At this time, a bright light flashed in the universe, and a holy light enveloped the mountain peak and appeared in the battlefield. Lu Yu recognized it at a glance as he had seen the Lord.

This mysterious old man even chose to join the final battle, but his target was not the saints, but his arch-enemy chaotic king
Great holy light came to this old physical strength, which made him send out terrible screams. The demon Lord took this opportunity to constantly seize his power handle.
The two saints in the west also tried their best to shoot, and finally the huge body of the chaotic king of the Lord Light burst, and the appearance of chaotic creatures seemed to lead to a new world.
However, the Lord will soon gather these forces, and with them, he will be able to get detached places in an era. At this moment, the most important thing is to see whether the saints can succeed in detachment.
Looking at the chaotic kings who have fallen, several old days suddenly became anxious. They linked the mysterious atmosphere on the other side and seemed to be integrated.
With the support of the old days, the power of evil breath suddenly increased, making the two saints a little shaky.
Liu Yu looked at this scene and his heart vibrated inexplicably. If the saints failed, he didn’t know what the future would be like, but it wouldn’t be too good to think about it. After all, these old days were not good people.
At this time, all the purple gas suddenly appeared in his body, and the whole universe was surrounded in an instant. A road flyover who couldn’t see clearly suddenly appeared in the purple gas, and a mysterious force came and suddenly cut off the evil breath of the old days.
However, the mighty purple gas suddenly pounced on the evil breath, and the Tathagata got a moment to wake up. They waited for the characters to have a little breathing space, which was enough.
See two people figure gradually bigger slowly printed on the other side, at the same time, their bodies become illusory, that is, the universe rejects them.
While taking advantage of this opportunity, the inexplicable power came with a finger. Fortunately, the old days were terrible in shape. In less than a moment, they became a piece of white paper. With a flick of their sleeves, these white papers instantly fell apart and flew to the new world to see a brand-new continent appear at the end of the world. These old forces have transformed this new land.
"Don’t you stay aloof and wait longer!"
When the saints heard this, they jumped out of the long river and landed on the other side. So many people made it more difficult to suppress the evil breath, and even worse, the Tathagata bloomed with terrible Buddha’s light, which kept suppressing it. Soon, figures gradually appeared on the other side, making the original dark and quiet other side lively.
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The saints succeeded in detachment, which means they pointed out a way. The keen people have found that it seems that with the increase of detachment shadow, the evil smell becomes weaker than before, that is, with the increase of detachment number, the difficulty of detachment will become lower and lower. For a while, many people are more confident in their future.
And the saints have gradually disappeared with detachment, and the universe has made them stay for the last time. At first, the leader nodded slightly to the mysterious Lord, and a firm but gentle wave fell from the sky on the head of the Lord.
The old breath gradually declined, and a shining fruit appeared on his head. He actually started practicing again and got an illusory fruit, which means an era. This is already a detached person.
At this time, everyone realized that this was the reason for his hand.
And Lu Yu even guessed that when he entered the strange world, the mysterious Lord reached an agreement with several saints.
All the dust settled, and all the purple gas in the universe faded, and the virtual shadow of the Taoist disappeared. A broken palace slowly fell into the hands of Lu Yu, which was once Zixiao Palace, but now it is an ordinary innate treasure.
At the same time, Lu Yu’s mind showed memories of past lives. He was drunk and walked along the main road. He was oncoming with a speeding cart and died. In a moment, he saw a young man sitting on a bench not far away. His face and ancestors’ faces overlapped.
Originally, I was a courier. By this moment, he has finished, and this may be the reason why I can cross the heavy work for a lifetime.
All the gifts of fate are secretly winning the bid.
Lu Yu chuckled that he had also benefited from it, but he would care about looking at the new world. It was a wider and more wonderful world, and there were bound to be more wonderful stories, and he himself would become one of these stories. So he laughed and slowly descended with his brother and the shadow of the sunset mountain, and there would be more famous and blessed caves in the new world.
All this will be the best ending.
The most powerful guy in the sky
Zheqi flea
brief introduction
Burning fate can travel through the sky. Chu Yi opened his eyes and found himself lying clean. In the room, an old eunuch pointed a knife at his crotch.
The first chapter Open your eyes is a clean room
Into the badlands is more unruly.
Chu Yi struggled to wave a machete full of rust, and it took him less than half an hour to cut down the dead branches, which was considered to be completed today.
Carrying up the weak body of Chu Yi, who weighs dozens of pounds, shook slightly and finally kept his balance, and then carefully walked along the rugged mountain road towards the mountain.
Taiping Town is an unremarkable town outside Mangshan Mountain in Wan Li. There are more than a hundred villagers, about a thousand of whom depend on mountains and waters. Supposedly, people eat mountains and rely on water to eat, but there are fierce beasts in the mountains and big fish in the water, which can be described as how difficult it is to create people.
Walking along the ancient road paved with bluestone, Chu Yi walked into the town far away and saw a dilapidated small courtyard, which was the world home of Chu Yi.
Squeaking and pushing the gate, Chu Yi put his heavy dry wood for a while, followed by a stereo saying, "Brother, drink water!"
A little girl with braided hair wearing a patched coat held her head high and handed a gourd ladle of water to Chu Yi.
Chu Yi couldn’t help but feel a warm heart when he saw the little girl. First, he reached out and squeezed her little face, which was a little dry because of malnutrition, and then he took the water ladle and drank it all at once. The hunger finally weakened a little.
A violent cough came from the middle of the room. Chu Yi hurriedly walked towards the middle of the room. In the dark room, there was not much sundries except a big bed, a table and a few chairs. It can be described as a family.
A pale woman leaned against the bed and now saw Chu Yi and Chu Ying’s faces showing a kind smile. "Yier is back!" "
Chu Yi helped the woman to be covered. "Mother, please rest first and I’ll help you cook the medicine."
The woman looked at Chu Yi’s hands, which were red and swollen with cold, and said, "Yier is a mother who has dragged down your sick mother …"
Chu Yi’s heart trembled and looked at the woman’s eyes full of decisive look. She clenched her fist and gritted her teeth. "Mother Child said that she would help you see a doctor unless the child died. If the mother went to the child and Ying Er, there would be no mother!"
Turned to Chu Ying, who was only about ten years old, and said, "Ying Er, take care of your mother’s brother and cook for you!"
The little girl nodded brittle way "brother rest assured ying son will take good care of mother"
Chu Yi felt ashamed when he entered the humble kitchen and lifted the cover of the stone jar to see the one-finger thick millet left.
Chu Yi, a passer-by, feels that he is definitely the most unlucky person among the travelers.
After others crossed, they either rebelled and proclaimed themselves emperor, and the harem was 3 thousand, or they were worth hundreds of millions of wives and concubines. Even if they were mixed up, they would be famous for their literary Sect.
But what about him crossing the walls of his family for more than ten years? He is starving at first sight, which really disgraces the traveler.
Chu Yi doesn’t want to. Who specifically told him that among into the badlands, what can he eat in Tang poetry and Song poetry and slay fierce beasts in the mountains?