning of the moment, the whole body smells like a finger.
Thumb is like a mountain, and it hits the sun’s high-temperature fire curtain three times in a short moment.
In the blink of an eye, the fire curtain, which was already weak and hotter than the sun, immediately became as semi-transparent as paper
At the beginning of the same moment, the breath of spiritual power dropped by 15% directly.
Before departure, 60% has now fallen to less than 45%
However, at the beginning, Smart didn’t stop for three points, and suddenly it turned into streamer to break through the high-temperature fire curtain that had not yet penetrated the sun.
At the same moment, the sun’s brilliance was miniaturized again, which may be that something seems to be forced to burst into the blazing sun.
Even if this outbreak of power will be weak.
But in a flash, the first spirit passed through the weak fire curtain which was hotter than the sun.
And sent a message to Yuan through the way of Qianchuling emergency connection.
"I’ll hurry back first if the home planet changes."
Deep in the sun, because the first spirit left the sun, the sun lost its goal as soon as it was miniaturized, and slowly dispersed into the sun.
At the same time, I received an emergency message from Chuling, but I froze.
Ten seconds later, Yuan received the high-temperature fire curtain of the Daxi elite Shiling family, and it is expected to close in three seconds.
Not only does Bluestar monitor the high-temperature fire curtain of the sun, but also Daxi clan monitors the situation of Eldar clan.
Yuan is depressed.
Chuling is natural and unrestrained, but it once again makes him choose a fork in the road.
With or without?
Is it to kill the holy spirit star with the first spirit?
Or if he doesn’t kill the Holy Spirit Star, it will go all the way into the sun to kill the Blue Star and cut off the hidden dangers to collect part of the Chinese protoss?
It took only ten seconds for Yuan to make a decision.
Must follow!
There is one reason.
What if the first spirit turns around and the Holy Spirit just blocks the Blue Star Coalition and just kills the head of the Blue Star Coalition?
Xu tui is a super treasure house.
Holding two big sources, a small universe, two imperial seals and Tianhe chessboard, such a treasure trove.
He and Chu Ling talked about who got a refund. This super treasure house immediately suppressed the greatest achievements in the world and had the strength to suppress him and even kill him.
So yuan must be with
With it, it is possible to share with Chu Ling and retire from the super treasure house.
But not with absolutely nothing.
In an instant, the light and shadow in front of Yuan flashed and bombarded crazily.
It’s just a flash before the sun’s high temperature fire curtain shattered Yuan.
And the blazing sun has just been provoked and lost its goal.
Back to eleven seconds ago.
That is to say, a hyphen will be broken when Chu Ling bursts through the high-temperature fire curtain of the sun in front of him at the same moment or when he is wrong for one second.
This hyphen has a special representative significance.
It’s broken, which means the blue star is watching the Eldar. The high temperature of the sun and the broken fire curtain mean that the early spirit is coming back.
"All troops can’t arrive at the scheduled retreat node in one minute!" Xu retired the horse and banned most of the virtual game rules. The source power was recovered and then the order was reached
Xu back to command when three hundred blue star expeditionary force has been like a meteor shower quickly flashed into the Tianhe chessboard just hit the door.
At the same time, Xu tui received two urgent reports, two of which were sent to the designated place by the distance problem method, and the Xu tui was reported urgently.
One is still led by Rui.
"Wait for me in situ"
Allow to retreat, teleport and disappear
Before the attack, the range of attack was set at the retreat point, which is 3 thousand kilometers around, which is a little long for the average five-star satellite.
But it’s only ten teleports for now.
It takes four seconds to teleport ten times.
In the teleport, Xu retreat has been given to the retreat point. Cai Shaochu has reached the order that "the principal is ready to retreat at any time and Chuling is back"
"Come back with early spirit?
If it’s Chuling, can we try the third plan? "Cai Shaochu said road.
"I’m not sure I’m ready to retreat first."
Five seconds later, another hyphen in Xu’s hand was broken.
This means that the sun’s high temperature fire curtain over there is also broken.