"Well …" She screamed but let him take the opportunity to absorb her sweet tongue and kiss her more deeply.

"Hissing-"Her jeans were torn, and he reached out and rubbed her thigh.
She opened her eyes in amazement and sensed that his dexterous tongue was like a small snake, which made her suddenly bite …
"Well …" After a short muffled hum, his black eyes burst into flames. "How dare you bite me?"
"Put …"
Her words came to a screeching halt because he suddenly tore her pants.
"Don’t put it …" She just wanted to struggle, but his fist swung so hard that she immediately fell into a semi-coma
"Let me go, please …" She cried sadly. She was really scared. She felt an unprecedented fear.
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Her body seems to be about to collapse, like a sharp arrow being tightly stretched.
She clenched her teeth and destroyed all her senses. Her body kept rising and rising again …
She bit her lip painfully for a moment as if she had glimpsed the palace of death. Its dark and mysterious indulgence lured her into a dangerous situation in an attempt to make her its captive.
He clung to her, trembling and his charming body looked tender. It took him a long time to get out and release her.
He leaned over her, kissed her, branded her cheek and gently sucked her tears.
Originally … Tears are salty!
He has long forgotten the taste of tears, but today he tasted her tears.
She was still shivering and tears kept flowing. She was not moved by his sudden tenderness, but her hatred grew deeper and deeper. She grabbed his shoulder and tried again …
Until she felt a warm liquid with a fishy smell flowing into her mouth, he remained motionless and let her continue to bite.
She bit her mouth numb before she finally let go of his bare-shouldered dragon wing, and there was a deep tooth mark …
This tooth mark will leave a mark on her body, but her body is also branded by him, and she will never be able to erase the brand.
"Ah …" She cried bitterly about her life.
He looked down at her and there was a complicated and strange feeling in his heart …
He gently held her face and kissed her again …
That night, he asked her again and again to vent her desires in various poses.
She is like a poppy, which makes him want to stop.
Nothing has ever made him so indulgent.
When they finally fell asleep, it was already dawn, but he held her tightly in his arms as if afraid that she would disappear.
She has no strength to escape. She feels that her soul seems to have been taken away, and her body is no longer like herself.
She was lying on the bed, her long hair falling like a waterfall, curled up by the bed and hugged tightly by him. There was something strange about his body, which always burned her heart …
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Evening woke up from a nightmare and my body trembled.