I guess Wang Foer is not a fairy in my heart. The more I guess, the more I deviate from the truth.

Shi Lingtong clearly understands that Xing Xuan has changed hundreds of thunderballs, and the bombardment has reduced Xing Xuan’s pressure by half. There is already room for Wang Foer to say, "Little monkey! I’ve never seen you change your skills. Who did you learn this wonderful thing from? "
Wang Foer ha ha smiled and said, "The secret skills of the ten-change magic Buddha are in the same strain as my master. I will teach you if you have other kung fu to exchange!"
Shi Lingtong laughed and said, "Little monkey is cunning. I’m a thunderbolt Shi Lingtong. If you want to learn something, you can’t learn it. It’s different from my thunderbolt soul solution that you practice kung fu. Why don’t I take something and exchange it with you?"
Wang Foer asked curiously, "Don’t we all practice the ten-square frozen magic way in Bai Yue? Why can’t you do anything? "
Howl! Xing Xuan, break up!
Shi Lingtong roar loud dozens of thunder balls soaring abruptly tore the strange whirlpool and reduced the mountain-like majestic body to more than ten meters. This just said to Wang Foer, "Hook God’s natural power is suitable for ice avatar and my natural constitution is suitable for thunder mana. Bai Yue people should choose martial arts according to their own constitution, so how can they all practice the ten-square frozen magic way?"
Wang Foer scratched his head and put away the black armor, Xuan rode in two places at once. Only then did he say to Shi Lingtong, "But now the demon race in Bai Yue has ten frozen magic ways to learn, and at most there is a sun, moon and tide tactic to help. How can there be a choice?"
Shi Lingtong slightly yi a sudden export asked about China’s terroir and historical allusions Wang Foer didn’t know what he knew. To be honest, Shi Lingtong scratched his head. Hey hey smiled. "It turned out that the man said it was true. It has been tens of thousands of years in the past. Not only did he hook up with God, but he also failed to punish these old rivals."
With these words, Shi Lingtong looked up and said to himself, "I, Lei Bo Shi Lingtong, are second only to Goushen Taigu in the demon race, and all the beasts in Zhongda rank outside the top 100. But without my old rival, can anyone in China and Middle Earth resist me?"
Wang Foer listened carefully and suddenly said, "Is it because I, the ancestor of the demon race in Bai Yue, became a man of God in Archaean times?"
Lei Bo Shi Lingtong proudly nodded to Wang Foer, but he grinned and said, "I don’t know if my predecessors have some magical powers when they come back from there!"
Shi Lingtong looked stunned and immediately said, "Of course, it is 100% strength. I will test it for the little monkey!" As soon as the words were finished, Lei Po Shi Lingtong immediately transported his magical powers and took a mountain peak in the famous mountain range to roar loud, leap up and punch hard.
Wang Foer has long suspected that Shi Lingtong’s avatar is indeed extremely earth, but there is still a great difference from the ancient god beast. Judging from the imaginary head, if the Bai Yue demon race shows its avatar, it should be more than a hundred times greater than Shi Lingtong’s just change.
One punch smashed the mountain peak, and Shi Lingtong wait for a while suddenly fell to the ground and cried, "My local strength was three years old. Where was my peerless magical power at that time?"
Chapter 312 Cang Yan Black Fire Points Sea Fried Mountain
Wang Foer saw sweat on his forehead and thought to himself, "When you were three years old, your strength was still so fierce. If you were a teenager, wouldn’t you be able to walk sideways?"
Shi Lingtong seems to find it hard to believe that his strength has degenerated to such an extent that he has a strong hand and a thunderous soul, and the great dharma body has stormed out of the famous mountain range and exploded.
There are more than a dozen corpse demons who failed to lead the team to evacuate because they were too deep into the mountains. Fortunately, the thunder robbery was never hurt. When Shi Lingtong rampaged, he was full of strength and blink of an eye. Thousands of corpse soldiers have died in the dust, and two corpse demons intend to fight with their arms and wave when they are in the car, and they will be shocked and stunned.
It’s a pity that Wang Foer didn’t have the resources to restore the third force behind him and watch those five-corpse demons being crushed by Shi Ling’s communication hand in hundreds of thousands of troops.
"If you give me these resin demon battlefield? This Shi Lingtong is too spoiled! "
Wang Foer knew that he had nothing to do to persuade this ancient elder to behave himself, although it was a pity that he did not dare to go close to the block.
And he also felt that when he met so many resin demons, he didn’t accept a few of them and returned to Baoshan, so he didn’t pay attention to the search and went crazy. Shi Lingtong commanded the new army of resin collectors to chase them to the southeast.
There are four or five corpse demon armies scattered in that direction. They retreat all the way and fight each other.
Wang Foer, while chasing all the way, summoned his six black armor to ride with a ghost demon.
More than Wang Foer, thousands of troops joined the melee, and the war in this direction was even more chaotic. When the black armor Xuan rode in the middle of the rope and seven appeared, Wang Foer suddenly woke up and scolded himself for being too stupid to turn the tide. Black armor Xuan rode in two places at once, but he didn’t fight to the death with people here.
At the beginning, the sixth magic boy’s appearance can make Wang Foer’s hand corpse soldier throw himself down to the knife by coercion alone. Now it’s even a natural disaster. It’s better than having the second repair of the sixth magic boy. If you don’t fight, you can forcibly take control of the corpse demon’s department.
Wang Foer hastily released the knife in two places at once, but the thinking was split in two and the strange feeling was closely connected again. Wang Foer could clearly feel all the breath changes in Fiona Fang for dozens of miles. When his thinking swept to the nearest corpse soldier, the corpse soldier immediately rose to give him absolute power control.
A corpse demon can control the corpse soldiers from thousands to tens of thousands according to the strength, but Wang Foer can now control the corpse soldiers. It seems that there is no limit to the number, which can cover all the ghost creatures in 900 miles. When Wang Foer’s ghost gas and coercion lightly swept through the boundary of Fiona Fang, the five corpse demons had two ends that forcibly resisted Wang Foer’s call, and immediately gave up the hand force and fled. The two corpse demons immediately changed their ways and became Wang Foer’s direct hand. Except for the corpse demon, both the corpse soldiers and the corpse will immediately change their flags and cast their names to Wang Foer.
So it means that Gu Wangfo has mastered more than 100,000 powerful troops.
"It’s a pity that in addition to the strange atmosphere near the coffin mountain, a large number of resin soldiers can be kept. The appearance of so many resin soldiers in other places will immediately arouse the change of heaven and earth and make the entrance of the evil spirits hit my roots and I can’t take it out."