Ling gently nodded and put away the kiss of death, pulled out the short knife, stabbed the tire hard, and then pulled the tire out of a long mouth.

When there is enough air outlet, the air inside is mixed with thick dust and immediately sprayed with camouflage oil.
"Cough cough lie trough! ! What a bitch! !”
He coughed a few times, shook his head and ran out of the plane, then greedily gulped fresh air and didn’t stop until he recovered.
Then he heard a slight noise like’ Didi’
He held his breath and listened attentively at this moment when he relaxed his nerves.
"Didi ~ Didi ~ Didi ~ ~ ~"
It was really a "drip" and it was getting more and more urgent.
"Not good! !”
When I heard that Ling andao was not good, I immediately took Ye Yuxin’s hand and took her to the edge of the airport.
Fifteen seconds later, there was a violent explosion on the tarmac behind them, and then there were explosions one after another. The flames were blazing!
A violent shock wave spread wantonly
However, I had already made enough preparations, and before Ling Shockwave arrived, I held Ye Yuxin on my face quickly. He protected his head with one hand and her head with the other.
After a few seconds, after the aircraft department has been bombed again, Ling shook his head and struggled to get up. After that, he bent down and helped Ye Yuxin to get up.
"What is this?" Ye Yuxin waved the dizzy heavy head asked.
"I didn’t expect them to cover up the sound of high-explosive time bombs with the sound of flat tires and thick dust. They got enough time to evacuate, which reduced the chances of the bombs being found quickly. This group of people was so sophisticated that even I was cheated by them!" Ling gnashed out this sentence.
"What now?" Ye Yuxin anxiously asked.
"It doesn’t matter much to us that it’s a south stop. If they finish it, it’s not good news for us to lose an experienced enemy." Ling thought for a moment. It seems that the present situation can be so futile to comfort himself.
"What shall we do then?" Ye Yuxin asked again.
"Go to the north stop to support a black cat and snow eagle. Be sure to keep the north stop! !” Ling said seriously.
Hearing this, Ye Yuxin nodded heavily and followed him to the north apron, which is still calm at present.
The two men walked on the edge of the runway, and their eyes were dark and they kept scanning everything around them. He had a feeling that the target of this group of people should be all the planes in this airport, not a few scattered planes carrying first-class combat readiness.
After identifying the suspected target, the original upset suddenly felt a sense of calm.
After his state of mind was stable, he took a deep breath, and his eyes were turbid again, and an addictive self-confidence flooded in his eyes, and his eyes flashed with sharpness.
"No matter how cunning the fox is, it can’t match the gun in the hunter’s hand!"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Chaos in the international situation
When Ling and his wife arrived at the North Stop, they immediately received a warning from the snow eagle and the black cat monitoring the North Stop, indicating that Ling and his wife should stay away from the North Stop. When Ling received the warning, she immediately identified herself to them and told Snow Eagle what might happen, which made them be more careful.
"white!" Snow Eagle answered seriously.
"Ye Yuxin and I command the top of the tower to support you two. Don’t let the north stop making mistakes! !” Ling said in a gloomy tone
"So good!" Snow eagle composed said
After Ling communicated with Snow Eagle, he immediately took Ye Yuxin to the center of the airport to command the top of the tower, and as before, Ye Yuxin was the main shooter and deputy shooter and observer of Ling.
Five minutes later, ten people appeared in Ling’s field of vision.
These ten men are armed cats, stepping on furtive steps, hiding in the shadows, slowly and carefully moving towards the north stop of the airport in the dark night.
"Pay attention to the 15 meters west of the north stop and there are ten non-self personnel close! !” Ling Pingjing said
"I saw it!" Snow eagle reports back
"Listen to my command. Can you finish the battle in 5 seconds after the gun is fired? Over!" Ling said seriously
"No problem!" Snow eagle said
At this moment, Ling immediately set up Barrett M17 sniper rifle around him, glanced at the bullets in the magazine and suddenly got stuck in the gun body after confirming that there was no problem.
Force the bolt to be pushed into the gun chamber with a crisp metal collision bomb, ready to go!
"Prepare to shoot immediately after three seconds!" Ling aimed at the target while reaching the shooting order.
"white! !” Ye Yuxin three people together replied.
When ling skillfully adjusted the sight, the field of vision suddenly became clear and immediately aimed at a target head.
It took him less than three seconds to finish all this!
He didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger for exactly three seconds! ! !
Ejection chamber instantly pulls the bolt. One bullet has no warhead and the powder of the cartridge case has been burned out. The cartridge case is ejected, and the second complete bullet is stuck in the chamber!
The second target has been aimed at the head by Ling at the moment it gets stuck in the gun barrel.
At this time, he didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger as usual, and the second bullet hit the target’s head as usual.
Continue to pull the bolt, and the cartridge case will be ejected vigorously.
At this time, the snow eagle and the black cat fired the second shot. When Ling fired the third shot, the snow eagle and the black cat also fired the third shot.
From the first shot of Ling to the moment when the last person was killed, the four of them spent no more than five seconds from beginning to end!
After confirming that this group of people really died, Ling put away the sniper rifle with a calm face. "Confirm that the target has died and the threat has been lifted!"
"Roger that!" Snow eagle said
At last, the brightness of the day spread all over the land shrouded in war, and everyone’s tense nerves could finally be relieved.
"We can finally have a rest!" Snow eagle took a deep breath.
"Yes, they dare not sneak in here in the daytime!" Ye Yuxin relieved quite confident and said
"Today is the second day, we still need to be vigilant and not relax!" Ling said in a dignified tone
"white!" Three people together replied.
At this time, Ling called up the military map of Indo-China Peninsula, looked at the immediate sphere of influence of the current three camps, and found that the whole Indo-China Peninsula had changed greatly last night.
One night, the sphere of influence of the Indo-China Peninsula Expeditionary Force was sharply reduced by half, and it had been rushed to the south by the Resistance Army camp, and the survival rate was gradually reduced. If nothing particularly unexpected happens, it is very likely that the resistance army will win the battle and drive the expeditionary force out of Indo-China Peninsula in one fell swoop this afternoon!
1: 16 pm
Ling was absorbed in observing the real-time military intelligence of Indo-China Peninsula and secretly monitoring everything that happened on the peninsula.
Although several important military facilities of the Resistance Army were paralyzed several times at 23: 04 and 9: 17, they were immediately restored to normal by mysterious forces three minutes after being paralyzed, which led to the complete ruin of the strategic plan of the Expeditionary Force!
At 9: 05, the resistance army launched a general attack. Almost at the same time, the last general commander of the expeditionary force was assassinated by an unidentified sniper.
At this time, the defeat of the expeditionary force has become a way for anyone to change the established facts!