"I hope that these things will never appear in the battlefield. It is really a matter of killing people of the same kind!"

"When slaughtering farm animals, no one will pity their lives. Human history is a history of war," said a 30-year-old man calmly.
Huang Xiuyuan didn’t refute or show any displeasure, but Nai Tantan’s hand "It’s true. Sometimes we have to take up arms."
The man held out his hand with a cool face. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Huang. I’m Chen Ang and I’m currently in charge of the Xingtian project."
"oh? Chen Ang? " Huang Xiuyuan reached out and shook hands with each other once again. "I’m also very happy to meet Dr. Chen."
The two came to the R&D Center Xingtian Planning Project Team.
The so-called Xingtian project is actually an exoskeleton armor project. Huang Xiuyuan asked curiously, "What stage does Dr. Chen plan to Xingtian at present?"
"You will know it when you see it." Chen Ang tablet presses a button.
The silver-gray wall on one side of the project team’s workshop slowly reveals the true face of Lushan Mountain behind it, and a row of various armor is displayed inside, many of which are half-finished.
Huang Xiuyuan went in and carefully looked at 14 sets of exoskeleton armor in front of him.
"At present, three models have been preliminarily determined. Because of your company’s nano materials, there is no big problem in the design of exoskeleton armor machinery at present …"
Huang Xiuyuan instantly saw the problem "the only problem is energy"
"It’s energy." Dr. Chen hit an exoskeleton armor and inside it was a 5 kg high-energy pool backpack. "The cost was 120,000 yuan per kilogram and the energy density was 53 kWh per kilogram."
For this kind of energy pool with high cost and high energy density, Huang Xiuyuan knows that the pool scheme is not real.
"What about the fuel generator?"
Dr. Chen shook his head. "The size and weight don’t match. If you bring a fuel engine, you might as well use an armored vehicle directly."
Xingtian plans to locate the exoskeleton armor as an auxiliary equipment for individual combat, not as the main armor.
Therefore, exoskeleton armor must have small size, light weight, long battery life, good concealment, simple and flexible operation.
On the other hand, it is not a big problem because of the support of nano-materials
The only problem is that the battery life of the energy pool is not good and the charging speed is also a problem; And the fuel engine is not small in weight and volume, and it is easy to produce infrared tracks.
The problem of energy system has become an obstacle to Xingtian’s plan.
Huang Xiuyuan asked, "Is there any other plan?"
"There is indeed one that is very dangerous." Dr. Chen handed me the hand tablet.
After reading this so-called solution, he called boy Chen Ang. The solution is to collect the nuclear pool, that is, the spacecraft often goes to the isotope nuclear pool
The long-term self-sustaining of exoskeleton armor can be realized by the exothermic process of isotope decay and the hot material.
There is no difficulty in the technical basis of the scheme because of the high risk of isotope nuclear pool
These two problems are fatal.
You know, exoskeleton armor is a single-soldier combat equipment, and it would be in big trouble if radioactive materials from the destroyed isotope nuclear pool leaked out.
The cost can also be self-sustaining for a long time to offset the risk of nuclear leakage, but there is no way to avoid it
"It’s too dangerous. I don’t think the face will agree."
Dr. Chen’s expression is calm as if all this is what he expected. "There is another plan."
Chapter three hundred and nineteen Perfect scheme
Huang Xiuyuan asked with interest, "What else does Dr. Chen have?"
"The energy density of the pool is difficult to break through in a short time, but we still have another high-energy material." Dr. Chen ordered a feasibility report on the flat plate.
Another high-energy material? Huang Xiuyuan instantly reacted "N2?"
Dr. Chen nodded, "Yes, the energy density of N2 is N17 times, and N2 is an excellent high-energy material."
Wang Defa … Huang Xiuyuan looked at each other with some words. Can you think of some human solutions, N2, as energy fuel? If an enemy makes a mistake, he won’t know if he is equipped with exoskeleton armored soldiers.
"It’s too dangerous if …"
Before Huang Xiuyuan finished speaking, Dr. Chen interrupted him. "Mr. Huang, why should we stick to human driving? We can make intelligent combat robots."
"Er …" Huang Xiuyuan was a little uncomfortable with this kind of jumping thinking, and said slowly, "If the intelligent robot really doesn’t worry that N2 is another risk for the intelligent robot, Dr. Chen, you should be white."
"Hacking and magnetic interference are true, but this problem is not unsolvable." Dr. Chen calmly expressed his thoughts
"The best solution to prevent hacker intrusion is that Mr. Huang can set up an independent small LAN in his smart home to avoid being hacked."
Physical isolation is really solved, but Huang Xiuyuan still has doubts. "If a small LAN is adopted, it will return to a problem that there must be auxiliary control near personnel."
"The soldiers can be controlled separately. Manipulating the combat robot near the exoskeleton armor of the mining pool requires the fighter robot to keep a distance of more than 3 meters from the soldiers. With the strength of the exoskeleton armor, even if the combat robot explodes, it will not be a big problem."
"The non-combat state of the combat robot can also be used as a treasure, which can effectively resist magnetic interference because of the close control of personnel. If you are still not assured, you can also connect the optical fiber line."
Connect the fiber optic cable! ?
This discussion reminds Huang Xiuyuan of those fiber-guided anti-tank missiles.
This control method can effectively avoid magnetic interference, but the thought of controlling the picture of the combat robot by holding the optical fiber cable should not be too strange.
At present, the range of optical fiber guidance is usually 1~2 kilometers, and the special optical fiber cable is 15 grams per kilometer, which is nothing for exoskeleton armor.
"My idea is this …" Dr. Chen explained his idea.
The combat robot is equipped with a unified set of wire communication with a communication distance of about 3 kilometers and a 1 km optical fiber communication system.
Generally, the fighting robot keeps a distance of 5 ~ 1m from the controller. Once it suffers from magnetic interference and can’t restore the line communication, the fighting robot will pop up the optical fiber line in the direction of the controller, and both of them will enter the optical fiber control mode after completing the wiring.
"The feasibility of this scheme is good, that is, when dealing with complex terrain, it is necessary to consider the broken and entangled optical fiber lines."
"If it is a jungle or a mountain forest, the control distance is about 5 to 15 meters!" Dr. Chen has obviously done a lot of verification work.
Huang Xiuyuan returned to the topic of fuel: "N2 calorific value is about 17,236 kcal/kg, which is about 17 times higher than gasoline’s 10,000 kcal/kg, and the engine needs to be redesigned."
Dr. Chen shrugged and smiled. "What part of human weight can make 6 kilograms of N2 passivation fuel, which is equivalent to 12 kilograms of gasoline?"
After a pause, he continued, "The overall thermal efficiency of the engine plus the thermoelectric module is about 6%, which is much higher than that of the fuel engine."
Huang Xiuyuan did not deny that the thermal efficiency of gasoline engine is only 2%~35%, while that of diesel engine is slightly higher, reaching about 35%~43%.